2021 Best Football Tipsters - 10th to 4th

Continuing our rankings of best tipsters for 2021, we shift our attention to football, which has seen a huge surge in both the quantity and the quality of services available on Tipstrr over the last twelve months.

We're saving the top three for a separate article, but below you'll find the best of the rest of a very prestigious leading group, all boasting healthy ROI's sustained throughout another tricky twelve-month period.

It's worth remembering that the very nature of football betting markets does not lend itself to the kind of returns on investment enjoyed by the more lucrative potential of horse racing, and any serious football bettor should recognise that even our lower positions offer very respectable annual gains in this field.

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10th Footbets - 423 tips, 7.4% ROI

Profit: £626.67 to £20 average stake

Bringing up the rear is Footbets, for whom a dip in form in September and October was the only blemish in a year of otherwise unrelenting upward growth, despite a somewhat ambitious preference for second-half comebacks in the HT/FT market. However, it has been Footbets' knack for combining his other tips into more lucrative doubles that has reaped most rewards, and it's hard to argue with 10/12 profitable months and a solid 7.4% annual yield.

9th Mr Draw - 308 tips, 7.4% ROI

Profit: £453.18 to £20 average stake

In ninth place is Mr Draw, who has enjoyed his most profitable year since launching on Tipstrr in September 2018. He throws in a healthy supply of Asian handicap bets to keep the service varied, but it is his ability to walk the tightrope world of identifying value in the X part of 1X2 football betting that has reaped most dividends. Indeed, if that market were taken in isolation, MrDraw would have finished much higher in this list with an admirable 13% annual yield.

8th Bethoven - 1236 tips, 7.0% ROI

Profit: £1,732.20 to £20 average stakes

Having first cut his teeth on Tipstrr in the last six months of 2020, the busy service of Bethoven really found its feet last year, when ten of the twelve months ended with more in the bank than at the beginning. Bethoven's remit is simple and effective - full-unit stakes exclusively in the Match Winner market, and his 40% win rate was more than enough to convert his average advised odds of 15/8 into a 7% annual yield and over £1,700 in clear profit. 

7th Batibet - 1556 tips, 8.4% ROI

Profit: £2,599.19 to £20 average stake

If you're looking for a football tipster with benefits, then the willingness of Batibet to diversify into various other sports should tick all the right boxes. A 7.7% ROI across 800+ football selections was supplemented with additional profits from basketball (12% from 180+ tips), handball (17% from 90 tips) and ice hockey (8% from 80 tips). Profits from eight different betting markets only adds to the versatility of this varied service that appears to offer excellent value for money.

6th Asian Football Betting - 739 tips, 8.1% ROI

Profit: £1,203.07 to £20 average stake

You know where you stand with the service of Asian Football Betting, who clearly knows that his expertise in the Asian Handicap market represents his best path to sustained profitability. That focus has certainly served him well over the last year, with 9/12 profitable months maintaining a healthy upward trajectory to his profit line and a solid 8.1% yield from over 700 selections during 2021.

5th Akka Master - 649 tips, 8.6% ROI

Profit: £1,119.12 to £20 average stake

In fifth place, Akka Master has spent most of 2021 living up to his name by implementing a masterful ability to convert low-yield singles into high-yield doubles. To enjoy 11/12 profitable months represents an excellent year's work with a strategy that might not suit all betting tastes, and with average odds of those doubles exceeding 5/2, his 33% success rate is all the more remarkable, and that is the equation that lies behind his annual profit of over £1,100.

4th BRDM Bets Inc - 307 tips, 10.4% ROI

Profit: £635.92 to £20 average stake

A rare midsummer dip in form barely put a dent in the first year of service for BRDM Bets Inc, whose eye for value in goals-related markets meant that profits over the whole year trended nicely upwards. Indeed, if his 200+ bets in just the Over/Under market were to be taken in isolation, then his annual yield was an even more impressive 13%, thanks to a phenomenal 65% win rate. The majority of his selections are published a day or more in advance of kick-off, which not only gives plenty of time to place bets, but also enables him to identify and exploit any enhanced early market prices.

We'll be providing a countdown of 2021's top three football tipsters in a separate article, and don't forget, these impressive returns have been sustained not just for a month of two, but in most cases over the course of an entire year, proving that these fully verified tipsters are capable of long-term yields, not just short-term gains.

We look forward to seeing them and others enjoying similar success throughout 2022.