2021 Best Horse Racing Tipsters - 5th to 2nd

We're continuing our list of 2021's best horse racing tipsters by counting down from 5th place to our runner-up, with the winner to be announced tomorrow.

While our regular monthly rankings offer snapshots of short-term successes, our shortlist of Best Horse Racing Tipsters for 2021 offers a view of services that have been able to sustain that kind of success over a much longer period.

To qualify for these rankings, tipsters must meet certain criteria including length of service, volume and regularity of tips, as well as sustained and achievable profitability.

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Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service

5th On The Money Tips - 826 tips, 19.9% ROI

Profit: £3,286.52 to £20 stake 

If the year had ended as strongly as it began for On The Money Tips, then this bustling service would undoubtedly have finished higher in our annual list. A healthy supply of 15-20 selections per week are always published the night before racing as racecards are scrutinised for earlybird value before the markets begin to take shape. This strategy, backed up by a simple full-unit staking plan, has reaped rich dividends, with six of his eight profitable months yielding ROI's between 28% and 79%, all of them coinciding with hefty double-digit win rates. Those regular profit spikes saw him feature in four of our monthly Best Tipster list, winning it in June, all combining to land that 20% annual yield and over £3K in profits to level £20 stakes.

4th GV Early Alerts - 1010 tips, 19.3% ROI

Profit: £3,894.34 to £20 stake Feb1, May3, July5, Aug 7, 

Another tipster who has enjoyed a productive 2021 is GV Early Alerts, who, as his name suggests, employs a similar betting model to On The Money Tips by releasing his selections soon after runners are declared the day before racing. That earlybird strategy has served him well ever since he first appeared on the Tipstrr platform back in October 2019, but it has been the last year or so that has been the most lucrative. A whopping 140% ROI in February earned the Best Tipster of the Month accolade and laid the foundation for the year ahead, with three further top ten appearances in May, July and August. All in all, a 15% win rate at average advised odds of almost 9/1 is an equation that should always result in a healthy yield, and that converts to a tasty £3.8K in profit.

3rd WannaWinBM - 860 tips, 19.9% ROI

Profit: £3,420.27 to £20 stake 

Our podium positions kick off with the ever-popular WannaWin BM, who remains one of our most consistent long-term performers after providing a constant stream of steady profit since first appearing on Tipstrr almost three years ago. His easy-to-follow race-winner service topped these yearly rankings in 2019, and finished fifth in 2020 after another twelve months of impressive growth. He kicked off 2021 in style, landing a top five position in each of our first four monthly Best Tipster leaderboards, and then featured again in July and September. With all of his straight race-winner tips published in the same half-hour mid-morning window, WannaWin offers real-time, achievable odds and really is a shoe-in for anyone looking for the services of tipster who epitomises professional reliability and consistent profitability.

2nd Underdog Racing Tips - 1068 tips, 44.8% ROI

Profit: £9,573.53 to £20 stake

Runner-up is often considered to be the toughest place to finish, but followers of Underdog Racing Tips should not be disappointed after their favourite tipster guided them towards almost £10K in clear profit during 2021. That success earned him no less than eight appearances in our monthly Best Tipster rankings throughout the year, including two wins and two runner-up spots. His 6% win rate might seem a little uninspiring at first glance, while his eye for market movements means that those followers need to move quickly to match his published odds. But the strength of the Underdog's strategy lies in his eye for outsider value in the middle and lower echelons of the betting market, where that 6% win rate climbs to an impressive 23%. That means that no less than 229 of his busy output of 1068 tips landed a frame finish, and at average advised odds of 16/1, it's easy to see how that success converts to such hefty profits, and also explains why Underdog Racing Tips is one of Tipstrr's most popular services.

With the quality of the services listed above, 2021's Best Horse Racing Tipster clearly has had to see off the challenge of some serious opposition to earn top spot, and we look forward to announcing our winner tomorrow.