2020 Best Horse Racing Tipsters

Thursday 7th January 2021

2020 was a year to forget in many ways, but despite the chaos and the disruption to the sporting calendar, our list of the Best Horse Racing Tipsters for 2020 shows that many services have nevertheless succeeded in producing outstanding results over the course of the year.

While our regular monthly rankings offer snapshots of short-term successes, our yearly countdown offers a view of services that have been able to sustain that kind of success throughout an entire 12-month period.

To be included in this list, tipsters must meet certain criteria including length of service, volume and regularity of tips, as well as sustained and achievable profitability.

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10th Longshooter - 715 tips, 17.0% ROI

Profit: £2.431.17 to £20 stakes

Kicking off our countdown, we have Longshooter, who hit the ground running at the beginning of 2020, and enjoyed four appearances in our monthly Best Tipster rankings.. His name might suggest he specialises in hail-Mary long shots, but his eachway betting model is more subtle than just wildly pinsticking outsiders. His average advised odds hover barely above 6/1, and his eachway betting method enhanced his 120 winners from 715 tips, while his further 132 eachway places only served to keep those profits ticking over to reach that 17% annual yield

9th Talo Bets - 671 tips, 18.3% ROI

Profit: £2,457.49 to £20 stake

A brief dip in form in October and November did little to stop the overall upward trending profit of Talo Bets, who finished the year strongly in December to feature in our monthly Best Horse Racing Tipster list for the third time since July. Using a mixed bag of race winner and eachway bets, sometimes combined into multiple bets, Talo published the majority of his tips the night before racing, which both removes the stress of rushed betting and also got to exploit any early value before the market fully takes shape.

8th 365 Tips - 2026 tips, 18.9% ROI

Profit: £7,663.30 to £20 stake

If you like plenty of eachway betting activity, then you should love 365 Tips, who enjoyed no less than 233 winners and 390 eachway places from his 2026 tips ito become one of Tipstrr's most popular horse racing services in 2020. Yes, you'll need to maintain your betting discipline to manage 365's prolific output, but when you're sitting on the kind of returns that he produces, then bankroll management should not be an issue. Since post-lockdown racing resumed in June, 365 Tips has produced month after month of relentless gains, to the tune of an almost unbelievable £19,000 of clear profit to level £20 stakes in the space of just seven months. 

7th Quasi's Hunches - 744 tips, 19.8% ROI

Profit: £2,944.10 to £20 stakes

One of our longer-serving tipsters, Quasi's Hunches launched back in February of 2018, and has continued to excel as much in 2020 as he did in his first two years on the site. Four of the first five months after lockdown saw him feature in our Best Tipster top tens, and even after a rare dip in form in July, he bounced back with three straight months of yields exceeding 35%. With average advised odds nudging 10/1, there are inevitable fallow periods between winners, but Quasi's eachway betting model certainly provides plenty of variety that just happens to convert nicely into tasty long-term profit.

6th AG Tips - 766 tips, 20.2% ROI

Profit: £3,099.44 to £20 stake

If you're looking for a horse racing tipster who does pretty much exactly what we'd hope for in a professional horse racing service, then AG Tips will slot nicely into anyone's portfolio. His daily onsite previews and reviews give his members a valuable insight into the reasoning behind his betting methods, and when it's all backed up by a year of almost constant growth, then you really do get the full package, Eight of his ten active months produced a profit, five of them with over 30% ROI, thanks to 64 winners and 162 eachway places from his 766 selections at average odds of around 10/1. 

5th WannaWin BM - 1083 tips, 21.2% ROI

Profit: £4,599.21 to £20 stake

Another tipster who ticks all the right boxes of what a professional tipster should be is the ever-popular WannaWin BM. He topped these yearly rankings in 2019, and might well have repeated the feat if the first half of 2020 was anywhere as good as the second half. In five of the seven months after lockdown, Wannawin featured in our monthly Best Tipster countdowns, culminating in December's 115% yield that converted to over £2,000 to level £20 stakes. With all of his straight race-winner tips published in the same half-hour mid-morning window offering real-time, achievable odds, Wannawin really is a model of professional reliability and consistency, providing a service that we never tire of recommending.

4th The Banker - 796 tips, 25.6% ROI

Profit: £4,071.50 to £20 stake

There's not much we can tell you about the achievements of The Banker that his own stats don't say for him..Using a mathematically-derived data-driven betting model, he is another tipster who hit the ground running when UK horse racing resumed, finishing runner-up and winner of our month Bets Tipster rankings in July and August respectively, and then featuring again in the top ten in December. A perfectly manageable 10-15 race winner tips per week make this the perfect service for anyone who wants to enjoy a professionally-run service without putting too much strain on their time or their betting funds.

3rd Heli-s Horses - 668 tips, 26.2% ROI

Profit: £3,499.63 to £20 stake

Onto the medal podium we go, and in third spot we have Heli's Horses, who continues to defy mathematics to produce race winner tips at ostensibly each-way prices, Any tipster who can average a winner every six tips at average odds nudging 10/1 obviously has an eye for value in the lower regions of the betting market. Clearly a tipster with as much staying power as his selections, Heli's featured in these yearly rankings in 2019 as well, then kicked off 2020 by yielding a 103% ROI to top January's Best Tipster rankings, a feat he replicated not once but twice, when he enjoyed whopping monthly yields of 100% and 142% in September and October respectively. When he's hot, Heli's Horses positively sizzles!!

2nd Each Way Value Tips - 304 tips, 27.4% ROI

Profit: £1,665.38 to £20 stake

Coming second can be a bitter pill to swallow, but that shouldn't be the case for Each Way Value Tips, who also appears in this top ten list for the second straight year - and if we had run a similat countdown for 2018, the chances are that he would have featured then as well. That is the level of consistency achieved by this leading service that is as simple as it is effective. Invariably just one tip per day, always published the night before racing, always each-way and always just one betting unit per tip really does make this one of the easiest tipster services to follow and enjoy. Four straight months of double digit yields saw him finish third in our monthly Best Tipster awards in both July and August, when his 79% and 81% might have been enough to win less competitive months. Indeed, throughout the year his 304 selection brought home 43 winners and 64 each-way places for a tasty 27.4% ROI, an oustanding level to sustain over the course of a full year, and enough to earn well over £1,600 in winnings to lvel £20 stakes. . 

We're saving the announcement of our yearly winner for a separate article, but you can clearly see from the list above that the level of service on Tipstrr has been extremely high during 2020.

Indeed, the bar has been set so high that there was no room in the top ten for some of our most popular tipsters, all of whom yielded a yearly ROI in excess of 12% and deserve at least an honorary mention: 

That's quite a roll call, so well done to all of our listed tipsters, and indeed well done also to those that didn't quite make the cut, but remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community. We look forward to seeing more of the same in 2021.