June's best football tipsters

The conclusion of the domestic season only paved the way for the European Championships and Copa America to take centre stage, making it an ideal time to look back on the excellent achievements of June's Best Football Tipsters.

We've ranked them into one convenient at-a-glance countdown to help you in your search for a proven in-form service to strengthen your tipster portfolio as one season gives way to the next. 

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

10th Oddshus - 27 tips, 19.8% ROI

Profit: £106.71 to £20 average stake

It has not been all plain sailing for the service of Oddhus but he seems to have found a winning formula recently with June's 19% yield representing his most profitable return to date. He has enjoyed particular success identifying the best betting value at Euro 2020, where his 20 selections have produced an eye-catching 72% win rate and a 25% yield.

9th Bet Supply Inc - 22 tips, 12.0% ROI

Profit: £52.80 to £20 average stake

Bet Supply Inc has topped these rankings in the past , and although he has not quite reached those heights in recent months, June's 12% yield represents a welcome return to form. He has persevered with the same simple betting model that focuses exclusively on the 1X2 betting market, with tips usually published well in advance, often the evening before games are played. 

8th D-Tip - 181 tips, 13.1% ROI

Profit: £472.26 to £20 average stake

Another new face to make our monthly list is D-Tip , whose recent success has coincided with a marked increase in tip volume. This service's 30-40 tips per week should suit anyone who enjoys plenty of betting activity, as indeed should a 36% win rate at average advised odds of almost 5/1. He's also not averse to combining tips into more lucrative bets, with five successful multiple bets including a tasty 20/1 double.

7th OverTheTop - 63 tips, 14.6% ROI

Profit: £184.20 to £20 average stake

If you like a varied approach to your football betting, then Over The Top certainly ticks the right boxes. While concentrating chiefly on 1X2 and Asian Handicap bets, he's not afraid to diversify into various goals-related markets, as well as Correct Score and HT/FT. Exploring betting lines well away from the even money line is a risk/reward strategy that fell very much on the reward side in June, with a more than decent 14% yield.

6th TitusPronoSoccer - 36 tips, 28.8% ROI

Profit: £207.15 to £20 average stake

If we gave rewards for solid consistency, then TitusPronoSoccer would be right up there near the top of the list. Nine profitable months in the last ten have culminated in June's 28.8% ROI representing his best month to date. Indeed, that monthly yield rises to an even tastier 50% when we look at his preferred 1X2 in isolation, a return that is enhanced by a two-tiered staking plan designed to further protect those precious betting funds.

5th Footballer Tips - 197 tips, 12.7 % ROI

Profit: £500.60 to £20 average stake

Footballer Tips is no stranger to our monthly rankings, and that's hardly surprising after returning a monthly profit in all eleven months since he first launched on Tipstrr in August last year. Betting discipline and a sensible staking plan are required to follow this popular bustling service, but a growing number of people are benefiting from this tipster's ability to pick out the best value in the Over/Under and BTTS markets. Certainly a tipster to consider if you're looking for rock solid consistent profits.

4th Xi-Bet - 44 tips, 20.6% ROI

Profit: £181.40 to £20 average stake

Another tipster to have enjoyed almost relentless success since launching in October 2020 is Xi-Bet, for whom June represents his eighth profitable month out of nine, and indeed his best monthly return to date. June's reduction in selections only proves that quality will almost always beat quantity, and his 36% win rate at average odds of 3.40 combined nicely to earn that tidy 20% return on investment.

3rd Asian Football Betting - 43 tips, 27.3% ROI

Profit: £234.60 to £20 average stakes

The top quality services are coming thick and fast now, and few more so than Asian Football Betting, whose 27% yield earns him a podium spot just a month after finishing ninth in this same list with May's 22% return. This service has just completed its first full year on the Tipstrr platform with only one monthly drawdown amid eleven months of profitable returns, mounting up to a rock solid 11% ROI over the last year.

2nd Penal07 - 42 tips, 29.3% ROI

Profit: £246.10 to £20 average stake

Talking of consistency, what better example of that trait than Penal07, who topped these rankings only last month and has only just been squeezed into the runner-up spot this time around. June represents his eleventh straight month of upward growth, and while Penal sometimes splits his service with basketball, football has been his main focus in June, with his 42 tips producing 22 winners at tasty average odds of around 9/2.

1st Alexis Soccer - 58 tips, 29.2% ROI

Profit: £338.36 to £20 average stake

What a start to 2021 Alexis Soccer has enjoyed, with his fifth straight profitable month taking his ROI for this year to a solid 8.2%, as well as earning him top spot in June's Best Tipster rankings. With all of his tips published late at night or early in the morning (UK time), the service is ideal for any bettors who like to get their daily bets in place in plenty of time, and even more ideal for anyone who likes to convert their stakes into sustainable profits. Maintaining a 48% win rate at average advised odds of around 6/4 is not as easy as it sounds in his preferred 1X2 betting market, but this tipster has maintained that high level of success by identifying the best betting value from leagues all over Europe, Africa and South America. 

That's our top ten football tipsters sorted for another month, and congratulations again to Alexis Soccer for heading our list of such high-quality services. We should also say well done to the many tipsters who missed out on this month's rankings, but all of whom remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.