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The Top 10 Horse Racing Newcomers in August

The standard amongst this month's newcomers was set by the football tipsters who managed to produce a top three with return on investment all over 100%. It might be hard to ever beat that, but the horse racing tipsters on the platform always score off the charts and this month's newcomers are no different. From an entry requirement of 30.30% ROI all the way up to a winning tally in excess of 170%, we'd say that August was an incredible month for horse racing tipsters on the platform, but it's easier to just say it was business as usual.

10th - raceandprofits - 174 tips, +305.2 units, 30.30% ROI

raceandprofits joined the platform on August 1st and wasted no time in making profits. By the end of play on August 3rd, raceandprofits had bagged winners at decimal odds of 6.50, 3.50, 5.50, 3.75, 8.00, 4.50, 2.38, 8.00 and 8.00. Working in high volume meant plenty to chose from for members and despite offering up 174 tips on a sport that often requires some patient between winners, raceandprofits worst run was just six losses and very few days passed with out at least a couple of winners. raceandprofits biggest winners in August came in the 8.00 to 10.00 range.

9th - Kingfisher - 63 tips, +85.7 units, 32.10% ROI

Kingfisher focuses on the flats and national hunt racing and likes to make members aware of their staking plan. All bets come with a recommendation to stake one to three units of the bankroll, which is manifested in three, six and nine unit bets, targeting the slightly lower priced selections with higher stakes to make the most of them. Tips are shared the night before the race which gives members plenty of time to place their bets and gives the opportunity to beat the starting price. Winning over 20% of this many tips at odds of 8/1 and above is no mean feat.

8th - Backawinner - 83 tips, +264.9 units, 32.30% ROI

Backawinner has produced one of the highest win rates we've seen amongst horse racing tipsters at a strong 50%, but that is in part down to the odds that are backawinner targets. The aim of the game is to back the favorites that justify the price tag and more often than not that has been achieved, leading to a range of wins at average odds of 2.77. There were a number of larger priced selections that made their way into August's portfolio and some were successful, such as a 13.00 selection on the 24th August at York which stormed home to give backawinner their biggest winner of the month.

7th - DaveSneddon (Free) - 114 tips, +165.10 units, 32.40% ROI

Horse Racing tipster DaveSneddon only joined the Tipstrr ranks on August 28th and unleashed a barrage of winning tips that eclipsed the +150 units mark in the space of just four short days. The high volume meant there was no shortage of daily tips for members and for those that followed the advice of DaveSneddon to a T in the closing days of August didn't go a day without profit. The second bet of this tipsters first day on the platform set them up nicely as 17.00 shot Corporal Maddox charged home, and further selections at 5.00, 7.00 and 11.00 followed on that day alone.

6th - fiesta racing - 44 tips, +108.9 units, 37.70% ROI

fiesta racing is another tipster who didn't join until the latter stage of the month, announcing their arrival on August 21st with a pair of winners in back to back races at Lingfield. The staking plan used by this tipster involves two, four, six, eight and 10 unit selections, with 10 unit selections rarely being seen. They were only utilized on three occasions and it produced two winners at odds above 2.00 and 3.00. fiesta racing has not gone a single day without sharing winning tips since joining the platform, making big profits in four of the final five days of the month.

5th - Backyard Capper - 167 tips, +1056.3 units, 48.00% ROI

Backyard Capper has maximised profits by staking the full 10 units on a majority of picks, making 100+ unit returns on several selections priced at 12.00, 12.00 and 17.00. Amidst the run of big price winners, Backyard Capper narrowly missed out on a winner at odds of 21.00 as the successful each-way selection did return +20 units from a 5 unit stake, but did cruelly miss out on a whopping return there. The disappointment was soon banished with winners at 5.00 and 12.00 in the following races. But Backyard Capper hit jackpot after jackpot in August, with the biggest returning +288.75 units early in the month.

4th - Betting Pro - 35 tips, +205 units, 57.70% ROI

Betting Pro claims to be a professional bettor who bets selectively, and producing such profits from such high odds does suggest some well-researched tips. Betting Pro targets profit through big winners and that was achieved from the earliest part of the month, as August began with back to back winners at 8.00 and 9.00 respectively to put Betting Pro in a commanding position. From there inevitable losses were incurred, but the next big profit was never far away and Tangled at York on the 24th came in at 12.00, followed by three winners in back to back races at 12.00, 23.00 and 4.00

3rd - PWPicks - 37 tips, +222.5 units, 63.60% ROI

PWPicks worked very selectively in the month of August, often taking time off between busy race days. That sort of approach can suit a bettor as it gives you time to take stock of everything and keeps the bettor firmly in control. PWPicks had to wait until the 4th and 5th of August for the first winners of the month, but they were worth the wait at 8.00 and 10.00. Further winners at 10.00 followed but with such a low volume of 37 tips, it was only going to take one or two big winners to tip the balance and that's what happened. PWPicks secured profit with a whopping +250 unit win at York on the 26th August.

2nd - Going, Trip & Speed - 39 tips, +295 units, 77.60% ROI

Going, Trip & Speed has a detailed account of themselves and their methods of working on their profile page which is always a big bonus for members. Going, Trip & Speed has made themselves as transparent and desirable a service as possible from the get-go and that's been backed up by the profits that have been made. Going, Trip & Speed focuses on just that in trying to identify winning horse racing selections and is an avid horse racing fan who enjoys the research aspect of the game. Just as Going, Trip & Speed says patience is always key, but it's easy to get greedy when your tipster profits this often!

1st - Sprint From The Front - 65 tips

+782.50 units, 172.40% ROI

Sprint From The Front

As you can tell by the name and profile, Sprint From The Front is handled by the same person as the number two ranked tipster account, and can truly be proud of their overall efforts in August. Sprint From The Front also comes with a complete profile that tells you all about them and their experiences and their aims and methods of working with the Sprint From The Front profile which makes this a fantastic tipster to follow. On top of those little touches, the all important key aspect of profit is ever present. Nearly +800 units earned a stunning return on investment of 172.40% and the most impressive thing about it is that it was earned consistently over the course of the month. Naturally, there were some big winners in there at odds of 10.00 and better, but at average odds around 9.00 it was a very consistent month from Sprint From The Front.

Friday, September 8, 2017