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The Top 10 Verified Football Tipsters in February

It was full steam ahead for our premium football Tipsters in February, a large majority of which achieved an ROI of 5% and better. Only the elite made it into our top 10 for the month though with ROI ranging between a plush 18% and a whopping 32%.

Whether your test is the odd accumulator or a good value single, and whether you like your odds to be big and juicy like your…. Apples, or you’re happy with a nice and reliable even money shot then we’ve got something for you.

One month is of course just one month but for many of these Tipsters, February has been just another month building on already impressive profits. Not everyone will go on to maintain such success but if they happen to catch fire again in March they’ll be well worth following.

10th - Dirty Harry Tipster - 255 Tips, +459.5 Units, 18.02% ROI

An 18% ROI would be a rare and scarcely believe ROI over the course of a betting career, but in the monthly stakes it’s only good enough for tenth place here. This football tipster is very high volume as you can see and that may deter some of you, but he does specify to expect this in his profile and to a serious bettor or someone with a structured betting bank, the more the merrier. Dirty Harry was the most profitable football Tipster in February and his single picks at average odds of 2.00 show a professional approach.

9th - Siouxvip - 59 Tips, +104.5 Units, 18.33% ROI

Sneaking into ninth place is Siouxvip who adopts a very different yet equally successful approach. A bettor playing with big money may prefer higher volume, but Sioux is the sort of Tipster perfect for those serious about making money without exponential risk being associated. Just 59 tips over 28 days makes for a very achievable and easy-to-follow service. Sioux picked carefully and did not produce any extensive losing runs.

8th - MX Odds  - 80 Tips, +144.9 Units, 18.82% ROI

MX Odds produced a big chunk of his overall profit on Tipstrr in February but only arrived on the scene three months ago and has made 221.9 units of profit overall. Every Tipster is going to have their big months where the profit rolls in and the remaining months are about being steady. MX Odds has done that so far and with just 80 tips per month is another very achievable service.

7th - Betting Ghost - 52 Tips, +100.2 Units, 19.27% ROI

Ghost specifies that his picks will come from the both teams to score, the match market, the goals market and Asian handicap market. Average odds of 1.79 may not seem like representing value at first, but a good win percentage at less risky odds has represented a rock solid return. If you feel you just need to win and worry about value later down the line, then Betting Ghost can get you wins if February is anything to go by. With only one month on the platform to date, performance can always vary so could be a case of ‘wait and see’ for some of you.

6th - Football At My Mercy - 38 Tips, +72.3 Units, 19.44% ROI

The name screams confidence and the service, so far, has produced winners at very desirable odds. You may have to be prepared to sacrifice both value with odds of 1.29 and 1.40 being offered on occasion, but also win percentage with a view to profiting when odds of 4.00+ are tipped, but this tipster has had enough success from both methods to pull together a very healthy performance this month. He’s a football tipster who has seen continual progress over the past six months.

5th - Thomos Tips - 33 Tips, +67.1 Units, 20.84% ROI

Despite a quiet period three to six months ago, Thomos Tips (Andy) made profit as verified and reported on by TipsterReviews every month in the 2015/16 season and has gone on to produce some reliable results since. With just 33 tips shared in 28 days it’s clearly to see that Andy is a very well thought out character who likes to have confidence in what he is tipping.

4th - Tenis Futbol - 69 Tips, +134 Units, 21.27% ROI

Tenis Futbol covers a few sports, but predominantly football and horse racing (names says Tenis, but only 3 tennis picks to date). Here’ we’re looking purely at the tipster’s verified football tips. With a healthy 27% ROI in February from an easy-to-follow 69 tips over the 28 days shows there could be something in what he’s offering. Time will tell, and it’s never too easy to follow a tipster who offers tips on multiple sports (though for now, both football and horse racing are in profit)

3rd - The Win Bin - 37 Tips, +103.1 Units, 29.63% ROI

Betting big money usually means taking big risks. If you followed The Win Bin during February then you would have made 103.1 Units and all for little to no risk in retrospect. Less than two tips per day would have kept your bankroll well protected whilst dating back to mid-January their worst losing run is four straight bets, which was surrounded by five winners in the space of several days. This has been a very consistent service ever since joining Tipstrr in July 2016.

2nd - Asian Cappers Ultd - 81 Tips, +243.6 Units, 30.07% ROI

Asian Cappers have produced a massive profit this month, but it’s always wise to consider how realistic a repeat performance might be. +243 units in February stretches to over +330 units in the previous three months and +627 units over six months. Perhaps don’t expect this unbelievable performance every month, but the guys haven’t been far off. They’ve been consistently very good and at 81 picks per month and not too many big losing runs, they wouldn’t have posed much risk to your bankroll whilst growing it considerably.        

Verified Football Tipster of the month - February 2017

Joker Betting

249 Tips, +789 Units, 32.07% ROI

We feel like the top three are all winners this month. If any single Tipstrr member happens to follow all three services then they’ve really had a bumper month this month. Joker is by far the highest volume in the upper echelons of our monthly tipster ranking, but he’s made profits like no other. A performance like this from a football tipster is of course not a long term thing, but just to be following a service with this capability is exciting.

This month aside, Joker is up over 900 units in three months but the nature of their picks may not be for everyone, as profits have come from offering several correct score predictions on matches. There’s a lot of risk associated here but if these sort of performances persist then it’s hard to say a bad word about this month’s number one Tipster! 3 losing weeks from 12 shows that despite appearing ‘high risk’ with correct score bets, the consistency could be here to stay.



Friday, March 3, 2017