2021 Best Horse Racing Tipsters - a quarterly update

The recent Cheltenham Festival rounded off an exciting first quarter of 2021 that saw a whole array of horse racing services achieve a remarkable level of success on Tipstrr.

We've introduced these quarterly rankings to give us all more rounded look at the longer-term capabilities of our top-performing tipsters, as opposed to our monthly snapshots of decent current form. 

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: Tipstrr users who have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

10th Clyde Shelton Turf Wars - 338 tips, 27% ROI

Profit: £1827.99 to £20 average stakes

Such was the high level of returns achieved by our horse racing tipsters in March that the 41% profit enjoyed by Clyde Shelton Turf Wars could not even break into the top ten. However, that was, in fact, Clyde's fifth straight month of growth, giving him an overall ROI of 27% so far in 2021, and is a perfect example of how this breakdown of services over a longer period can reveal achievements that might not catch the eye on a month-to-month basis. 

9th BoomBoom - 317 tips, 30% ROI

Profit: £1905.86 to £20 average stake

Continuing where he left off in 2020 (when he accrued 158% ROI in November and 53% in December), BoomBoom has hit the ground running through the first three months of 2021. An impressive 24% win rate at average advised odds of 9/1 have combined into three further monthly gains, and anyone investing £20 on each of his selections during the first quarter would have found themselves nearly £2000 better off by the end of March.

8th OnTheNose - 80 tips, 33% ROI

Profit: £522.96 to £20 average stakes

In eighth place OnTheNose requires no introduction to most of the Tipstrr community after topping 2020's Best Horse Racing Tipster rankings. He has brought that form seamlessly into 2021, with his monthly ROI's increasing almost exponentially from 19% in January, through 25% in February, and then more than doubling to 52% in March, for an overall yield of 33% so far this year. Achieving that consistency while adhering strictly to just one "on-the-nose" selection a day demonstrates a proven betting model built around a real eye for value.

7th Each Way Value Tips - 68 tips, 37% ROI

Profit: £497.41 to £20 average stake

The same could be the same for Each Way Value Tips, whose success rests on a similar one-tip-per-day strategy, invariably published the night before racing to exploit early market prices and extract the best each way value. EWVT has been performing to the same level ever since he first launched on Tipstrr way back in September 2017, and incredibly his 37% yield so far in 2021 is uncannily similar to his ROI over the last six months, twelve months, or indeed three years on the site. Now THAT'S consistency!

6th ProfitablePicks - 160 tips, 40% ROI

Profit: £1291.58 to £20 average stake

The service of ProfitablePicks has been providing profitable picks on the Tipstrr platform for nearly a year now, and the fact that all of his eight profitable months have exceeded 23% ROI reflect the high-odds strategy of this tipster who supplies an even mix of race-winner and each-way selections. Spanning the turn of the year with monthly 54% yield in both December and January, further relentless success has boosted his quarterly returns to a tasty 40% ROi, which converts to over £1200 to level £20 stakes. 

5th On The Money Tips - 227 tips, 45% ROI

Profit: £2022.50 to £20 average stake

After some early inconsistency, On The Money Tips certainly seems to have found his feet since the turn of the year, enjoying his most lucrative spell of sustained success since he set up shop in August. His 75% yield in January earned him a top three spot in our Best New Tipster rankings, an accolade he was quick to prove was no fluke by returning 35% monthly gains in both February and March. His 16% win rate is no mean feat for race-winner tips at average advised odds of 17/2 and those stats have combined to earn over £2k in winnings to level £20 stakes.

4th Tip Tip Hooray - 78 tips, 71% ROI

Profit: £1107.57 to £20 average stake

Tip Tip Hooray featured in our monthly Best Tipster list for the first time in March, but we like to think that his service is far from a one-month flash in the pan. It is also far from a normal horse racing service, in that his multi-sport expertise also covers football and a little boxing. Indeed, taken in isolation, TTH's horse racing selections earned an even higher yield, but with not enough tip volume to merit a higher position.  If you like a bit of variety to your betting, then this might be the service for you.

3rd The Banker - 167 tips, 53% ROI

Profit: £1756.85 to £20 average stake

The Banker has achieved a podium spot in our awards ceremony despite kicking off 2021 with a drawdown month in January - proving that patience and discipline can be key when measuring achievable long-term growth against short-term fluctuations. March saw his profit line climb from February's 16% gain to an astronomical 103% as he landed 15 tasty winners from his 81 selections at average advised odds of almost 10/1. Around fifteen selections per week won't stretch time or bankroll too much, while a 15% win rate suggests a tipster working to a broad favourable profit margin.

2nd Underdog Racing Tips - 219 tips, 71% ROI

Profit: £3125.78 to £20 average stake

Our first quarterly runner-up is Underdog Racing Tips, whose overall 71% yield in the first three months of the year has been built on a crazy run of jaw-dropping results that brought a 171% ROI last month, enough to earn him our Best Tipster award for March.  His ten winning tips last month came in at advised odds of 50/1 (twice!!), 33/1, 28/1, 25/1, 22/1, 20/1 (x3), and 16/1, and the fact that all of those tips were advised at higher odds than their eventual SP illustrates a remarkable eye for eachway value. Of course, such a high-odds betting strategy requires patience, faith and discipline to survive the inevitable lean spells between those juicy winners, but anyone who stuck with URT through the first barren days of April was finally rewarded with a tasty 22/1 winner yesterday.

1st WannaWin BM - 143 tips, 66% ROI

Profit: £1896.17 to £20 average stake

We are not surprised in the slightest to see WannaWin BM on top of our first quarterly leaderboard after he earned top four spots in each of 2021's monthly rankings so far: January (4th with 40% ROI), February (2nd with 60%) and March (3rd with 85%). And this came after he topped the same list in December with a mammoth 114% yield and finished fifth in our overall rankings for 2020 - that adds up to about £3.5k in winnings to £20 stakes, just since the start of December. All of WannaWin's race-winner selections are published in the same convenient mid-morning window to offer real-time, achievable odds, and he provides a service of true professional reliability and consistency that we never tire of recommending to the Tipstrr community. A worthy winner of 2021's Best Tipster - so far!!

We're sure you can't deny that's a tasty top ten of high-quality services for you to consider, and between them they yielded well over £15k in quarterly gains to level £20 stakes. We should also give an honorary mention to the likes of Strict Rule Jumps, Improvers, Premier Select, AG Tips and Horseforacourse, all of whom only just missed out on a top ten spot despite achieving admirable quarterly yields in excess of 20%.

So, well done again to WannaWin BM for heading our rankings, and we hope there's enough in the above list to allow you to make an informed decision when considering tipsters who have shown they are capable of performing profitably over an extended period.