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2022's Best Horse Racing Tipsters - part one


Meet 2022's best horse racing tipsters- part one

Even though it was as recently as 2021, horse racing behind closed doors seems like a distant (and hopefully, never to be repeated) memory now, which meant racing fans could cheer Rachael Blackmore to her Cheltenham Gold Cup success on A Plus Tard last March, when they had been sadly absent from her Grand National triumph on Minella Times the year before. 

While the sport of kings returned to normal, Tipstrr's horse racing services continued to provide some mouthwatering profits for their growing numbers of appreciative subscribers.

We've sorted them out for you in our annual rankings, and we start by counting down from tenth to sixth, with the top five to be announced tomorrow and Wednesday.

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Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service

10th Shrewd Tips - 2471 tips, 25.3% ROI

Profit: £12,508.17 to £20 stake

There's no disgrace in bringing up the rear of this high-quality top ten, and Shrewd Tips has fully deserved to make the shortlist after another stellar year of growth. Just two slight drawdown months in February and June barely put a dent in the mouth-watering £12K that his bustling service accrued in the other ten months, rounded off by six straight monthly gains that earned £8K on their own. A bustling weekly output of 40-50 selections are invariably released on the morning of racing after markets have settled, maximising the value of his 18% win rate, which is all the more impressive for the fact that his on-the-nose selections are advised at average odds of 7/1.

9th The Banker - 600 tips, 28.7% ROI

Profit: £3,444.70 to £20 stakes

The fact that the proven service of TheBanker, who won this accolade a year ago, only just squeezed into our top ten speaks volumes for the quality of the services that finished above him in 2022. The numbers speak for themselves, of course, and any tipster who can sustain a 17% win rate across 600 selections at average odds of more than 9/1 is always going to return a tidy long-term profit. Factor in TheBanker's practice of not only publishing his selections at the same time every day (around 9pm the night before racing), but also sending out an early alert to announce that tips on on their way, and you get a flavour of the professional service that this popular tipster provides. 

8th SmallFieldPunting - 790 tips, 34.2% ROI

Profit: £5,408.00 to £20 stake

In ninth spot, SmallField Punting won 2021's Best Emerging Tipster accolade, and carried that form effortlessly into 2022 by focusing solely on the outsider value that can be found in races that involve fewer than eight runners. By definition, a smaller field reduces the number of potential rivals, which in turn can increase the chances of finding extra value lower in the market. The fact that on eight occasions during 2022, SmallfieldPunting earned a monthly ROI in excess of 25% (three times above 90%) goes a long way towards explaining his 34% annual yield, as indeed does a 13% win at average advised odds in excess of 11/1, all without the safety net of each-way betting. 

7th Horseforacourse - 855 tips, 34.6% ROI

Profit: £5,922.51 to £20 stake

It was something of a shame that another stellar year for Horseforacourse was bookended by two drawdown months in January and December, but even that could not put much of a dent in an impressive 34% annual ROI and nearly £6K in clear profit. On the nose tips at prices more akin to each way betting is the formula that saw Horseforacourse enjoy five monthly gains in excess of 50%, all of which earned him a spot on our monthly Best Tipster leaderboards. A rock-solid output of between 60 and 80 tips per month assures that time and bankroll are not overstretched, and any stress is eased further by the fact that most tips are released the night before racing to exploit early market prices. 

6th Won By a Head - 833 tips, 35.1% ROI

Profit: £5,850.50 to £20 stakes

In sixth spot, Won By a Head follows a similar high-tariff path to others in this list, in managing to combine high-odds selections with a large enough win rate to secure that handsome 35% annual yield. It's true that much of 2022's £5.8K profit was earned when WBAH topped November's Best Tipster rankings by landing winners at 100/1, 50/1 and 33/1, plus three more between 16/1 and 10/1, but at the same time he had been steadily trending upwards even before hitting those dizzy heights. With a solid 15-20 tips per week, all published during the same convenient 15-minute mid-morning window, you're left with a well-rounded professionally-run and potentially lucrative service.

We're saving the announcement of our top five services, including best horse racing tipster, for separate articles to be published over the next couple of days, but you can clearly see from the list above that the level of service on Tipstrr has remained extremely high throughout 2022.

Indeed, the bar has been set so high that there was no room in the top ten for some of our most popular tipsters, all of whom yielded a yearly ROI in excess of 15% and deserve at least an honorary mention for their sustained success through 2022: 

That's quite a roll call, so well done to all of our listed tipsters, and indeed well done also to those that didn't quite make the frame, but remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community. We look forward to seeing more of the same in 2023.

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