September's best football tipsters

With the new season now well under way, our ranked list of September's Best Football Tipsters offers an ideal chance to present you with some of the services that have been on top of their game in recent weeks.

Our monthly countdown should help you identify some of our most in-form tipsters, any of which could suit your betting preferences to add an extra edge to your tipster portfolio. 

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

10th Akka Master - 88 tips, 14.0% ROI

Profit: £246.41 to £20 average stakes

Bringing up the rear, but by no means last, we have Akka Master, whose name gives away a betting model that has proved that consistent profits can be made from the sometimes frowned upon strategy of multiple bets. September's 14% ROI was Akka's 12th profitable month out of 13, and that long-term success has been built on an eye for value around the even money line, combined with an ability to convert that value into more lucrative doubles on a regular basis 

9th Daem Legacy - 60 tips, 17.8% ROI

Profit: £213.64 to £20 average stake

Just a couple of months after featuring among July's best new tipsters, Daem Legacy has graduated to our main football tipster rankings after registering his fifth profitable month in six since launching his service in April. He explores a diverse range of football markets to keep betting varied, and if his occasional forays into multiple bets were excluded, then his 28% yield in single bets alone would have seen him much higher in this list 

8th Alexis Soccerr - 23 tips, 18.8% ROI

Profit: £379.70 to £20 average stake

It was back to business as usual last month for Alexis Soccerr, who bounced back from a rare drawdown to enjoy his seventh profitable month out of eight since February. A more selective betting strategy and a reduced output, solely in the 1X2 betting market, was rewarded with his best strike rate so far, and his 12 winners from 23 tips at average odds of around 5/4 ensured a solid 18% yield for the month.

7th Footballer Tips - 189 tips, 18.2% ROI

Profit: £686.80 to £20 average stake

Regular readers of our monthly top tens won't be surprised to see the name of Footballer Tips, as September's 18% yield earned him his eighth appearance in the eleven months since last November. Fourteen consecutive profitable months says it all about FT's long-term success in the BTTS and O/U goals markets, while September's £686 gain took his overall winnings to well over £10K to level £20 stakes since this popular service first appeared on Tipstrr in August last year. 

6th J Betting - 28 tips, 18.2% ROI

Profit: £101.84 to £20 average stake

If you prefer a lighter betting volume that puts the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, then the recent success of J Betting might tick the right boxes for you. An average output of around one tip per day in various football betting markets has brought almost relentless success since service launch last December, with September's 18% ROI continuing that pattern with his eighth profitable month out of ten. 

5th BMBet - 45 tips, 22.4% ROI

Profit: £201.80 to £20 average stake

It hasn't all been plain sailing for BMBet in his first eight months on Tipstrr, but an uptick in profits in September might just suggest that better things are ahead for this football service. Any tipster that can produce a 62% win rate at an average of better than even money must be doing something right, and that eye for value was rewarded with a best ever monthly yield of over 22%.

4th Kotonete Tips - 62 tips, 20.7 % ROI

Profit: £257.20 to £20 average stake

Another tipster to graduate from an appearance in July's best newcomer list is Kotonete Tips, with September's 20% gain representing the best of his first seven months on the Tipstrr platform. He should suit anyone who likes a straightforward service that recommends single-stake units solely at the 1x2 market, with most selections published a day or two in advance to exploit early market value and to give plenty of time to place bets.

3rd BTTSmania - 37 tips, 22.5% ROI

Profit: £166.20 to £20 average stake

No prizes for guessing the preferred betting market of BTTSmania, whose recent success in that specific goals market has helped him flatten a downward curve to start climbing in a healthy upward trajectory. His 22% yield last month shows signs of rekindling the kind of form that saw him hit the ground running with three hefty profitable months at the beginning of the year, and if he can maintain September's tasty 65% win rate, then there should be more profits where they came from.


2nd Jimmy2Jay - 36 tips, 24.7% ROI

Profit: £177.80 to £20 average stake

September's 24% ROI was the culmination of six straight months of growth for Jimmy2Jay, who occupies our runner-up spot for the second month running, and whose run of consistency has brought a 15% ROI and nearly £700 in winnings over the last six months. A straightforward full-unit staking plan coupled with a specific focus on just the 1X2 markets helps make his whole process easy and transparent, while his output of around a dozen selections per week keeps betting at a manageable level. 

1st OverUnderWinners - 43 tips, 44.0% ROI

Profit: £378.40 to £20 average stake

Top of the September's pile, we're happy to present OverUnderWinners, another service that does exactly what it says on the tin. A lull in tip volume during the summer ended with last month's increased output, which was duly rewarded with 22 winners from his 43 Over/Under selections for a 51% win rate at average advised odds in excess of 2/1. That willingness to venture away from the even money betting line suggests an eye for value regarding where goals will and won't be scored, and it might just be a good time to jump aboard to see how this service performs with an increased output as the season gathers pace.

That's another monthly top ten done and dusted, and well done again to OverUnderWinners for heading such a high-quality group of tipsters. At the same time, we should also congratulate the many tipsters who just missed out on this month's rankings, but all of whom remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.