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After announcing our unmissable Black Friday sale, we're sure you're all busy shopping around for the best tipster services to enjoy completely free for the next ten days. With that in mind, we've decided to help by collating a diverse selection of just a few of our most successful services in various sports, so that you've got them all together in one convenient at-a-glance list.

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Underdog Racing Tips 20-30 tips/week, 48% ROI, £20K profit

Anyone who has been following the high-tariff service of Underdog Racing Tips has had a year to remember, enjoying a hefty 48% ROI from 1000+ tips over the last twelve months. Not many can match his eye for eachway value, and while discipline and patience is required between the high-odds winners, a plethora of eachway places has provided the foundation for close to £20K in profit since this time last year.

Value Ratings 15-20 tips/week, 15% ROI, £2,500+ profit

Regular service has been matched by consistent results for the race-winner service of Value Ratings, whose output of 15-20 tips a week should be enough to satisfy most betting appetites without straining time or bankroll. Equally satisfying has been a rock solid 17% win rate, which dovetails neatly with average advised odds of around 7/1 to yield a tasty 15% ROI over the last year.

ChampionsTips1 20-30 tips/week, 13% ROI, £7,400+ profit

There's been no looking back for ChampionsTips1 since April, when his betting strategy shifted to embrace a reduced tip volume aimed at exploiting the value in overpriced horses in handicaps. The outcome has been seven out of eight profitable months, a 20% yield from over 900 each-way outsider tips, and over £7K in clear profit. 

The Banker 15-20 tips/week, 28% ROI, £4,500+ profit

As he explains on his profile page, The Banker operates a series of computational horse racing models that are designed to generate high and sustainable long-term yields. Put in real terms, the last six months have produced a 13% win rate from 400+ race-winner tips to yield a not insubstantial 20% ROI, and over £2.5K in winnings. QED?

Read Between The Lines 15-20 tips/week, 46% ROI, £7,000+ profit

New tipsters are cropping up all the time, but not many have bolted out of the stalls with the immediate and sustained impact of Read Between The Lines. His six consecutive profitable monthly yields have never been lower than 29%, and his overall 46% ROI means that anyone who put level £20 stakes on all of his tips since he launched in June would now be more than £7,000 to the good. One to watch!


Footballer Tips 40-50 tips/week, 14% ROI,  £6,500+ profit

Footballer Tips has quickly become one of our most popular and successful football tipster services after boasting no less than fifteen straight profitable months since launching in August 2020. His ability to spot value in goal-scoring markets, especially BTTS, is second to none, and while his output is busy, his solid 45% win rate at average odds above 6/4 is more than enough to sustain bankroll - to the tune of nearly £6.5K in profit over the last twelve months.

Tricolor21 40-50 tips/week, 6.6% ROI, £1,500+ profit

If you're looking for steady consistency across a diverse array of football betting markets, then Tricolor21 should tick a few boxes for you. November is on course to be his ninth straight month of growth, while the last three months have produced double-digit yields in six different markets - from the popular 1X2 and Asian handicap, right through to Over/Under, HT/FT as well as Win&BTTS.

SoccerRafa 15-25 tips/week, 12% ROI, £3,500+ profit

Another new tipster to catch the eye in recent months has been SoccerRafa, whose expertise in the Both Teams To Score market has landed six straight profitable months since he set up shop in June. A recent reduction in his heavy output has put quality above quantity to great effect, with both October and November accruing gains in excess of 20%, and taking his overall winning above £2.5K over the last three months

SVB Tips 30-40 tips/week, 18% ROI, £1,700+ profit (football only, 6 months)

Not many tipsters can offer you two successful services for the price of one, but that's what happy followers of SVB Tips have been enjoying for nearly three full years of profitable success in both football and horse racing. Horse racing has been ticking along nicely, but it has been football taking centre stage recently, with his 500 selections over the last six months yielding an 18% gain and well over to £1.5K in profit.

Wettten 15-25 tips/week, 9.8% ROI, £800+ profit

Another relative newcomer who might be worth considering is Wettten, who has barely put a foot wrong since first appearing on the Tipstrr site back in May. Since his solitary drawdown month in August, this Asian Handicap specialist has gone from strength to strength, with September (22% ROI), October (12%) and November (25%) combining to accrue an overall 16% yield and over £800 of profit over the last three months.


Richard Kevin 20-30 tips/week, 9.6% ROI, £950+ profit

The reward has been beating the risk hands down for the high-tariff basketball service of Richard Kevin. His strategy seems simple enough - picking high-odds outsiders in the basketball Match Winner market. Putting that strategy into practice to produce six straight profitable months, a 14% yield and over £1500 in profit since May, however, takes a deep knowledge of the game and an expert's eye for outsider value.

The Goat 6-10 tips/week, 10.5% ROI, £650+ profit

Although this year's tennis action is drawing to a close, it's never too late to sample the ace service of one of our most selective and successful tennis tipsters. The Goat has just completed his third full year on Tipstrr, and boasts an all-time 10% yield from over 1000 tennis selections. That level of performance shows no sign of abating, with October and November each yielding a monthly gain well above 30%.

The NFL Tipster 5-10 tips/week, 14% ROI, £130+ profit

If you enjoy America's favourite winter sport, then The NFL Tipster might be right up your street. His selective betting strategy aims at quality above quantity, and he won't publish tips just for the sake of it. However those that he does provide are usually worth waiting for, with his 47 money-line tips enjoying a 62% win rate and a tidy 14% yield so far this NFL season

GoldDigger 20+ tips/week, 7.1% ROI, £1,400+ profit

Two years of consistent success for the multi-sport service of Gold Digger hit a tasty peak in summer with June (45%) and July (53%) helping him earn top spot in our third-quarter Best Tipster rankings. Further upward surges in September and October have kept profits soaring, with success in his four main sports of tennis, handball, ice hockey and football combining to earn over £1300 in profit since May.

HighOddBet 10-15 tips/week, 37% ROI, £800+ profit (6 months)

The basketball service of HighOddBet is about to complete its seventh straight profitable month since April, all of them boasting double-digit yields. Picking outsiders in the basketball Match Winner market is not a simple exercise, and obviously such a high-tariff strategy has an impact on win frequency. However, his 32% hit rate has combined favourably with average odds of 5/1 to yield a 37% ROI and over £800 in winnings in the last six months.

*Profits calculated to level £20 stakes over 12 months, unless otherwise stated

We hope this shortlist helps you in your search for a top-quality tipster (or two, or three!). If none of the above tipsters fit the bill for you, then we have plenty more to choose from on our dedicated Horse Racing and Football pages, as well as those covering tennis, basketball and American football, among many others..