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The Top 10 Verified Tipsters in August

The standard is never anything but high on the Tipstrr platform where the top 10 rankings are concerned and this month has been no different. Return on investment ranges from 24% up to a whopping 60%, when in truth you'd be pretty happy to follow any tipster around a 5% to 15% mark depending on the sport. Horse Racing does feature heavily in this month's overall rankings after the football and tennis tipsters started to mount a fight back in the early summer months, but it is the peak of Horse Racing season, so it's hardly surprising that with so many talented tipsters in tow, plenty have used tasty odds to their advantage to build some mega profits.

10th - G@@@@@@L - 25 tips, +14.9 units, 24.40% ROI

G@@@@@@L is an ex-bookmaker turned tipster who provides tips with a recommendation of staking one to two units. Don't let +14.9 units fool you in to thinking this tipster has scraped in because a fantastic 24.40% ROI is no mean feat and actually, on a level playing field where everyone stakes 10 units per bet, G@@@@@@L would have made you at least +74.5 units. This Tipster is proud to boast about offering only markets with the best liquidity and margins, providing members with a handsome looking portfolio full of Asian handicap and Asian goal line winners in August. There has been a progression month on month from this tipster and August was one of their finest yet.

9th - RugbyRunners - 25 Tips, +42.4 Units, 25.70& ROI

RugbyRunners specializes in Rugby League from down under. A 48% win percentage at average odds just shy of 3.00 overall makes for a handsome equation for members, and RugbyRunners landed a couple of outlandish selections beyond that, including a winner comfortably above 3/1 (4.20) on the 20th of August. Every NRL team is competitive, but no one gave Cantery Bulldogs too much chance of beating Manly Sea Eagles, except for RugbyRunners of course. Stakes for the month varied between five and 10 units, but 11 winner and nine losing tips was enough to produce this handsome ROI at the advised odds.

8th - SportsRobot.net - 190 tips, +97.40 units, 26.40% ROI

We're still waiting for confirmation as to whether or not this tipster account is run by an actual robot, but given the way this tipster has systematically destroyed the bookies over the past few months - who knows! Most bets come with a recommendation of staking anywhere from one to five units depending on the level of confidence it would seem, so just imagining the damage this tipster would have done to the bookies with level 10 unit stakes is an exciting thought for members. SportsRobot.Net is a football tipster who has tipped up winners from Africa to England to the furthest corner of South America's and no doubt will be one to watch in September.

7th - Racino - 482 tips, +1397.7 units, 28.40% ROI

Racino is the first of seven Horse Racing tipsters in the rankings as the top 10 is absolutely dominated by the gee gee bettors this month. With a wealth of meets to chose from at the peak of Horse Racing season. It's been six months and not once have we seen less than three figure profit from Racino, who has now produced overall profits in excess of +3000 units. It's mindblowing to think you could have in the thousands betting just £10 a time. For such low-risk staking you could be taking home an extra £500 per month on average. A near 20% win percentage from over 1000 tips all time is rather astonishing when you considering average odds approach 11/1, and Racino has shown a serious eye for a juicy winner on the track all year.

6th - Sprint King - 98 tips, +207.2 units, 28.60% ROI

Just the name Sprint King breathes confidence, so you'd expect a Tipster with a name like this to be a pretty serial winner, right? Sprint King is exactly that. It's been a year of massive four figure profits for Sprin King who adds another 207.2 units to the running total here. The highlights of the month were plentiful but perhaps the most stand out moments were a win on See Vermont at 14/1, and a rather fantastic day at York on August 26th. Three profitable tips in back to back races produced an each-way place and two winners at 12/1 and 20/1. Not a bad afternoon's work at all. Profit has steadily grown month on month now and Sprint King is becoming a real household name on the platform.

5th - Racing Pro - 72 tips, +206.30 units, 31.70% ROI

Racing Pro is another seasoned professional on the platform when it comes to Horse Racing tipsters but they've really hit the ground running this season. The going for Racing Pro has been good, good to profit! Overpriced winners have been exploited all year long. It looks as if Racing Pro beat the SP well when winning at 16/1 on Nakeeta at York on the 26th and again at the same odds just a days later on Rosy Ryan at Ripon. Volume was relatively low in August which made the service very easy to follow, and it is the month after month exploiting of those big winners that makes Racing Pro so profitable and makes them worth the wait.

4th - JON'S DAILYS - 409 tips, +1312.90 units, 35.60% ROI

JON'S DAILYS has galloped on to the Tipstrr platform and charged up the rankings in August. Originally JON'S DAILYS was kind enough to share tips for free early on in his Tipstrr career and built up a handsome fan club in that time no doubt, allowing members to build trust in this top tipster, and basically buying them as many memberships as they want with the fantastic returns! JON'S DAILYS joined on August 1st and likes to interact on Twitter. Profit has been earned by a steady amount of winners throughout the month which has kept things ticking over nicely, but there's been plenty of room for juicy winners too. 16/1 and 10/1 came within 40 minutes of each other at Fontwell on the 17th, whilst winners at 18/1 or better were not a rare sight.

3rd - JUDGE - 99 tips, +357.10 units, 38.40% ROI

With so many racing meets taking place daily at this, the peak of the Horse Racing season, there's plenty of profit to go around. This months ranking is turned in to a real list for Horse Racing traders to fear, as JUDGE makes it five out of five for handsome three figure profits from the Horse Racing tipsters. JUDGE is another tipster who was keen to prove their worth having offered a lengthy free trial period to all followers and members on Twitter, claiming to have made a profit in each of the five months offered. Life at Tipstrr started in the same vein as a pretty tidy win percentage approaching 30% was enough to claim over +357 units of profit, boosted by a tidy run seeing four winners from nine to cap the month off nicely.

2nd - King Of The Turf - 150 tips, +710.50 units, 57.30% ROI

We've had the king of the sprints, now we've got the King Of The Turf. With the profits put together by this lot in August they'll soon find themselves ahead of the palace on the rich list, and the bookmakers too! King Of The Turf has really pulled away from the chasing pack by a good few lengths with an ROI 19% higher than their nearest challenger. 150 tips in August made for the nice round amount of five tips per day and a nice service to follow. The profits made it even nicer, as stakes sometimes dropped as low as five units yet produced this mammoth overall profit still. The start of August was electrifying with a run of 10 straight wins including seven at Redcard, singles, and doubles and a five unit winner on odds of 52/1.

1st - Double Trouble - 57 tips

+294.90 units, 60.40% ROI

Double Trouble

Despite the name Double Trouble, this tipster is very much in the market to win on nicely priced singles and did just that in August. Some lesser stakes were used but most were given the vote of full confidence as Double Trouble profited to the turn of nearly +300 units including a pair of winners at 20/1 each in the space of an hour at Wolverhampton on the 31st. What a way to cap the month. 57 tips over the course of 30 days make this service such a simple one to follow and with such a wealth of racing to choose from, placing that amount of tips and making such a big profit demonstrates real knowledge. The ROI is an absolute cracker and the best thing about this flying newcomer? Double Trouble has been a free to follow tipster ever since arriving on the platform just over three months ago. You'd probably pay a pretty penny for returns like this, so good on you Double Trouble.

Monday, September 4, 2017