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The Top 10 Football Newcomers in August

This month's list of top football newcomers provides far more variety than we've ever seen before with so many contrasting methods of working yielding the same results - profit. The return on investment is as high as we've ever witnessed before amongst the top three, all of whom have smashed past the 100% barrier with ease. Also, the tipsters ranked 8th, 5th, 4th, 2nd and 1st all have something in common, and we aren't just talking about their super performance.

10th - John Betting (Free) - 149 tips, +368.9 units, 27.60% ROI

Tipster John Betting has had some success backing Premier League markets in August, finishing up for the International break with a run of six winners from seven including a tidy little accumulator that won at decimal odds of 3.34. John Betting is a man of many talents have also made good profits on the sport of Tennis, and their football tips come from far and wide. John Betting finished the month by turning their attention to the Dutch lower leagues as the International break loomed and had started it with three consecutive winning selections from Liga Zon Sagres in Portugal. John Betting was free through August.

9th - Greg-theFBC-podcast - 29 tips, +64.8 units, 36.20% ROI

Greg, the tipster behind this account, is also one of the people behind a football betting podcast and the football bet club website. Greg's idea of a profitable service is one that puts plenty of thought into each and every tip and prefers to be selective with the long-term goal always being at the front of your mind. That's an ethos that you generally want to look for in a tipster. Greg also claims to share bets based on his own algorithm which has so far produced winners in England, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Germany, although the focus does seem to be up and down the English leagues.

8th - EPL Correct Scores - 35 tips, +68.5 units, 36.40% ROI

You may remember previous football rankings were tipster Correct Score set the standard with a win after win from the correct score market. Ever since he swatted those high profiting horse racing tipsters aside to take the number one spot, we've seen an influx of new correct score tipsters. But this is not a fad, oh no. EPL Correct Scores is just the first of five profitable correct score tipsters having correctly tipped results such as Chelsea 2-0 Everton, Man United 2-0 Leicester and Bournemouth 1-2 Man City. The last one, in particular, must have been a thrilling win. EPL Correct Scores is no doubt eagerly awaiting the return of the Premier League.

7th - Non League Football (UK) Tips (Free) - 25 tips, +120 units, 48% ROI ROI

Non League Football (UK) Tips does exactly what it says on the tin. With tips coming from the National League, down through the pyramid and even focusing on FA Cup and Vase Qualifiers which can feature local sides as low as the eight and nine tiers of English football. This Tipster makes a point of attempting to justify each and every pick that has been shared with members in August, although we'd suggest the profits they've made speak for themselves anyway. This tipster has definitely demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the lower leagues in August and started September with a near 5/1 winner on Dover at Tranmere!

6th - Costa Rica Markets - 35 tips, +170 units, 48.60% ROI

Although we have seen the odd bet here and there, Costa Rica is a lesser-known league to most and this is certainly the first time we've had a tipster specifically focusing on this league. It's a very welcome addition, as anything foreign to us as bettors is quite possible somewhat foreign to the bookies also, and it's those niche markets that can bump up the profits. Costa Rica Markets hasn't strayed in t other markets having tipped exclusively from the Costa Rica league so far with selections attempting to identify the correct score in each game. The most profitable selection came as Perez Zeldon beat a handy Limon FC side 2-0 to return +110 units.

5th - Portugal Correct Scores (Free) - 55 tips, +29.20 units, 53.10% ROI

The +29.20 unit profit that Portugal Correct Scores made in August may look modest alongside some of these big returns, but is it really? Portugal Correct Scores advises a 100 point bank and advises that 1 point is placed on each selection, so on an equal playing field where everyone stakes 10 units per bet, Portugal Correct Scores would have made +292 units. Benfica 3-1 Braga, Sporting beating Aves 2-0 and Maritimo's most recent 2-1 away win were the big winners, all returning at least +10 units. Portugal Correct Score has been selective having bet on just 19 games in the month of August and will no doubt be looking forward to post-International break.

4th - Japan Correct Scores (Free) - 64 tips, +53.6 units, 83.80% ROI

Seeing the developing pattern here? There's a sneaking suspicion given the similar layout of the profile and the method of this account that it may share a tipster with several others on the list, but whether they're a single entity or many separate ones, it's quite impressive how many Correct Score tipster accounts have nailed down the market this month. Japan Correct Scores has identified an impressive 16 correct scores from 32 games at average odds of 10.20. That's an impressive performance with profits being made via a one unit stake per bet philosophy, while 10 units per bet would have made them the second highest profiting tipster on the list at +530.6 units on that level playing field.

3rd - Ludobet - 50 tips, +555.40 units, 111.10% ROI

Ludobet provides between one and five tips per day and sticks to betting on the 1x2 market. Identifying outsiders is the aim of the game for Ludobet who has tipped up 50 tips at average odds above 5/1 since their arrival on the platform. Such odds imply that one would win 16% at best, yet Ludobet has won 32% of tips with the pick of the bunch in August being Vardar to win away at Fenerbache. Whilst the game had the feel of a potential banana skin given their form, no one would have gone as far to back Vardar to win the game. What makes Ludobet's success so commendable is that this tipster has only been on the platform for just over two weeks now.

2nd - South Korea Correct Scores (Free) - 37 tips, +46.50 units, 125.70% ROI

Like the other correct score tipsters in today's rankings, South Korea Correct Scores advises a betting bank of 100 points with a one unit stake per bet. South Korea is another untapped betting market in betting terms and arguably one a trader is more likely to make a mistake on, so it's always good to see new territories being covered on the platform. Like any correct score tipster, South Korea Correct Scores has wisely not limited themselves to just one outcome, instead choosing to cover several outcomes per game. This tipster has covered 15 K-League games since early August and has managed to tip a winning score on nine of them, which is a pretty impressive strike rate reflected by the return on investment.

1st - Bundesliga Correct Scores - 29 tips

+50 units, 172.40% ROI

Bundesliga Correct Score

Correct Score Bundesliga aims to identify two correct scores selections per game and advises a 1 unit stake. Bundesliga Correct Score has produced one of the biggest return on investments you are ever likely to see from a football tipster, and it is the largest secured by a football tipster on the platform thus far. The standard this month was the highest ever seen amongst the football tipsters and it was spearheaded by seven handsomely priced correct score selections across 15 games. The highlight of the month, albeit a shortened one as Bundesliga Correct Score only joined on August 19th, was a 14/1 priced 2-2 draw between Hoffenheim and Bayer Leverkusen.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017