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2022's Best Emerging Tipsters


Meet 2022's best emerging tipsters

As an extra bonus to our annual tipster reviews, we're happy to introduce some of the best new services to emerge throughout 2022. All but one are horse racing tipsters, with just one new football service included to spice things up a bit. These tipsters all launched since the start of 2022, but their performance during their bedding-in period has been enough to suggest they might be worth following throughout 2023.

With monthly gains ranging from a respectable 13% in 10th place right up to 40% ROI for our winner, there's clearly no shortage of top services available to anyone looking to kickstart their new year with a promising newcomer.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a particular tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

10th Big Value Horses - 963 tips, 13.7% ROI

Profit: £2,632.59 to £20 average stakes

We kick things off with Big Value Horses, who hit the ground running when first appearing on Tipstrr in July, ending each of his first six months of service with a larger bankroll than at the start. A two-tier staking structure reflects a rough 50/50 split between race winner-tips and larger-priced each-way selections, offering a refreshing diversity of betting. BVH's acute eye for value in the each-way market lies at the core of 2022's 13% yield, and he already looks like taking that success seamlessly into the new year.

9th Charlie's Winners - 1615 tips, 14.6% ROI

Profit: £4,724.47 to £20 average stake

Launched in early March, Charlie's Winners is one of our longer serving newcomers, and apart from a minor downturn in June, those first ten months have brought nothing but upward-trending profitability. Charlie's Winners also splits his selections fairly evenly between race-winner (7.7% ROI) and each-way selections (19.1%). The two formats combined to produce an overall 25% win rate, coupled with a 39% place rate, laying the foundation for that solid 14% ROI that yielded nearly £5K in profit.    

8th Footy Star - 663 tips, 16.4% ROI

Profit: £2,172.80 to £20 average stake

The solitary football tipster to gatecrash our list of horse racing newcomers is Footy Star, who offers a stripped-down version of its longer-serving sister service, Star Tips, who finished runner-up among 2022's Best Football Tipsters. Launched in May, and designed for people who found the tip volume of Star Tips too excessive, Footy Star has lost nothing for providing a more selective output, with that 16% yield from 600+ tips in the Both Teams To Score market reinforcing the old adage that quantity is no match for quality.

7th Easy Horse Backing - 907 tips, 17.9% ROI

Profit: £3,243.16 to £20 average stakes

In seventh place, we move back to the sport of kings with Easy Horse Backing, who joined the Tipstrr community in late June and has barely put a foot wrong in six subsequent months of service. Even at the top end of the market, horses can be overpriced, and it is EHB's ability to identify and extract that value that has been so effective. A slight drawdown in October has been the only slight blip that barely put a dent in a steeply climbing profit line, with regular double-digit monthly yields combining to produce 2022's 17.9% ROI.  .

6th TIRC Gold - 313 tips, 22.8% ROI

Profit: £1,428.36 to £20 average stake

While not the most consistent in terms of output, the more selective service of TIRC Gold offers a strategy aimed at the Bet Guarantee and BOG markets for long-term profits. With average advised odds of under 4/1, TIRC will still sometimes recommend each-way tips as a way to maximise winnings and to help mitigate losses. So far, this approach has proved effective in producing six profitable months since the service launched in March, combining to provide a 22% yield and over £1.4K in profit

5th Sixup - 452 tips, 19.7% ROI

Profit: £1,776.43 to £20 average stake

In fifth place, the higher-tariff approach of Sixup focuses primarily on horses priced at 6/1 or higher, and a 49% strike rate when picking runners that make the frame suggests a tipster with an expert eye for each-way value. A moderate and manageable output of 10 to 20 tips per week means that time and bankroll are never stretched, while December's best-yet 30% win rate, 108% ROI and £1400 in monthly profit suggest a tipster that is bang in form as we go into the new year.

4th Hawksford Racing - 1020 tips, 27.2% ROI

Profit: £5,553.17 to £20 average stake

If you enjoy a diverse approach to your betting, then Hawksford Racing might appeal with his willingness to provide high-odds each-way tips, and also to combine most of them into potentially lucrative accumulators and lucky 15's. Such a high-tariff strategy requires patience of course, but when it comes off it can pay huge rewards. A case in point is HR's each-way lucky 15 in October, which included a 14/1 winner.alongside three placed horses at 50/1, 22/1 and 18/1, which combined to produce a mammoth £4K payday in one fell swoop. Nice when they come off like that!

3rd Statometer - 719 tips, 28.1% ROI

Profit: £4,047.26 to £20 average stake

But for a couple of uncharacteristic downward dips in August and September, Statometer might well have topped this leaderboard, and the fact that he still finished third is testament to a consistency that yielded double-digit growth in each of his other seven months of service. Offering a diverse mix of race-winner, each-way and exotic combination bets, Statometer first made a blip on our radar when his 161% ROI earned him June's Best New Tipster accolade. While those stellar returns would be impossible to sustain, October (20%), November (32%) and December (30%) ended the year strongly to give perhaps a more realistic indication of this service's consistency.

2nd Elite Horse Tips - 1956 tips, 30.4% ROI

Profit: £11,881.14 to £20 average stake

Not many of our new emerging services came out of the stalls with quite the same impact as our 2022 runner-up, Elite HorseTips. Offering race-winner tips at prices more akin to each-way punts (average advised odds of 9/1), all of the first six months of service between March and August produced monthly yields exceeding 20%. Indeed, only November's solitary drawdown put a blot on the monthly copybook, but sandwiched between October (25%) and December (24%), that blip was just a temporary setback amidst an overall 30% yield for the year. An initially excessive tip volume to proof the service has since been toned down to produce a more manageable service, but even a more moderate output has not stopped EHT from earning nearly £4K in profit during the last six months.

1st BigOddsValue - 908 tips, 40.4% ROI

Profit: £7,337.13 to £20 average stake

And so we bring you 2022's Best Emerging Tipster in the form of BigOddsValue, who first appeared on Tipstrr in mid-January, but just 13 selections across the first four months meant that it was not until May that the service really booted up. Since then, eight straight profitable months quickly caught the attention of the Tipstrr community, thanks to an ability to live up to his name and find top overpriced value at mouthwatering odds. A 6% win rate might appear paltry compared to some, but that would be to miss the point of a strategy that knowingly demands patience and discipline to absorb the lean spells between the big winners. Factor in a 17% each-way place rate, and those are the numbers that help keep the profits coming in, boosting the betting pot by 40% during the course of the year - that's a taste £7.3K to level £20 stakes.  

What a great start it's been for these promising newcomers during their first months on Tipstrr! Congratulations again to BigOddsValue for heading such a high-quality field, and well done also to the many other services who didn't quite make the frame, but who nevertheless are a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community. 

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