2020 Best Horse Racing Tipster Winner

Friday 8th January 2021

2020 Horse Racing Tipster of the Year 

1st Place – OnTheNose

At-a-Glance Summary

  • £1,690.60 profit to level £20 stakes
  • An annual ROI of around 31.0%
  • 14.6% win rate at average odds of almost 10/1


If you're looking for consistency sustained over a long period, then there's not many can match the successful longevity of OnTheNose, who launched his service on Tipstrr at the back end of 2017, proceeded to win our Best Tipster of the Year accolade in 2018, and is now back on top of the pile after another exceptional year in 2020. Hours of dedication go into studying form, examining race footage and exploring the market, with OnTheNose combining that research and expertise into identifying hidden value in overpriced horses that accrue achievable profit over time. When it comes to finding a reliable tipster with a proven fully-verified track record, then there are not many that combine success and simplicity as well as our Best Tipster for 2020,


As we said above, OnTheNose keeps his service is as simple and user-friendly as it is effective:

  • Almost always just one tip per day
  • All tips published in the same two-hour window the night before racing
  • All tips straight race winner single bets (hence 'OnTheNose')
  • All tips recommending one betting unit.

Just divide your betting funds into 100 units, let the efforts of your tipster find your bet and place one betting unit on each selection. That's all there is to it. The early publication of tips not only removes the stress of last-minute betting but also allows your tipster's eye for value to exploit any earlybird value before the market has taken shape.


Bizarrely, 2019 did not begin too well for OnTheNose, who was slow out of the stalls as January produced his lowest monthly win rate and worst drawdown of his three year tenure on Tipstrr. That can (and does) happen to all tipsters, of course, and so all the more credit to OnTheNose for bouncing back to enjoy great success throughout the rest of 2020.

  • Eight profitable months out of nine
  • Seven straight winning months either side lockdown
  • July Best Tipster winner with 168% ROI
  • 50% and 36% yields in August and September
  • December best Tipster runner-up with 80% ROI
  • Overall ROI of 31% across the whole of 2020

To achieve that kind of return over a full year of service is a remarkable achievement. .All in all, his 273 tips throughout the course of the last interrupted year produced 40 winners, and while his 14.6% win rate might be lower than some, that is more than covered by the value he extracts from average advised odds just shy of 10/1. Anyone familiar with backing horses regularly at that kind of price will know that patience and discipline is required to protect your bankroll during the inevitable gaps between winners. However, anyone keeping faith with OnTheNose's staking method last year would have been rewarded with over 80 units of profits, equating to over £1,600 to level £20 stakes. 

Now that's we we'd call a good year at the races!!


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