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2024 Best Tipsters in Other Sports - quarterly review


Meet 2024's best tipsters in other sports - so far...

Rounding off our quarterly reports of best-performing tipsters through the first three months of 2024, we turn our eye towards those services that focus their attention on sports betting outside the two mainstream markets of horse racing and football.

With tennis, basketball, ice hockey and golf all represented, we're confident there's something to appeal to anyone looking to add an extra dimension to their betting portfolio.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

7th Spread Picks

198 basketball and ice hockey tips, 12.9% ROI, £509 profit

Anyone who likes American sports should enjoy the service of Spread Picks, who has been offering a varied supply of basketball and ice hockey tips since first appearing on Tipstrr in October of last year.

As the name suggests, spread betting (Asian handicap and Over/Under) form the basis of this service’s early success, with March’s 64% win rate and 19% yield crowning three straight profitable months so far in 2024.

6th Chiguare

86 basketball tips, 15.0% ROI, £257 profit

Basketball is well represented on this shortlist as we continue with Tipstrr stalwart Chiguare, who has been part of the site’s furniture (and our monthly Best Tipster rankings) for well over five years.

While the first half of 2023 is perhaps best forgotten, six straight profitable months since September suggest there is still plenty of mileage in a selective service which should appeal to bettors who prefer a more moderate supply of tips.

5th The Jackpot Junkie Tennis 

98 tennis tips, 14.1% ROI, £276 profit

The first of our three featured tennis tipsters is The Jackpot Junkie Tennis, who boasts 10 profitable months out of 11, and even that solitary monthly loss was from the meagre six tips provided in December’s close-season lull.

An expert eye for high-odds value, especially in the less exposed ATP Challenger circuit, has been rewarded with a 44% win rate so far this year, which marries up very nicely with average advised odds of around 2/1 to produce a consistently climbing profit line.

4th All Value 

184 tennis tips, 17.2% ROI, £631 profit

In fourth place, All Value has hit the ground running in the first quarter of this year, with January (18.8% ROI), February (15.4%) and March (17.5%) not only consistent in terms of monthly yield, but also sharing almost identical win rates at around 55% from a solid supply of 50-60 multi-market selections per month.

Such a win rate will always be enough to make a profit when average advised odds stay above the even money line, and with the tennis season gathering pace, that kind of consistency could well be a pathway to sustained achievable profit.

3rd BasketValue 

86 basketball tips, 15.3% ROI, £262 profit

In third spot, the basketball service of BasketValue is another long-serving tipster who has been a regular feature of our monthly best tipster leaderboards since first gracing the Tipstrr site in February 2020.

Identifying value from basketball leagues worldwide has been rewarded with double-digit returns in six of the last eight upwardly trending months, and even March’s slight shortfall could only put a small dent in a profitable start to 2024.

2nd Anna Nass 

116 tennis tips, 16.9% ROI, £391 profit

It hasn't all been smooth sailing for our runner-up, AnnaNass, but after a difficult end to 2023 this tennis service appears to have turned a corner in time with the turn of the year, and three straight profitable months are an encouraging sign as we approach the busiest part of the tennis season.

A selective output of 8-12 tips per week should appeal to those with less demanding betting tastes, while a sustained 47% win rate at average advised odds of around 7/4 suggest a bookie-defying eye for value in the Match Winner and Over/Under markets.

1st Jimmy’s Golf  

148 golf tips, 26.2% ROI, £776 profit

And so on to our quarterly winner of 2024, and we're happy to award that top accolade to Jimmy’s Golf, who has been carving a niche for himself amid the blossoming popularity of golf betting.

Anyone who has tried to pick the winner from a golf tournament will know that it can be tantamount to a 160-runner Grand National. Even the most high-profile golfing stars are capable of teeing off with mouth-watering odds against their name, which gels nicely with most bookmakers offering up to eight each-way places, and sometimes even more for major tournaments..

That high-tariff approach is perfectly illustrated by the fact that Jimmy’s Golf actually only landed three winners from his 148 tips in the first quarter of the year, but their tasty winning prices of 66/1, 60/1 and 40/1 were ably supported by a further 15 each-way places priced between 125/1 and 33/1, more than enough to yield a tasty quarterly return.

With The Masters behind us and the other Majors just around the corner, this could be perfect time to try out golf betting for yourself, helped by a tipster whose selections have a handy knack of making the frame.

We hope there's enough quality tipsters in the above list to pique your interest in alternative sports betting, and we're confident that here at Tipstrr we offer enough varied services to suit most betting preferences.

Well done again to Jimmy’s Golf for his impressive performance through the first quarter of the year, and we hope to see him and others featuring again in our Best Tipster rankings throughout the rest of 2024.

Please note: Any discount offer is for the first month of new memberships only, and cannot be claimed more than once, nor is it available for existing members.​

  • ​All profits calculated to level £20 stakes

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