Best tipsters in other sports - a quarterly review

Rounding off our countdowns of best-performing tipsters through the last three months, we shift our focus towards those services that have shown some early promise in sports outside the two mainstream betting markets of horse racing and football. America's four main sports are well represented, as is tennis, and with many of our featured tipsters offering multi-sport services, they offer a great way to diversify your betting portfolio.

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10th Vrasidas - 300 tips, 14.8% ROI

Profit: £886.02 to £20 average stake

In tenth place, we start the ball rolling with Vrasidas, for whom horse racing continues to make up the bulk of his bets, but his success in other markets, especially American sports, earn him a rightful place in this countdown. Indeed, if his 90+ baseball selections are assessed in isolation, then his 62% win rate earned him a tasty 23% ROI in that sport alone, which would have boosted him much higher up in this list.

9th Value Basketball - 198 tips, 10.7% ROI

Profit: £423.28 to £20 average stake

Five straight profitable months have given Value Basketball a flying start to his career on the Tipstrr platform, and that success has been built around a full-unit staking plan and a simple betting strategy aimed solely at the Match Winner market. A 42% win rate from nearly 200 selections over the last three months has dovetailed with average odds of around 7/4, producing a rock solid 10% ROI. 

8th USA Sports Wiseguys - 120 tips, 13.4% ROI

Profit: £322.45 to £20 average stake

Most of the tips supplied by USA Sports Wiseguys have understandably been aimed at America's summer sport of baseball recently, where he has produced a 12% yield from 80+ tips over the last quarter. However, an even better return of 15% from 40+ American football selections bodes well for the winter ahead, and we are already looking forward to seeing what this Stateside multi-sport service produces when the NBA and NHL seasons also get under way. 

7th Richard Kevin - 199 tips, 14.7% ROI

Profit: £585.50 to £20 average stake

If you like to follow outsiders in the basketball match winner market, then Richard Kevin should fit the bill after hitting peak form recently with four straight profitable months. His high-tariff betting strategy looks for the best outsider betting value in leagues all around the world, and while this inevitably results in a reduced 29% win rate, those high average odds of almost 4/1 have been more than enough to convert that success rate into a tasty 14% ROI since June.

6th Bestof2021 - 89 tips, 18.2% ROI

Profit: £323.66 to £20 average stake

In sixth spot lies the multisport service of Bestof2021, who first launched back in January and whose recently increased tip output has been rewarded with a quarter of three straight monthly gains. Covering a variety of American sports, as well as football, this diverse service earned a spot in September's Best Tipster rankings, thanks to an 18% monthly yield which consolidated his quarterly ROI to achieve that same healthy number.

5th Hoops Bet - 99 tips, 23.0% ROI

Profit: £456.22 to £20 average stake

We kick off our top five with Hoops Bet, another basketball specialist who might have finished higher but for a lull in service during a quiet September. However, he was in full flow earlier in the summer, when his 60% hit rate from nearly 100 multi-market bets during July (35% ROI) and August (23% ROI) were enough to produce an overall quarterly yield of well over 20%, suggesting he might just be one to follow through the forthcoming NBA and NCAA seasons.

4th WadsterTips - 95 tips, 22.0% ROI

Profit: £1302.09 to £20 average stake

Not many of our monthly and quarterly countdowns pass by without Wadster Tips getting a mention, and his tennis service continues to flourish since rebooting a year ago. The fact that he topped our monthly Best Tipster rankings in June, July and September says everything about his long-term consistency, and even a rare downward dip in August could not put much of a dent in an upward trend that has brought a quarterly yield of 22% from 95 carefully-selected tips.

3rd SportOddsEstimator - 88 tips, 32.4% ROI

Profit: £570.52 to £20 average stake

Our first podium position goes to SportOddsEstimator, whose multisport service is split between football and American sports and has been gradually increasing in tip volume and profits throughout the summer. A 33% yield from 69 tips earned him the same third spot in September's monthly rankings and the fact that his gains were split nicely between baseball (39%) and ice hockey (31%) suggest a versatile service that is built to withstand the vagaries of each individual market.

2nd Gold Digger - 100 tips, 38.9% ROI

Profit: £777.00 to £20 average stake

Nine profitable months and a rock solid 10% ROI over the last year give an indication of the long-term capabilities of Gold Digger's varied multi-sport service. That success has been even more vivid over the last few months, with hefty yields returned in June (45%) and July (53%). A slight dip in August only slowed the upward trend briefly, with September's 42% ROI earning the runner-up spot in our monthly rankings, while his 38% quarterly yield took profits soaring to well over £1,000 since the beginning of June.

1st HighOddBet - 94 tips, 46.4% ROI

Profit: £871.89 to £20 average stake

Our quarterly winner is a slam dunk for anyone looking for a proven basketball tipster to strengthen their betting portfolio. HighOddBet has just completed five consecutive profitable months, peaking with August's mammoth 110% ROI, which was bookended by July's 40% yield and September's 21% gain to produce a tasty quarterly return of 46.4%. Picking outsiders in the basketball Match Winner market is not a simple exercise, and HighOddBet clearly scours competitions all over the world to extract the best high-odds value he can find. Obviously, such a high-tariff strategy has an impact on win frequency, but his 32%  hit rate is still close to one win in three selections, and when those winners are landing at an average price of 5/1, then it's easy to see where those hefty consistent profits come from.

We hope there's enough quality tipsters in the above list to aid your betting in alternative sports, and we're confident that here at Tipstrr we offer enough diverse services to cater to most sports betting preferences. Well done again to HighOddBet for an impressive performance throughout the last three months, and we hope to see him and others featuring again among our best tipster rankings throughout the remainder of 2021.