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SVB Tips logoFootball

SVB TipsTipster since


Toten v FloroBoth teams to scoreNo

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BookmakerBest odds



2.30£10 returns £23

  • Good variety of markets
  • Very competitive odds
  • Great mobile app/site

Aec logoFootball

AecTipster since


West Torrens Birkalla v Croydon KingsBoth teams to scoreNo

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BookmakerBest odds



2.80£10 returns £28

  • Good variety of markets
  • Very competitive odds
  • Great mobile app/site

soccerbr logoFootball

soccerbrTipster since


Balcatta v ArmadaleBoth teams to scoreNo

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BookmakerBest odds



3.00£10 returns £30

  • Good variety of markets
  • Very competitive odds
  • Great mobile app/site

The Nap List logoHorse racing

The Nap ListTipster since


18:20 CarlisleWinnerLakota Blue

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BookmakerBest odds



2.20£10 returns £22

  • Huge variety of betting options
  • Easy-to-use Bet Calculator
  • Quality Customer Service

J Betting logoFootball

J BettingTipster since


Resistencia v LibertadBoth teams to scoreYes

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BookmakerBest odds



1.80£10 returns £18

  • Streaming for multiple sports
  • Competitive odds
  • More markets than anyone else

soccerrafa logoFootball

soccerrafaTipster since


South Adelaide v Adelaide OlympicBoth teams to scoreNo

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BookmakerBest odds



2.80£10 returns £28

  • Good variety of markets
  • Very competitive odds
  • Great mobile app/site

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Quasi's Hunches logoHorse racingQuasi's HunchesTipster since

  • Total profit£7618
  • ROI69.89%
  • £1281.17profit per monthLast 6 months

Fancies 'n' Punts logoHorse racingFancies 'n' PuntsTipster since

  • Total profit£825
  • ROI55%
  • £275.94profit per monthLast 3 months

KensFlat logoHorse racingKensFlatTipster since

  • Total profit£4109
  • ROI38.97%
  • £1374.36profit per monthLast 3 months

The Strict Rule System logoHorse racingThe Strict Rule SystemTipster since

  • Total profit£800
  • ROI31.38%
  • £267.58profit per monthLast 3 months

HorseHunches logoHorse racingHorseHunchesTipster since

  • Total profit£1097
  • ROI29.27%
  • £184.56profit per monthLast 6 months

SoccerSoda - Soccer only logoFootballSoccerSoda - Soccer onlyTipster since

  • Total profit£339
  • ROI22.6%
  • £113.39profit per monthLast 3 months

Basket Tipster logoBasketballBasket TipsterTipster since

  • Total profit£340
  • ROI20.22%
  • £113.74profit per monthLast 3 months

Flying Horse Stars logoHorse racingFlying Horse StarsTipster since

  • Total profit£1935
  • ROI15.18%
  • £647.20profit per monthLast 3 months

MrBwino Premium logoFootballMrBwino PremiumTipster since

  • Total profit£364
  • ROI14.16%
  • £30.38profit per monthLast 12 months

Chiguare logoBasketballChiguareTipster since

  • Total profit£377
  • ROI7%
  • £63.48profit per monthLast 6 months

321 RATINGS logoHorse racing321 RATINGSTipster since

  • Total profit£458
  • ROI4.38%
  • £153.46profit per monthLast 3 months

USA Sports Wiseguys logoBaseballUSA Sports WiseguysTipster since

  • Total profit£839
  • ROI4.06%
  • £70profit per monthLast 12 months

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