June's Best Horse Racing Tipsters

We kick off our monthly leaderboards with a summary of June's Best Horse Racing Tipsters, all of whom have found various ways to provide hefty profits for anyone who has been following their services over the last few weeks.

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Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a particular tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service. 

10th ChampionsTips1 - 126 tips, 41.5% ROI

Profit: £1046.50 to £20 average stakes

Coming tenth in this high-quality field is no disgrace, and followers of ChampionsTips1 should be well satisfied with a 41% ROI that yielded over £1000 in clear profit to level £20 stakes. This success crowns four straight profitable months for this each way specialist, and a tasty 25/1 winner on the first day of July suggests that the new month might already be heading in a similar direction.

9th Won Two Three Racing Tips - 73 tips, 41.6% ROI

Profit: £607.05 to £20 average stake

In ninth spot, Won Two Three Racing Tip comes from the same stable that also runs the equally popular services of Read Between The Lines and Won Racing Tip, both of which finished just outside this top ten with monthly yields of 30% and 33% respectively. This mainly eachway high-odds service has enjoyed phenomenal success with three straight months of 100%+ ROI in February, March and April, followed up by no less impressive success in May (34%) and now June (41%).

8th Formulator - 82 tips, 56.1% ROI

Profit: £920.49 to £20 average stake

But for a lull in service during April (220% ROI from 7 tips) and May (97% from 18 tips), the success of Formulator in June would have merited a higher position in these rankings, and his focus on the Australian horse racing circuit would certainly add an extra dimension to any betting portfolio. His increased output in June did not have a negative impact on his results, which saw him maintain an 11% win rate which converted his high-odds strategy into an eye-catching 56% return on investment.

7th ProfitablePicks - 91 tips, 45.0% ROI

Profit: £819.00 to £20 average stakes

The popular service of ProfitablePicks has been living up to his name on the Tipstrr site for more than two years now, and never more so than during the last few productive months. June's tasty 45% yield represented his sixth straight month of lucrative growth that has brought in over £5K in profit to level £20 stakes since the turn of the year, thanks to a varied combination of each-way and race-winner selections, all published the night before racing.

6th Underdog Racing Tips - 172 tips, 50.4% ROI

Profit: £3464.80 to £20 average stake

It's difficult to find anything new to say about the increasingly popular service of Underdog Racing Tips, who continues to defy probability (not to mention the bookies) with his high-tariff each-way betting strategy and his discerning eye for outsider value. Since the end of November his lowest monthly ROI has been 29%, while May and June each exceeded 50%, all combining to yield a whopping £17K in clear profit over the last six months. 

5th On Target Tips - 193 tips, 57.4% ROI

Profit: £2214.53 to £20 average stake

Our top five is dominated by a selection of our usual best tipster suspects, kicking off with On Target Tips, whose high-tariff race-winner strategy has suffered just one monthly drawdown in the last year. That consistency has been built on an ability to combine average advised odds of 9/1+ with a 15% win rate over the last three months, and that equation has brought his growing number of members almost £4K in profit since the end of March .

4th WannaWinBM - 64 tips, 63.3% ROI

Profit: £810.00 to £20 average stake

You can't keep a good tipster down for long, which means we're happy to welcome back the ever-reliable WannaWin BM to the best tipster fold. His exemplary professional service is built on regularity and reliability, and despite suffering a rare fallow period recently, it was back to business as usual in June. His 11 winners from 62 selections were all handily priced between 11/1 and 11/2, producing a tasty 63% monthly ROI to keep his long-term profitability trending in a favourable upward trajectory.

3rd On The Money Tips - 82 tips, 82.1% ROI

Profit: £1346.08 to £20 average stake

It's been a stellar start to 2022 for On The Money Tips, and June's whopping 82% yield has helped maintain a steep profit line that has produced a 73% ROI and nearly £7K in profits for anyone putting £20 on all of his tips since the turn of the year. His 20 winners from 82 on-the-nose selections last month equates to an impressive 22% win rate, a spectacular win/loss ratio considering his lowest-priced winner was 5/1, while others landed as high as 16/1, 14/1 and 12/1.

2nd SmallField Punting - 105 tips, 96.9% ROI

Profit: £2034.00 to £20 average stake

All kinds of strategies are explored by our diverse group of horse racing tipsters, especially in the case of SmallField Punting, who seeks to identify outsider value in races with seven or less runners involved. This niche approach as been rewarded with 11/12 profitable months in the first full year of his service, with June's 96% yield representing the fifth month to exceed 90% ROI, resulting in a 42% annual ROI that has yielded well over £5K in winnings since this time last year.

1st OutsiderSpeedPicks - 98 tips, 102.6% ROI

Profit: £2031.00 to £20 average stake

And so on to June's top tipster, and anyone following the tips of OutsiderSpeedPicks recently should be laughing all the way to the bank after this in-form tipster has more than doubled his investment three months running, a feat that is almost unheard of from a tipster who averages 100+ race-winner-only tips per month at average odds in excess of 16/1. April's 100% ROI and May's 103% were impressive enough, and June's 102% ROI has maintained that standard to take his overall yield to 101% and well over £6K in profit since the end of March. His dozen winners in June included only one priced below 10/1 (and that was 9/1), while a juicy 50/1 shot didn't do his profit margin any harm, either. If you like the thrill of a high-odds winner then this proven service might just fit the bill.

June was clearly another productive month for many of our top horse racing tipsters, the top ten of whom combined to earn over £14K in monthly profits to level £20 stakes. Just the top three alone would have earned well over £5K in clear profit for anyone who followed their combined total of 286 selections throughout June.  

Congratulations again to OutsiderSpeedPicks for heading such a high quality field, and well done also to the many other services who might not have made the frame this month, but who nevertheless remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.