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Simply log in with your Tipstrr account, enable notifications, and start getting near-instant alerts when there's a new tip.

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Stay up to date across all your devices

Say goodbye to checking your inbox and say hello to lightning fast notifications on Android, iPhone, iPad, or your modern browser.

With the sports betting landscape changing all the time, we've brought great features to the Tipstrr platform like our real-time odds engine, historical odds checking, and SpeedyBet.

Now, we're introducing Tipstrr Alerts- a free app for Tipstrr users that brings your tip notifications right to your device faster than ever before.

Built on your feedback

The team behind Tipstrr is made up of sports-betting enthusiasts who love to build tools that make betting simpler, safer, and more profitable, and our community of professional tipsters and punters are some of the most passionate around.

When we set out to build a solution for notifications, we knew we couldn't settle for just "pretty quick" and "sorta reliable", so we've developed our app from the ground-up with all of the features you've come to expect from a top-class Tipstrr product.

Backed up by the cloud, you'll get your alerts within moments of a tip being published, and a single tap will bring you to the Tipstrr site where you can view the tip and take advantage of our real-time odds.

The alerts app is awesome! I follow soccerrafa for my football tips and would sometimes miss the emails. With the app, I get the alert right away and never miss a good price!

Rob F.

Tipstrr Subscriber

Stop missing out ongreat tips

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Visit Tipstrr on a PC to enable alerts for desktop.

Coming soon to Android and iOS devices.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Tipstrr account?

In order to get alerts, a Tipstrr account is required. Sign up for a free Tipstrr account and follow tipsters that interest you.

You must be 18 or over to register for a Tipstrr account.

Do I have to use the app to get notifications?

While we recommend using the Tipstrr Alerts app on mobile devices, you can also enable Tipstrr Alerts through your web browser if it supports Push Notifications. Most modern browsers support this, with the exception of Safari and browsers on iOS.

On mobile devices, getting push notifications through the browser might not be as reliable as with the app, and are more likely to be affected by the battery saving settings in your OS.

If you don't want to get real-time notifications, you can still see all of your followed tipster's tips, posts, and results at any time from your Tipstrr dashboard.

What are the limitations of the desktop version?

On the desktop, Tipstrr alerts runs as part of the Tipstrr web app.

This means that checking for new alerts can only happen while your browser is open (or open in the background). This is fine in most cases, like when you are using your own personal laptop or computer, but is not recommended for shared devices like family computers or public devices.

How can I keep my browser open in the background?

If your browser is not staying open in the background, here are some solutions that make use of simple browser extensions. These extensions might impact your battery life if you are using a laptop, and should only be installed if you know what you are doing and are comfortable installing software from the internet.

Note: Tipstrr is not the developer of these browser extensions, and we will not take any responsibility for issues or problems that result from their use.

What is a "Modern Browser"?

A modern browser is a browser that supports the latest web standards, like Service Workers and Push Notifications. These are key technologies we use to bring the Tipstrr Alerts experience to the desktop.

Examples of modern browsers include:

  • Google Chrome v50+
  • Microsoft Edge v17+
  • Mozilla Firefox v44+
  • Opera v42+
Is the app available in my region?

Due to the shifting landscape of gambling laws around the world, we have taken all practical measures to ensure that the Tipstrr platform and our apps are meeting requirements. This means that some of our services have restrictions and reduced availability in some regions.

The Tipstrr alerts app is not available in the following countries or regions:

  • Afghanistan
  • Brazil
  • Gabon
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Maldives
  • Morocco
  • Republic of Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
Is there any gambling on Tipstrr?

No, there's no real or virtual currency gambling on the Tipstrr platform or in the Tipstrr Alerts app. We aren't a sportsbook or bookmaker, and we do not handle payments for sports betting purposes.

Tips on the Tipstrr platform are predictions made by our community of tipsters. We track the results of those predictions to generate stats and insights. Some of our tipsters charge a fee for access to their predictions, but all results are available to any Tipstrr user for free.

Always remember that past performance is not an indication of future results, and content on this site should not be treated as investment advice.

I have another question...

We love to hear ideas and ways we can improve our service, and take all reports from our users seriously. Get in touch with us through our contact page and we'll do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.