August's best football tipsters

With the first international break drawing to a close, our list of August's Best Football Tipsters offers a perfect showcase for you to consider some of our top services who have been peaking nicely recently.

A quick glance down our monthly countdown should point you in the direction of some of our most in-form services, all of which could add an extra dimension to your tipster portfolio. 

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

10th EuropeanFootballSpecialists - 156 tips, 9.7% ROI

Profit: £302.10 to £20 average stake

No prizes for guessing where the service of EuropeanFootballSpecialists focuses its attention, extracting some great betting value from the European football scene since he first launched his service at the start of the year. Exploring a wide range of different markets at average recommended odds of around 4/1, August became his sixth profitable month out of eight to suggest a service where the reward outweighs the risk.

9th SKS Football Tips - 42 tips, 10.0% ROI

Profit: £83.80 to £20 average stake

It's been a great 2021 so far for SKS Football Tips, for whom August's 10% yield represents his seventh consecutive month of gains since he first set up shop in February. All tips are aimed at the 1X2 market, which helps keep betting easy and resulting simple and straightforward, and a win rate consistently above 50% means those results have kept profits trending nicely in the right direction.

8th Tricolor21 - 88 tips, 10.9% ROI

Profit: £192.62 to £20 average stake

It's taken a while for the service of Tricolor21 to find its feet on the Tipstrr site, but once it found them they have been striding purposefully towards some tidy profits throughout a lucrative year so far. August's 11% ROI was his sixth monthly gain on the bounce, with each of the last three providing double-digit returns, all built around a structured staking plan that is designed to maximise winnings and mitigate losses. 

7th Zenith - 119 tips, 16.0% ROI

Profit: £379.70 to £20 average stake

There was a time when the prolific tip volume of Zenith was almost prohibitive, but a reduced output has made his service much more manageable without impacting the quality of his results. August's 53% win rate was Zenith's best to date, and at average odds in excess of even money, that converted nicely to produce his fourth double-digit yield of the year.

6th Asamus - 68 tips, 21.1% ROI

Profit: £287.00 to £20 average stake

Asamus is another service to have reduced his tip output drastically in recent weeks, and that concentration on quality above quantity was finally rewarded with his best month to date in August. His 53% strike rate from 68 win-draw-lose selections combined with average advised odds of around 6/4 made a simple mathematical equation that resulted in a tasty 21% monthly ROI.

5th DAP Unprobables 2 - 88 tips, 22.7 % ROI

Profit: £399.19 to £20 average stake

Anyone who has followed DAP Unprobables 2 for the last twelve months or so will only have to look at their bankroll to be reminded that his service has been providing tidy profits over that extended period, and that August was his fifth double-digit ROI out of eight since the turn of the year. A manageable tip volume works hand-in-hand with a structured staking plan to provide a service that provides steady achievable growth.

4th Footballer Tips - 175 tips, 25.6% ROI

Profit: £894.60 to £20 average stake

The popular service of Footballer Tips should need little introduction to anyone familiar with these monthly rankings during his first full year on the site. Anyone who has followed FT since he launched last August will have ended each month with a larger bankroll than they began them, with August's £894 gain to level £20 stakes taking his overall winnings past the £10K mark, with the likelihood of plenty more to come.

3rd FootBets - 38 tips, 29.5% ROI

Profit: £223.90 to £20 average stakes

If you like a football acca at the weekend (or even in midweek, come to that), then Footbets might tick all the right boxes for you. His diverse supply of singles, doubles and trebles helps to keep betting varied, but there has been nothing varied about his record of eight straight monthly gains since service launch in January, culminating in August's handy 29% yield.

2nd Jimmy2Jay - 32 tips, 30.5% ROI

Profit: £195.00 to £20 average stake

August's 30% ROI crowned five straight months of growth for Jimmy2Jay, a run of consistency that has brought a 10% yield and over £500 in winnings over the last six months. Around a dozen selections per week keep betting at a manageable level, while the focus on just the 1X2 markets keeps everything simple and easy to monitor. 

1st GermanHighLimit - 28 tips, 63.9% ROI

Profit: £357.74 to £20 average stake

Good things are worth waiting for and paying for, and after a two-month mid-summer lay-off, August's top tipster offers a premium service in every sense of the word. One of our longest-serving tipsters, GermanHighLimit has been with us since 2017, and the fact that he was also crowned our Best Football Tipster for 2020 highlights the long-term capabilities of a service and betting model built to last. That short hiatus did nothing to reduce his expertise in German football, and he seems to have done his homework ahead of the new season, hitting the ground running with a 42% win rate at average advised odds in excess of 3/1. That combination earned that tasty 63% monthly yield and took GHL's winnings over the last six months to over £1,600.

Well done again to GermanHighLimit for once again topping such a high-quality bunch, and we should also say well done to the many tipsters who missed out on this month's rankings, but all of whom remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.