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May Overview

May is over already, and we enter the month of the European Champrionships in France. Whilst football quitens slightly for the next week or so, other sports are as busy as ever. The NBA draws to a close as the Golden State Warriors battle it our against the Cleveland Caveliers. The MLB is in full flow and their hectic schedule is almost a third completed. Horse racing is as active as ever, though the British weather has impacted several meets, despite the fact it's now technically summer.

May Awards

After analysing more than 10,000 tips from hundreds of tipsters, the results are in! 

We are handing awards for four of the best tipsters this month, based on various criteria:

  1. TIPSTER OF THE MONTH - The best tipster of the month, based on return on investment (ROI)
  2. MOST PROFITABLE TIPSTER - The tipster who made the most profit
  3. BEST WIN PERCENTAGE AWARD - The highest percentage of winning tips
  4. THE LONGSHOT AWARD - Biggest individual winning tip (accumulators included)

 We'll be posting an article for each of the awards each month, and you can click any of the links above to see the top performers in each area. Alternatively, to see our leaderboard that update every day - showcasing the best tipsters on the tipstrr platform, you can click HERE.

Here are a few snippets based on the tips placed during May 2016:

  • 10,796 tips were placed, with an average stake of 7.64 units (on a 1-10 unit staking scale)

  • 41.05% Win Rate, with some very high average odds (40/1) thanks to some very optomistic accumulators!

  •  95 profitable tipsters in May, with a combined profit of 4773.8 units profit.

  • 10.77% ROI from our profitable tipsters

  • The 10 most profitable tipsters made 1988 units profit with an ROI of 9.66%

Be sure to check out each article to see who cam out on top during May at tipstrr.com. Maybe you'll get an idea on which tipsters you should be following to maximise your profits 

Thursday, June 2, 2016