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2024 Best Horse Racing Tipsters - Half-year review


Meet 2024's best horse racing tipsters (so far!)

The recent Royal Ascot Festival rounded off an exciting first half of 2024 that saw a wide array of horse racing services achieve a remarkable level of sustained success on the Tipstrr platform.

While our monthly rankings are based largely on a short-term snapshot of ROI, Tipstrr's half-year report provides us with a more rounded look at the longer-term capabilities of our top-performing services.

Overall performance is determined by a much broader range of criteria including tip volume and regularity, win and place rate, ROI, profit and all-round standard of service, to name but a few.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, as well as for details of any introductory offers that are currently available.

10th The Banker 

  • 404 tips, 14.0% ROI, £1,135 profit

It’s no surprise to see The Banker making our top ten because this reliable performer has rarely been far away from the business end of our monthly leaderboards, which he topped in May (95% ROI) before coming seventh in June.

First launched in June 2019, a reliable output of race-winner tips, all published around the same time the night before racing, have achieved an 11% win rate at average odds exceeding 11/1, enough to carry his 2024 profits well over the £1K mark.

9th HackUp

  • 426 tips, 15.1% ROI, £1,289 profit

In ninth place, HackUp is approaching his first full year of service, during which time he has suffered just one minor drawdown month, all thanks to a two-tier staking strategy designed to extract the best value from the top of the betting market.

After topping our Best New Tipster rankings in March with a tasty 44% yield, he is already becoming an established part of Tipstrr’s horse racing community, courtesy of a professional approach that has landed over £1200 in profit so far this year.

8th The King of Horses

  • 2242 tips, 19.9% ROI, £8,925 profit

Anyone who enjoys the high-tariff approach of betting on large-priced outsiders should find that The King of Horses ticks all the right boxes, especially as he is yet to experience a losing month since setting up his Tipstrr shop in April 2023.

Careful bankroll management would appear to be key to navigating a prolific tip volume that is not for the faint-hearted, but when those selections have been bringing in an average of £1300 profit a month so far this year, then the betting bank should pretty much take care of itself. 

7th Suchy’s Equine Investments

  • 326 tips, 16.1% ROI, £1,050 profit

It’s five full years since Suchy’s Equine Investments first graced the Tipstrr platform, and after taking a couple of years away from the tipping business, he has come back refreshed to enjoy his best sustained profitable period to date.

Usually providing a moderate supply of 40-50 tips per month, an increase in output in May and June was rewarded with an improved win rate of 20%+, more than enough to convert average odds of 5/1 into enough profit to earn him top ten spots in those months’ top tipster rankings.

6th EachWayProfits

  • 730 tips, 18.9% ROI, £2,758 profit

Having set up shop in December last year, EachWayProfits is the newest recruit to make our top ten, which would help explain why his only appearance on our monthly leaderboards was as runner-up in May’s best newcomer countdown.

That month’s best-yet 55% yield crowned six months of blossoming potential, and while 2024’s 7% win rate looks scant at first glance, the clue in this tipster’s name should be enough to explain that his profit is built on a 28% place rate at average odds nudging 12/1.

5th GV Early Alerts

  • 455 tips, 24.7% ROI, £2,250 profit

We enter our top five with GV Early Alerts, whose service has been trending relentlessly upwards since first appearing on Tipstrr in 2019, and never more steeply than over the last six months.

The high point was March’s 118% monthly yield, but that was just a welcome spike among five straight profitable months, all showcasing an earlybird service that is tailor-made for bettors who like to exploit early-market value and have plenty of time to place their bets. 

4th HorseForaCourse

  • 197 tips, 21.4% ROI, £841 profit

It’s almost a surprise to see HorseForaCourse not making our top three, because this proven performer won our 2023 Best Tipster accolade with room to spare, and hit the ground running this year to top January’s leaderboard with a whopping 178% monthly yield.

Although not reaching those heights since, more success is never far away from this consistent service, whose 15% win rate from around 200 tips over the last six months is all the more remarkable for being race-winner bets at double-digit average odds.

3rd Underdog Racing Tips

  • 1524 tips, 35.5% ROI, £10,835 profit

Shining brightly among Tipstrr's crown jewels is Underdog Racing Tips, another long-serving tipster whose eye for each-way outsider value has made him one of our most popular services since launching back in October 2019.

The premise of his service is simply explained by his own profile blurb: "We look for lively outsiders, so if you love the thrill of a big-priced winner, we could be just the tipster you are looking for".

Judging by his increasing popularity, there are plenty of punters looking for such a tipster, and those people have been revelling in his busy output of overpriced outsiders, and have also been enjoying the £10K+ in profits that his tips have yielded in the first half of 2024. 

2nd CD Systems Daily Bargain

  • 163 tips, 44.3% ROI, £1,445 profit

Highlighting the diversity of the services on Tipstrr, the one-tip-per-day win-only service CD Systems Daily Bargain is in complete contrast to some of the high-volume high-odds each-way services that proliferate the site.

That’s not to say this tipster shies away from big-priced winners, and when he won April’s Best Tipster rankings (after coming second and fifth in the preceding months), his five winners from just 27 tips came in at prices of 16/1, 11/1, 17/2, 8/1 and 11/2, all without the help of an each-way safety net.

An added feature of this professionally-run service is that every tip is accompanied by a full and thorough tip preview that gives his followers a valuable insight into the reasoning and strategy behind each of his aptly-named Daily Bargains.  

1st Grizzly Tips

  • 176 tips, 46.2% ROI, £1,626 profit

And so we move on to our Best Tipster of 2024 (so far!) in the shape of Grizzly Tips, who also leans more towards quality than quantity with a conservative tip volume that should appeal to those with a less voracious betting appetite.

That quality was particularly prevalent in the early part of the year, when January (105% ROI), March (66%) and April (94%) all gave GT an hour in the sun on our monthly Best Tipster leaderboards.

Indeed, an uncharacteristic monthly loss in May has been the only blip among ten profitable months since September, six of which yielded growth in excess of 40%.

Unlike the runner-up, Grizzly Tips does occasionally offer a sparing amount of each-way selections, but it is his race-winner tips that are his bread and butter, with his 165 on-the-nose bets enjoying an eye-catching 25% win rate at disproportionately high average odds in excess of 6/1. That’s an equation with potential long-term profit written all over it!

So, it's clearly been a lucrative first half of 2024 for anyone following any or all of those top ten performers, who have yielded well over £30K between them in half-yearly gains to level £20 stakes. 

Indeed, the bar has been set so high that there was no room in the top ten for some of our most popular and successful tipsters, all of whom yielded a yearly ROI in excess of 14% and accrued over £25K in profit between them, so we feel they deserve at least an honorary mention for their sustained success over the last 6 months: 

Well done again to Grizzly Tips for leading such an impressive field past the six-month winning post, and we hope there's enough in the above list to allow you to make an informed decision when considering tipsters who have shown they are capable of performing profitably over an extended period.

Please note: Any discount offer is for the first month of new memberships only, and cannot be claimed twice, nor is it available for existing members. ​

  • Profits calculated to level £20 stakes

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