January's Best New Tipsters

Thursday 4th February 2021

The new year means it's a great time to showcase some of the best new tipsters on the site, and we're sure you'll appreciate the quality of the services that we've listed into January's Best New Tipster rankings.

Horse racing and football dominate all but one position, but with different services and strategies, there should be something to suit most betting preferences.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer...

10th Alpha-Bet - 32 tips, 14.4% ROI ?

Profit: £92.34 to £20 average stakes

After hitting the ground running in his debut month of September, Alpha-Bet suffered a reality check with a downward dip before recovering through December and particularly January to make this top ten. A simple football service aimed solely at the 1X2 betting market offers a perfectly manageable 7-8 tips per week, but bear in mind it's worth adhering to his three-tier staking plan to achieve best results.

9th Billy Picks - 27 tips, 30.9% ROI ?

Profit: £166.94 to £20 average stakes

In ninth place, Billy's Picks would no doubt have featured higher in the list if his output had been a little more consistent. Just 45 selections throughout December and January produced monthly yields of 15% and 30% respectively, highlighting an eye for value in the 1X2 football betting market, especially with average advised odds exceeding 2/1, way above the break even line required of his 44% win rate.

8th Stefan Bets :) - 52 tips, 12.2% ROI ?

Profit: £126.70 to £20 average stakes

Four consecutive months of double-digit growth between 12% and 18% have given Stefan Bets :) plenty to smile about, especially now he has reduced his tip volume to a much more manageable level. Football was the most profitable of his two sports in January, but the fact that over the four months, both markets have been equally profitable only goes to highlight the potential benefit of having your betting eggs in more than one sporting basket. 

7th Beta-Bet - 24 tips, 22.9% ROI ?

Profit: £110.03 to £20 average stakes

In seventh place we have Beta-Bet, who follows a simple regime of just 1-2 bets per day, all aimed at the 1X2 betting market. Featuring leagues all over Europe, Africa and South America, this tipster is not afraid to spread his wings wide to pick out the best value. and four out of five months of profit so far suggest he knows just where to find it. 

6th Handicap PRO - 42 tips, 26.4% ROI ?

Profit: £222.13 to £20 average stakes

The last of our new football tipsters to feature in this list is Handicap PRO, who ended each of his four months on Tipstrr better off than he began it. With something of a clue in his name, this tipster focuses largely on Asian Handicap betting, and his willingness to venture away from the safe betting lines (average advised odds of 2.72) was rewarded with a 45% win rate that converted to his tasty 26% ROI. 

5th Strict Rule Jumps - 20 tips, 58.7% ROI ?

Profit: £234.69 to £20 average stakes

No less than four horse racing tipsters have made our top five fledgling services, the first of which is Strict Rule Jumps, who enjoyed his most successful month to date in January. Honing his broader service to focus solely on National Hunt racing, SRJ published just 20 carefully-selected tips that brought in six winners and three eachway places, with three of those winners  (11/1, 10/1 and 4/1) coming in his last four tips of the month. Talk about finishing with a flourish!!

4th Horsewin - 179 tips, 41.8% ROI ?

Profit: £1496.33 to £20 average stakes

In fourth spot we have Horsewin, a fitting reward for a four-month career of constant growth, culminating in his best month to date. With all his each-way selections published the night before racing, and all with the same bookmaker (bet365 to optimise BOG gains), nothing could be simpler for this user-friendly service. Around 50 tips per week at average odds nudging 9/1 means patience and discipline is required between those juicy winners, of which there were 18 through January, while a further 37 eachway places kept the profit topped up nicely. 

3rd On The Money Tips - 46 tips, 75.2% ROI

Profit: £692.00 to £20 average stake

The early months of service for On The Money Tips have not been all smooth sailing, with three months of high gains (each topping 35% ROI) interspersed with less productive periods. With that in mind, it might be too soon to suggest the long-term viability of his high-odds betting strategy, but there's certainly no getting away from January's whopping 75% yield that brought in 8 winners priced between 6/1 and 18/1.

2nd DaleTipster - 55 tips, 60.0% ROI

Profit: £660.51 to £20 average stake

Gatecrashing the horse racing tipsters' top five party, DaleTipster is carrying the flag valiantly for tennis after enjoying a remarkable run of success during his first four months on the site. With the new year bringing extra action to the tennis circuit, it was a great time to produce 33 winners from his 55 selections for a 60% win rate matched exactly by a 60% ROI. Picking winners outside the even money line is never easy in what can be an unforgiving tennis betting market, and yet DaleTipster has managed to do so month after month at average odds of over 9/4. Advantage, bettors!

1st Premier Select - 42 tips, 72.4% ROI

Profit: £608.00 to £20 average stake

On top of our pile of promising newcomers sits our final horse racing tipster, Premier Select, who has enjoyed five upwardly trending months on Tipstrr, peaking with January's eye-catching 72% yield. His 42 on-the-nose selections produced no less than 13 winners, mainly priced between 2/1 and 9/1, although 20/1 shot Double Legend proved that he's not afraid to explore the bottom of the market if the value is there. The same could also be applied to his tip publication times, where he will look for earlybird value the night before, as well as looking for telling market movement on the actual day of racing. Of course, short-term promise does not always convert to long-term gains, but at the same time many of our best tipsters themselves began on our newcomer list, so it will be fascinating to see how Premier Select and the rest of our new faces progress through 2021.


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