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How BetOnValue.com could help you this season

The football season is upon us, finally. We have been looking for things that can help your betting reach the next level, and we stumbled across BetOnValue.com. BoV provides a good amount of sports betting data using the BetBrain feed that can help with things such as "Sure Bets" (opportunities where you can back all outcomes and guarantee a profit) and live odds that update in real time. Here's what they have to say about what they offer:

At BetOnValue, we strive to provide you with the largest selection of surebets anywhere online plus best possible information on odds available on the online market. This means that you can check and compare odds from 180+ bookmakers and betting exchanges across the globe, covering essentially every sporting event in the world at any time.

BetOnValue offers a wide range of tools and features to assist you in your betting.

The SureBets Page, one of our strongest points, is designed to bring you the best opportunities, in a simple and easy to use layout, providing all the help you need in your quest for a profitable betting experience. The Filters section lets you adjust your search so only the relevant results are displayed.

Odds comparison – you can navigate and compare betting opportunities from any sport and event as BetOnValue offers odds for almost every betting type on the market. The selection of providers that we cover is constantly expanding with new additions every month, now reaching a record number of 187, with more to come. And because we know that live betting is crucial when it comes to strong betting strategies, we are constantly striving to improve our live coverage, at the moment collecting In-Play odds from 42 providers. As we try to keep the updates as close to real time as we can, we only list those that pass our “max. 5 seconds delay” speed tests.

In addition, the Valuebets section, another must have tool, gathers the very best betting possibilities among the enormous amount of odds on BetOnValue, so you don’t miss out on the most appealing opportunities.

But don’t take our word for it! We kindly invite everyone to try it. Doesn’t matter if you are a passionate bettor or you simply do it for fun, professional or amateur, BetOnValue suits everyone interested in the betting industry.

Friday, August 12, 2016