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June's Best New Tipsters


Meet June's best new tipsters

We continue our monthly leaderboards by showcasing June's Best New Tipsters, which allows us to introduce a selection of those fledgling services that have made a promising start to their time on the Tipstrr site.

A quick click on any of the links below will reveal more information about each tipster, along with details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service. 

10th TIRC Gold - 89 tips, 17.4% ROI

Profit: £310.60 to £20 average stakes

Bringing up the rear, we kick off with the first of our six new horse racing tipsters to make the frame, TIRC Gold, who has been returning some promising numbers since first arriving on the Tipstrr site in March. Impressive returns from a reduced tip output in April (154% ROI) and May (78%) were consolidated by a 21% win rate from June's 89 selections for a 17% monthly yield and a 50% ROI over the last three months.

9th Ultra Mega - 81 tips, 17.7% ROI

Profit: £287.14 to £20 average stakes

Just a couple of football tipsters feature in June's top ten newcomers, the first of whom is Ultra Mega, whose busy service has experienced fluctuating fortunes during the first five months of service. Leaning heavily on the Over/Under market, Ultra Mega's shift towards larger priced selections in June (average odds of 2/1+) did not negatively impact his win rate (44%), leading to that healthy 17.7% monthly ROI.

8th Hermes Tips - 56 tips, 18.3% ROI

Profit: £204.60 to £20 average stakes

In eighth place, Hermes Tips suffered a few early wobbles, which were quickly laid to rest with May's 25% ROI and then further consolidated in June, when his varied diet of race-winner and each-way tips were rewarded with an impressive 27% win rate and another healthy 18% monthly return. With all tips published in the early hours after midnight, your daily selections will be waiting for you first thing every morning, leaving plenty of time to grab any early market value. 

7th Ottchen Rugby - 20 tips, 23.9% ROI

Profit: £95.60 to £20 average stakes

We welcome the appearance of Ottchen Rugby in seventh spot, as his expertise in the Australian National Rugby League exemplifies the diversity of services available on the Tipstrr site. Rugby is an often overlooked betting market, but three straight months of double-digit growth suggest that Ottchen Rugby knows his way around his preferred sport, after boasting a 60%+ win rate for selections priced around the even money line.

6th J/R E/M - 45 tips, 24.0% ROI

Profit: £215.70 to £20 average stakes

To further illustrate the range of sports covered by Tipstrr's growing number of services, J/R E/M covers the whole range of US sports, with his recent success down to his expertise in America's favourite summer sport, baseball. His 45 tips landed 27 winners around the even money line, a 61% win rate that yielded a healthy 24% ROI, the most lucrative of his four straight profitable months since the service launched in March.

5th Elite Horse Tips - 377 tips, 26.5% ROI

Profit: £1996.50 to £20 average stakes

Horse racing tipsters dominate our top five newcomers, starting with Elite Horse Tips, whose ever-increasing tip output has been rewarded with four positive monthly yields, none of which have dipped below 20%. Anyone who has followed all of his 1000+ race winner tips since March will have enjoyed a 34% return on investment, clearing well over £7K in clear profit to level £20 stakes.

4th Hawksford Racing - 154 tips, 30.5% ROI

Profit: £940.34 to £20 average stakes

Another horse racing tipster to make an instant impact on the Tipstrr site recently has been Hawksford Racing, whose profit graph since first appearing in March shows a virtually straight line of upward trending growth, thanks to an 8% win rate and a 21% place rate from his high-odds each way strategy. June's 30% ROI ironically represents his lowest monthly yield to date, joining March (49%), April (33%) and May (47%) for an overall 40% ROI that has accrued over £6K in profit so far.

3rd DrawsHunter - 186 tips, 37.7% ROI

Profit: £1401.49 to £20 average stake

Gatecrashing the party of horse racing tipsters, Drawshunter is football's sole top-five representative after tidy back-to-back monthly gains in May (22% ROI) and June (37%) wiped out a couple of smaller drawdown months. A betting model that focuses solely on match draws (laced with occasional combination bets) is always liable to a certain amount of volatility, but the early results suggest that Drawshunters's long-term gains should outweigh occasional downturns.

2nd Jump Masters - 34 tips, 49.3% ROI

Profit: £334.96 to £20 average stakes

Back to horse racing and June's runner-up is the varied service of Jump Masters, who offers an eclectic mix of low-odds race-winner tips and high-odds each-way selections. As his name suggests, Jump Masters' expertise lies in National Hunt racing, and with all tips published either late at night or very early morning, there will always be plenty of time to place bets on race day. A 23% win rate climbs to 35% success when eachway places are included, and they have combined to produce an overall 27% ROI from 145 tips that have yielded over £1200 in winnings since March.  

1st Statometer - 92 tips, 161.4% ROI

Profit: £2969.47 to £20 average stakes

We're happy to introduce Statometer as June's Best New Tipster, and he has achieved that accolade by a proverbial country mile after boasting a whopping 161% ROI last month. Statometer occasionally ventures into eachway bets and accumulators, but it is his ability to identify best value at the top of the market that has become his most profitable strategy. Since launching on the first day of April, Statometer's 157 race winner selections have enjoyed an impressive 41% win rate at average advised odds of around 5/2, yielding a 41% ROI and over £1200 in profit in that market alone. After three straight profitable months, July is already showing signs of following that same upward trend, with the first dozen tips of the new month producing four more winners at odds of 6/1, 9/2, 11/4 and 5/2. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

So that concludes June's countdown of Tipstrr’s best newcomers, and as always, we must point out that such early promise does not necessarily guarantee long-term success. However, we are certainly optimistic that Statometer and the other new tipsters listed above can build on their encouraging starts as they take their services through the rest of 2022.

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