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2024 Best Football Tipsters - quarterly review


Meet our best football tipsters for 2024 - so far...

It's been a hectic first quarter of 2024 for the footballing world, which means that our ever-increasing number of football tipsters have been kept busier than ever in providing their best value bets.

Many of them have maintained an impressive level of consistency over the first three months of the year, and we've put a selection of them together for you in our Best Football Tipster rankings, all listed for your convenience to allow you to make an informed decision about which services are more than just a one-month wonder. 

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

10th GamesDraws

  • 510 tips, 11.6% ROI, £1,187 Profit
  • Preferred market: Draws and trixies

Subscribing to the growing trend of betting on games likely to end all square, GamesDraws goes an extra yard by identifying three likely draws a day, and then also combining them into potentially lucrative trixie bets.

Considering the volatile nature of the Draw strategy on its own, never mind the added jeopardy of the combination bet, it’s all the more remarkable that GamesDraws has enjoyed six profitable months either side of a solitary downward dip in December.  

9th Trixie Draw

  • 78 tips, 12.3% ROI, £192 Profit
  • Preferred market: Draws combined into trixies

One of the newest services on this shortlist Trixie Draw, as the name might suggest, employs a very similar service to GamesDraws, except there are no single bets, just a daily trixie made up of his three best bets of the day.

Boasting an overall 29% ROI across his first four months of service, it’s worth noting that he has already hit the ground running in April, with his third trixie of the month landing all three legs at odds of 3.30. 3.40 and 3.50 to accrue £700 of profit from a £40 (4 x £10) bet.  

8th Macak11

  • 94 tips, 12.7% ROI, £239 Profit
  • Preferred market: Over/Under

In eighth place, Macak11 has been aiming solely at the Over part of the Over/Under goals market to great effect for more than three years with a selective output that is tailor-made for anyone with a more moderate betting appetite. 

The joy of this approach, of course, is that once you’ve hit your Over target, your winning bet is safely banked no matter what else happens in the match, and even when it doesn’t, the bet remains very much alive for the duration of the game.

7th Soccerrafa

  • 548 tips, 13.2% ROI, £1,444 Profit
  • Preferred market: Both Teams To Score

In stark contrast, the service of Soccerrafa is almost the polar opposite in that it focuses on the popular Both Teams To Score - No market, which requires at least one of the two teams to finish the match with a clean sheet..

An incredible 33 profitable months out of 34 since first appearing on Tipstrr in June 2021 indicate a football betting expert who knows his sport and his market inside out, and 2024’s 13% ROI is merely an extension of that phenomenal long-term success.

6th Aussenseiter Picks

  • 101 tips, 15.8% ROI, £318 Profit
  • Preferred market: Asian Handicap

Another relative newcomer to the Tipstrr community, Aussenseiter Picks makes our top six despite only making his first appearance on our monthly Best New Tipster rankings since the turn of the year.

This tipster’s use of the +0.5 Asian Handicap market means his underdog (Aussenseiter) picks will land if his selected teams win or draw, and despite suffering a negligible drawdown in January, an overall 50% strike rate at average odds of 6/4 has ensured that overall 15% yield over the first three months of 2024.

5th Smart Football

  • 288 tips, 15.5% ROI, £890 Profit
  • Preferred market: Mainly 1X2 match winner

As explained on his profile page, Smart Football “will rarely pick any favourites to win and try to focus on finding some better value”, and an overall 16% yield from almost 1000 tips in the first year of service suggests that policy is paying dividends.

A healthy supply of 20-30 1X2 selection per week includes a liberal sprinkling of Draws among the high-tariff Match Winner tips, and while his 31% win rate is lower than some in this list, average advised odds of almost 3/1 should always be enough to convert that rate into a long-term profit.

4th Unentscheiden

  • 165 tips, 15.8% ROI, £520 Profit
  • Preferred market: Draws

For those of us whose German has gone a bit rusty over the years, Unentscheiden means Draw, which explains the premise of this service that has shown signs of promise since first appearing on Tipstrr in December.

It’s probably still a little premature to get too excited about this fledgling service, but three straight profitable months, a 37% win rate and over £500 of profit so far in 2024 suggest it might be worth keeping an eye on.

3rd Massive Wins

  • 77 tips, 17.2% ROI, £264 Profit
  • Preferred market: 1X2 big odds

We are willing to forgive Massive Wins for failing to meet our minimum monthly tip volume in January, because his healthier supply in February and March combined to provide a more-than-respectable 17% ROI since the turn of the year.

As the name suggests, this service looks for underdog value, usually at odds of 3/1 or higher, and while that explains why his 27% win rate is the lowest on this leaderboard, it is also the platform for a service that has flourished since first appearing on Tipstrr in July 2022.

2nd X Wins 

  • 58 tips, 59.4% ROI, £689 Profit
  • Preferred market: Draws

Our runner-up spot is occupied by X Wins, whose impressive 59% quarterly yield would have topped this list but for not quite reaching our minimum tip volume, but that should not detract from a stellar start to 2024.

What makes the impressive 51% hit rate enjoyed by X Wins from his 58 tips in the first quarter of the year all the more remarkable is that January’s meagre output actually suffered a monthly drawdown before February (118% ROI from 22 tips) and March (33% from 31 tips) sent profits soaring into the black. 

1st Main Draws Model - Top Euros 

  • 88 tips, 42.6% ROI, £749 Profit
  • Preferred market: Draws

And so on to 2024's Best Football Tipster (so far) in the shape Main Draws Model - Top Euros, whose service is the fifth of our top ten to focus on the Draws market, in this case exclusively from the top leagues around Europe.

With so many goals scored in extended stoppage time these days, all winning Draw bets walk a tightrope of potential failure right up to the final whistle.

That can be as frustrating as it can be lucrative, but MDMTE has navigated it well enough to earn a 65% ROI in both January and February and top our Best Football Tipster rankings in both months.

A relatively low tip volume might struggle to satisfy more voracious betting appetites, but then the old adage about quality beating quantity springs to mind, and there's little to complain about with three straight profitable months and a tasty 42% yield so far this year.

Well done again to Main Draws Model - Top Euros for topping such a high-quality honours board, and well done also to the many tipsters who are flying just below the radar of our shortlist, but who are showing the kind of consistency that should see them challenging for a top ten finish in the very near future.

Please note: Any discount offer is for the first month of new memberships only, and cannot be claimed more than once, nor is it available for existing members.​

  • Profits calculated to level £20 stakes

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