2022 Best Horse Racing Tipsters - quarterly update, part 1

The recent Cheltenham Festival rounded off an exciting first quarter of 2022 that saw a whole array of horse racing services achieve a remarkable level of success on Tipstrr.

We've introduced these quarterly rankings to give us a more rounded look at the longer-term capabilities of our top-performing tipsters, kicking off with ten stellar performers who just missed out on making the top five.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: Tipstrr users who have previously enjoyed a trial with a service are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same tipster.

15th The Winning Guide - 156 tips, 34.3% ROI

Profit: £1071.20 to £20 average stakes

There's no disgrace in bringing up the rear of this list of top tipsters, and newcomer The Winning Guide has already done enough to suggest he is capable of turning this relatively short-term success into a lucrative long-term investment. A total of 31 winners and 14 eachway places adds up to a 29% success rate from a varied but selective supply of 156 race-winner and each-way tips, all converting to over £1000 in clear profit from his first three months of service. Nice start! 

14th Kings Tips - 142 tips, 35.9% ROI

Profit: £1019.29 to £20 average stake

Another new face to catch the eye has been Kings Tips, who have ended each of his first three months on Tipstrr with a larger bankroll than they began them. Run by a pair of brothers who just love horse racing, Kings Tips has established a winning formula that has found equal success with race winner tips (32% ROI), each way tips (28%), as well as a happy ability to venture into different sports and combine low-yielding singles into high-yielding accumulators (34% ROI). Quite the all-rounder!.

13th WannaWin BM - 180 tips, 37.2% ROI

Profit: £1340.00 to £20 average stakes

The popular service of WannaWin BM has become almost a permanent fixture in our best tipster rankings, so it's no surprise to see him producing the goods again during the first few months of 2022. Although barely breaking even in March, WannaWin's straightforward race-winner betting strategy had already done enough in January (38% yield) and February (89%) to ensure a hefty quarterly return, and he continues to combine stellar results with one of Tipstrr's most reliable professional services.

12th Horseforacourse - 204 tips, 39.2% ROI

Profit: £1599.63 to £20 average stake

The benefit of viewing a tipster's performance over a more prolonged period is never better illustrated than with Horseforacourse, who began 2022 with a rare drawdown month, but has since increased his longer term 3-month gains to almost 40%. That surge came thanks to his performance in February and March, when his 15% win rate spanning 133 selections earned him a 63% yield in each month, combining to earn over £1500 in clear profits. 

11th Win At Horses - 268 tips, 44.3% ROI

Profit: £2372.00 to £20 average stake

Five straight double-digit monthly yields lies at the root of the instant impact that Win At Horses has made since launching his service on Tipstrr back in November. A 13% win rate at average advised odds in excess of 10/1 is a mathematical equation that can only result in tidy profits, and WAH's eye for value and high-tariff race-winner strategy have done so to the tune of £2.3k since the turn of the year.

10th ProfitablePicks - 200 tips, 48.5% ROI

Profit: £1939.35 to £20 average stakes

If you enjoy a diverse mix of race-winner and each-way tips, then ProfitablePicks has displayed a capacity to embrace both strategies with equal success. His first 200 selections in 2022 produced 27 tasty winners along with a further 14 each way places for an overall 21% success rate and over 48% ROI. At average odds of more than 11/1 and with tips published almost exclusively the night before racing, there can be no doubting PP's eye for early market value.

9th Won by a Head - 140 tips, 64.6% ROI

Profit: £1809.00 to £20 average stake

Another relative newcomer to the Tipstrr community, Won By a Head publishes all of his race winner selections in the same convenient early-morning window, and has been rewarded with a spectacular start to the year, more than doubling his investment in both January (150% ROI) and February (122%). That level of performance cannot last forever, of course, but despite a wane in fortunes in March, an overall 64% yield from 140 tips across a 3-month period is impressive by anyone's standards.

8th Underdog Racing Tips - 339 tips, 65.9% ROI

Profit: £4469.65 to £20 average stakes

We're quickly running out of superlatives for the sustained achievements of Underdog Racing Tips, whose eye for outsider value continues to make him one of Tipstrr's most popular and valued services. Just one drawdown month in the last year speaks volumes for URT's consistency, and while his modest 6% win rate is an inevitable consequence of such a high-tariff strategy (average advised odds = 18/1), the fact that one in four of his high-odds selections makes the frame lies at the core of his sustained success.

7th Anglo Racing - 157 tips, 69.8% ROI

Profit: £2192.86 to £20 average stake

Anyone who signed up to the varied service of Anglo Racing at the beginning of the year could not have timed that decision better. Stellar profits in January (46% ROI), February (89%) and March (71%) combined to produce a mouthwatering 69% quarterly yield that converts to well over £2K profit in monetary terms. Indeed, if just his eachway selections are taken into account, then those figures climb to an even more impressive 80% and over £3k in profit. 

6th Won Two Three Racing Tips - 179 tips, 73.4% ROI

Profit: £2627.72 to £20 average stake

From the same stable that provides the increasingly popular Read Between The Lines, Won Two Three Racing Tips offers a similar betting strategy to its senior stablemate, along with parallel success. Overcoming an inauspicious start to the year, Won Two Three stuck to his strategy (as all good tipsters should, of course), and that faith in his eye for high-odds each-way value was duly rewarded with two straight months of double-your-money growth in February (113% ROI) and March (104%). 

We're sure you'll agree that's an impressive roll call of high-quality services for you to consider, yielding over £20k in quarterly gains to level £20 stakes between them. And these guys didn't even make our Top 5, so watch this space to see which services made our final cut!!