2020 top three tipsters in other sports

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Having already introduced you a selection of 2020's most successful tipsters outside of horse racing and football, it's now time to showcase the top three.

It's worth noting that these services need to demonstrate more than just an odd month or two of intermittent success to produce such results, but rather have had to sustain upward growth over the course of a full 12-month period.

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3rd Around The Orange Ball - 1471 tips, 10.0% ROI

Profit: £2952.40 to £20 average stake

Just a glance at the profit graph on the stats page of Around The Orange Ball should tell you all you need to know about the success of this basketball tipster during 2020. Just two losing months in the entire year were separated by seven straight months of growth between April and November, and altogether he enjoyed six different months of double-digit yields. Over 100 tips per month should be enough to satisfy even the largest betting appetite, and it certainly wasn't a problem for anyone who kept a tight rein on their betting pot, which would have swollen to the tune of nearly £3000 during 2020, thanks to a 58% win rate that produced an overall 10% return. .

2nd Wager Talk USA - 725 tips, 12.2% ROI

Profit: £1770.87 to £20 average stake

If you enjoy your sport from across the pond, then Wager Talk USA offers a welcome variation from the usual horse racing and football betting markets. Five months of relentless profit either side of the Covid-19 shutdown gave this service chance to shine in all four major US sports, with ice hockey (22% ROI from 177 tips) and basketball (12.6% from 277 tips)  proving that WTUSA knows his way around spread betting as well as extracting top value out of the Match Winner market.  Altogether, 725 selections in 2020 produced a tasty 398 winners for a 55% win rate at average advised odds of even money. Convert that into cash, and you're not far off £1800 in winnings to level £20 stakes. Not too shabby!!

1st HighOddBet - 1057 tips, 17.4% ROI

Profit: £3685.21 to £20 average stake

And so we come to 2020's best tipster in other sports, and there's no doubt that basketball tipster HighOddBet has shone like a beacon throughout the whole year, winning the category by 5 clear ROI percentage points, a huge margin in the context of this list of contenders. But in fact, even those impressive numbers don't really tell the full story. That overall yield is actually somewhat diluted by the fact that in the early part of the year HighOddBet also extended his service less successfully to other sports, and if his 750+ basketball selections were to be taken in isolation, then his annual ROI would have been closer to a whopping 30%. It's worth pointing out that when he put all of his focus on to basketball in the last three months of the year, his efforts were rewarded with three consecutive appearances at the top end of our monthly Best Tipster rankings - winner in October (29% ROI), runner-up in November (also 29%), before winning again in December with a 19% yield. That is a phenomenal achievement for a tipster who dares to venture well away from the even-money win line, preferring to use his expert eye for value to provide outsider Match Winner tips at average odds exceeding 9/2. Yes, a worthy winner. 

With those kinds of results maintained over the course of an entire year, we're confident that Tipstrr provides services to suit all sporting interests and betting preferences.

Well done again to HighOddBet who fully deserved his Best Tipster accolade, and we hope to see him and others providing similar success in 2021.

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