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August's Best New Tipsters


Meet August's best new tipsters

New tipsters are registering on Tipstrr all the time, and once they've served their initial three months of service, they qualify to be included on our monthly Best New Tipster leaderboard, the latest of which we’re happy to have collated for you below.

A quick click on any of the links below will reveal more information about each tipster, along with details of any introductory offers that are currently available. 

10th American Horse Racing Tips 

660 tips, 19.2% ROI, £2,534 profit

Horse racing

Half of August's top ten newcomers are horse racing tipsters, of whom American Horse Racing Tips is by far the most prolific, although four straight months of double-digit growth means that the betting funds should take care of themselves, despite that heavy tip volume.

Since first appearing on Tipstrr in May, this American racing specialist has accrued a solid 20% yield across 1400 race-winner tips with the kind of consistency that suggests there is plenty more to come.

9th Victor Binotti 

72 tips, 20.9% ROI, £301 profit


A 70/30 mix of tennis and football tips forms the basis of the multi-sport service of Victor Binotti whose best-yet 20% monthly ROI crowns six months of consistent returns.

Tennis forms the foundation of that success, with a particular eye for value in the Asian Handicap Games and Over/Under Games markets, where he has managed to maintain a 60% success rate at odds just under even money, which is always a recipe for success.

8th The Turf Tout 

62 tips, 25.1% ROI, £311 profit

Horse racing

It hasn't all been plain sailing for The Turf Tout whose horse racing service has been able to absorb a fallow period before enjoying his best monthly return since his debut month in April.

A 50-50 split between race-winner and each-way selections is aimed at short-priced value, which was rewarded with an impressive 50% success rate made up of 17 winners and 14 each-way places from August's 62 selections.

7th TBW Tipster 

52 tips, 26.2% ROI, £272 profit

Rugby Union

As a welcome diversion from the mainstream sports of football and horse racing TBW Tipster offers a refreshing foray into the world of rugby union betting, where he is carving out a niche for himself within the Tipstrr community.

Discounting a limited (but still profitable) number of tips during the close season, TBW has enjoyed five complete months of sustained growth, with August's 26% yield suggesting a lucrative season lies ahead for anyone wanting to diversify their tipster portfolio.

6thHorsero Tips 

93 tips, 42.4% ROI, £788 profit

Horse racing

The profile page of Horsero Tips boasts of in-depth knowledge and expert analysis of horse racing, and so far is striving hard to live up to that claim.

Alternating profitable and drawdown months since first appearing on Tipstrr in May, it has not been an easy ride for this on-the-nose race-winner tipster, but August's best-yet 42% yield suggests that things are hopefully moving in the right direction.

5th Rich Bets 

194 tips, 29.9% ROI, £1,160 profit

Horse racing

In fifth place Rich Bets has made an immediate impact on the Tipstrr platform after stringing together four back-to-back months of double-digit growth with a healthy but manageable output of each-way horse racing tips.

Average advised odds that nudge 10/1 is reflected by an inevitably low win rate, but that is more than countered by a much more impressive 44% place rate that saw no less than 79 of August's 194 selections make the frame, including 15 winners priced between 8/1 and 25/1.

4th The Jackpot Junkie Tennis 

47 tips, 33.5% ROI, £314 profit


Kicking off our top four The Jackpot Junkie Tennis is the second of our top-performing newcomers to ply his trade in tennis betting, and his upward-trending profit line over the last four months suggests he knows where to find the best value in the ATP and WTA circuits.

That value usually comes from backing the underdog, which makes his all-time 40% win rate from over 200 match-winner selections at average advised odds of around 9/4 all the more impressive.

3rd Interesting Method 

31 tips, 36.1% ROI, £223 profit

Horse racing

The fledgling service of Interesting Method does not explain what makes his strategy so fascinating, but as long as he keep producing the profits he has accrued since first launching in May, then we don't really mind if it remains a mystery.

A tipster is, after all, ultimately judged on his results, and three increasingly profitable months of mainly each-way selections are proving that the method behind the service could have some long-term mileage.

2nd HT/FT Draw/Home (X/1) 

32 tips, 50.0% ROI, £320 profit


Breaking up horse racing's top-five dominance 2nd HT/FT Draw/Home (X/1) is surprisingly the only out-and-out football tipster to appear among our top ten new faces. While not the most prolific of tipsters, his selections are very market specific, aimed solely at Half-Time/Full-time bets, and in particular at games he expects to be won by the home team after being all-square at the break.

That means advised odds usually hover between 5/1 and 6/1, which has combined nicely with a 19% win rate to accrue a solid 25% ROI from 93 judiciously selected tips since the service launched in late May.

1st Professor Plums Plums 

165 Tips, 48.3% ROI, £1,593 profit 

Horse racing

And so, finally, we're happy to introduce Professor Plum's Plums, who for the last three months has been patiently proofing a horse racing service that can now be recognised as August's Best New Tipster.

June's 43% ROI and July's 24% created the solid platform on which August's best-yet 48% has consolidated a rock-solid 38% yield from well over 400 tips since the beginning of June.

A liberal but manageable supply of around 40 tips per week are made up of a 60/40 mix of race-winner and each-way selections, usually published at regular daily times to help facilitate a structured betting routine.

A sustained 19% win rate and 27% place rate forms the basis for long-term growth, while it's also worth pointing out that Professor Plum's Plums holds up better than most when his stats are measured against Betfair Start Price (BSP), which is a stumbling block for many high-tariff racing tipsters. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


That concludes August's Best New Tipster rankings, and as always, we must stress that the early promise shown by the tipsters listed above does not necessarily guarantee longer-term success.

However, we are optimistic that Professor Plums Plums and the other newcomers listed above can build on their encouraging starts as they take their services deeper into 2023.

Please note: Any discount offer is for the first month of new memberships only, and cannot be claimed twice, nor is it available for existing members. 

  • All profits are calculated to level £20 stakes

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