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The Top 10 Verified Tennis Tipsters in June

We've already shared with you 10 rather profitable verified tipsters from the month of June and you've had the privilege of meeting 10 up-and-coming fresh-faced tipsters. With the Wimbledon semi-finals and finals across all formats taking place in the new few days, now seems a good time to introduce you to the first ever tipsters to grace our top 10 verified tennis performers.

This is the first time we've run the numbers to produce a top 10 verified tennis tipsters list but as the standard of performance increases and the circuit particularly busy over these summer months, it's likely something you can look forward to in the future. The overall standard meant an 18% ROI was needed to make the cut.

10th - Vincenzo von Matterhorn - 156 tips, +138.6 units, 18% ROI

Vincenzo von Matterhorn had no shortage of tips for members to enjoy this month, sharing on average five per day. That's a good volume and something that is to be expected amidst a busy tennis season, with a large number of tips coming from AEGON, the Challenger Tour and later in the month the Wimbledon qualifiers. Later in the month attentions turned to the Eastbourne open and Wimbledon qualifiers, but Vincenzo von Matterhorn cast the net far and wide to find winners from all corners of Europe and had an equal amount of tips from women's tennis as well as the male circuit. An 18% ROI on any sport is no easy feat and set a good standard in June.

9th - Betting Read Deal / Tennis - 34 tips, +77.4 units, 22.8% ROI

Betting Real Deal / Tennis is a newcomer to the platform this month. Although an ROI of 22.8% just about missed the cut for the incredibly high standard set for the newcomers top 10, it's more than good enough to earn a place on the top 10 ranking tennis tipsters. This tipster announced their arrival by sharing all of their tournament bets for the Challenger Tour, Ricoh Open and Mercedes Cup amongst others between the 17th and 19th of June and made a whopping profit of 77.4 units in just two days. Since then this tipster has been laying in waiting and has opted not to bet on the more mainstream events such as Wimbledon, and we now eagerly await to see if Betting Real Deal / Tennis is going to make another winning cameo in July!

8th - Tennis_Cube - 100 tips, +133.2 units, +22.8% ROI

Tennis_Cube is another newcomer to the platform who has joined to share the wisdom and profits of their ATP, WTA and Challenger portfolio via handicap and match market winners. This newcomer actually produced the exact same ROI as the last, 22.8%, but ranks a place higher having made a larger profit. 133.2 was the turnover for followers of Tennis_Cube in July who hit some particularly handsome winners at the Antalya Open, capitalizing on Fernando Verdasco's victory against Darcis. Tennis_Cube made over 40 units of profit on that game whilst the highlight of the month was selecting Muller to beat Tsonga on the games handicap at 3.75. It's also fair to point out that Tennis_Cube didn't even get started until June 21st!

7th - Mr Tennis - 36 tips, +91.2 units, 26.1% ROI

Mr Tennis is a little bit more of an established old head, although has only been on the platform for three less than three months themselves. That's been enough to profit to the tune of +515 through just 85 carefully selected tips. Value is in the eye of the beholder and Mr Tennis has seen fit to stake 10 units on odds ranging anywhere from 1.20 all the way up to 3.50. Whether you take on juicier odds or settle for the small price favorite both require a certain win percentage and Mr Tennis continued to smash that in June. 80% of all tips shared were winners and that boosted the overall percentage to 72%. Odds of 2.20 to 3.00 were shared on six occasions in June and featured five winners.

6th - The Tennis Betting Advisor - 33 tips, +95.6 units, 28.5% ROI

Newcomer number three made his tennis Tipstrr bow in June, sharing 33 tips with us and making just shy of treble that in profit. A return of +95.6 units was good enough for an ROI of 28.5% and a couple of tough results due to retirement look to have cruelly prevented those numbers from being even higher. Note that whilst 33 tips in a month averages out as no more than one to two tips per day, The Tennis Betting Advisor did not join until June 21st! That means some slightly higher volume of around 3 tips per day which is ideal for punters and impressive return to make off of so few tips shared. The standout selection would have to be a handicap winner on Delbonis to return +13.8 units, but the most pleasing aspect of the performance is that 21 of the 30 tips settled (not void) were winners.

5th - PGFootyTip - 32 tips, +85.1 units, 29.3% ROI

Rest assured, you're still reading the right article. PGFootyTip specializes in Tennis and has made profits doing so. There's no 'footy' in sight here as this Tennis tipster has been pure gold using only the tennis betting markets, more especially the match and Asian handicap market. There has also been the odd tip shared that tackles the over/under games market. Just shy of 57% of all tips were winners which would make for good return even at odds of around 1.90. But PGFootyTips average odds in the month of June were just shy of 2.50. That's one heck of a winning combination if anyone can keep up that sort of performance and it lead to +85 units of profit in just 32 tips. Those 32 tips were shared between the 8th of June and the 30th June, so perhaps in future months one to two tips per day to be expected

4th - Francesco Totti - 60 tips, +190.4 units, 32.8% ROI

Newcomer Totti has picked the perfect time of year to prove themselves. Just so we're clear it's not the real one. We presume the Roma legend has other things to do with his time and money, even in retirement! Whilst the ROI % is always the best indicator, and Totti recorded 32.8% in June, it's hard to ignore a big juicy profit. Totti was just one win away from breaching +200 units and has put up the second best performance on the list in terms of profit alone. Wimbledon or it's qualifiers actually haven't featured in Totti's tips and this tipster went against the grain often, correctly calling Berlocq to beat higher ranked Viktor Troicki at 4.00 and Youzhny to beat Sugita at 3.00. And if you like a bit of football, this tipster offers that also!

3rd - The Betting Devil - 31 tips, +130.7 units, 42.2% ROI

We're into the top three now and this little devil of a bettor, The Betting Devil, has featured in our rankings before. Earlier this month The Betting Devil recorded a fifth placed finish in the overall top 10 verified tipsters from June, and were one of a select few who also received a special mention of social media for their performance. The high praise keeps coming as with the focus being on Tennis, the Devil has jumped up to third place in this ranking with a better ROI at 42.4%. Tennis was the most profitable sport in June, despite also offering football, and a sensible volume of tennis tips lead to a winning percentage in excess of 70% and the pleasing profits you see before you. It's been a good month for The Betting Devil who have thrust themselves into the spotlight and will no doubt be looking to finish Wimbledon strong.

2nd - Anibal Radrizzani - Tennis - 14 tips, +66.6 units, 49.3%

We're at the business end of the list now and the return on investments are getting lofty! Oh so close to breaking the 50% barrier here, but let's just acknowledge that 49.3% is absolutely incredible anyway. 14 tips were shared during the month of June which is an OK sample size, but it's worth adding that this is a long standing tipster on the site who has profited well over the last six months. Anibal Radrizzani is actually a bit of a Tipstrr veteran having shared over 800 tips all time, but in the month of June saw it fit to just share 14 selections that made a solid profit of +66.6 units. Such volume makes it an incredibly easy to follow service for punters to follow and just goes to show that if you don't see a good enough bet some days, then not betting at all is almost as good as winning!

1st - Are you rich yet? /Tennis Tips - 57 tips

+268.3 units, 51.6% ROI

Are you rich yet tennis tips

From time to time you may find a tipster at the top of the rankings that have the best ROI, but has perhaps shared fewer tips and profited less. Not today. It's not to see that Are you rich yet? /Tennis Tips was far and away the best performer on this list, winning +268 units, producing a whopping 51.6% ROI which becomes more impressive when you consider a reasonable 57 tips were shared, and all with odds being shared anywhere between 1.70 to 25.00! Yes, this tipster does like to specialize in an accumulator or two but backs these up with regular winners in the match market at prices ranging from 1,70 to 3.00. Medvedev at 2.73 to beat Mahut provided a nice return but the standout was always going to be an accumulator that cashed at large, large odds to ensure profit for the month of June. No fewer than seven selections were required to win (and did) with several of these being priced comfortably above even money. June was a fantastic month for this tipster and we hope to see similar numbers this time next month!

Friday, July 14, 2017