2021 Best Horse Racing Tipster - Winner

2021 Horse Racing Tipster of the Year 

1st Place – The Banker

At-a-Glance Summary

  • £5,499.35 profit to level £20 stakes
  • An annual ROI of 35.6%
  • 16% win rate from 773 tips at average odds of 10/1+


If you're looking for a tipster with proven profitability over a prolonged period, then The Banker appears to tick all the right boxes after enjoying sustained success since launching his service on Tipstrr back in the summer of 2019. The fact that he also finished fourth in 2020's best tipster rankings showcases both his consistency and his progress, both of which are illustrated by no less than six top-five appearances in 2021's monthly Best Tipster rankings, including one win and four runner-up spots.

  • MARCH       2nd - 81 tips,  103% ROI, £1,683 profit
  • JUNE           2nd - 86 tips,   54% ROI,  £929 profit
  • AUGUST      2nd - 68 tips,   66% ROI,  £899 profit
  • OCTOBER    5th - 74 tips,    33% ROI,  £495 profit
  • NOVEMBER 2nd - 61 tips,    60% ROI,  £737 profit
  • DECEMBER  1st - 45 tips,   140% ROI,  £1,262 profit

The Banker's selections offer average advised odds of 10/1 or more, so patience and betting discipline is recommended in order to negotiate any inevitable lean spells. He recommends an initial bankroll to be divided into 100 units, with one unit to be invested on each bet according to your finances and his staking plan (eg if you want to bet £10 per bet, then you should have an initial £1000 fund with which you can afford to bet). 


The Banker gives a full breakdown of his service, his strategy and his expections on his profile page, which outlines how his service employs a series of horse racing computational models to convert data into identifying the best betting value and generate high and sustainable long-term yields.

Once those selections have been identified, then The Banker's service is as simple and user-friendly as it is effective:

  • A manageable supply of 15 to 20 tips per week
  • Tips invariably published in the same 8-9pm window the night before racing
  • Notifications of imminent tip publication is sent out in advance
  • Most tips cover race winner single bets, with rare eachway tips here and there
  • All tips recommending one betting unit.

Just divide your betting bank into 100 units, and leave it to The Banker's expertise to identify your bets and place one betting unit on each selection. That's all there is to it. The early publication of tips not only removes the stress of last-minute betting but also allows your tipster's eye for value to exploit any earlybird value before the market has taken shape. That early market value should help balance out the fact that tips will not be eligible for BOG unless they are placed with Bet365.


Strangely, 2021 began with a rare losing month for The Banker, one of only three monthly drawdowns throughout the entire year. That can (and does) happen to all tipsters, of course, and so all the more credit to The Banker for bouncing back from those rare setbacks to enjoy such mouthwatering success throughout the rest of 2021.

  • Nine profitable months out of twelve, all above 14% ROI
  • 5 winning months above 50% ROI, two above 100%
  • Overall ROI of 35% across the whole of 2021
  • £5.5K profit won in 2021 to level £20 stakes
  • Average of 60-70 tips per month
  • 16% win rate at average odds above 10/1
  • Six top ten appearances in monthly Best Tipster lists
  • December Best Tipster winner with 140% ROI
  • Over £3,000 profit won in last three months of year

To achieve that kind of return over a full year of service is a remarkable achievement. All in all, his 773 tips throughout the course of the year produced 114 winners for a 17% win rate made all the more impressive by the value he extracts from average advised odds of around 10/1. Anyone familiar with backing horses regularly at that kind of price will know that patience and discipline is required to protect your bankroll during the inevitable gaps between winners. However, anyone keeping faith with The Banker's staking method last year would have been rewarded with over 270 units of profits, equating to £5,500 to level £20 stakes. 

And you can take that all the way to the Bank!