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Most Profitable Tipsters at Tipstrr.com in December 2016

That’s it, 2016 is over. For many it was a pretty hard year, but at Tipstrr.com we’ve seen our site grow from strength to strength, bringing a lot of profit to our users from a plethora (our New Year’s resolution is to improve our vocabulary) of tipsters across multiple sports. We’ve certainly saved the best for last, with December seeing some pretty awesome returns from many established and upcoming tipsters.

The standard this month has been exceptional. The top 20 tipsters of the month (with at least 30 tips) all returned over 22.8% ROI, with a combined profit of more than 6,500 units. This means tipsters like these guys missed out on a top ten spot:

Best VIP Tips – 102 tips, +345 units profit, 34.3% ROI

Jumping 4 Profit – 54 tips, +152 units profit, 30.1% ROI

Overs Specialist – 162 tips, +556 units profit, 32.8% ROI

Trend Bet Pro – 84 tips, +214 units profit, 27.7% ROI

Java1927 – 207 tips, +428 units profit, 22.8% ROI

All of the above tipsters have the right to feel aggrieved by the fact they couldn’t get a top 10 spot for December. Their profitable tips and insight have left their members happy, and their respective returns could have deemed them the best tipster of the month. Anyway, now we need to get to the interesting bit, who managed to outdo these guys to actually be one of the top 10 tipsters for December:

10th – 6th

10 – Jwint815 – 41 tips, +73.6 units profit, 36.3% ROI

After a tough time earlier in the year, JWint has well and truly recovered in December with some great results. Since joining in May, he’s recorded 136 units profit over 640 bets. Based in North America, it’s understandable he’s focussed on the US Sports of American Football, Baseball and Basketball. Worth a look.

9 – Daily Longshot – 95 tips, +320 units profit, 37.9% ROI

As the name suggests, expect high odds from this tipster (average odds in December were over 12/1). With these kind of prices, you can expect to see more variance in results, and it’s inevitable to see longer losing spells too. This was certainly the case in December. An absolutely belting start to the month saw 20/1, 10/1, 15/2, 6/1 and 6/1 winners all the first few days of the month. After then, there were longer losing spells, but had you followed for the month you’d have seen a hugely profitable month.

8 – Southside HR – 142 tips, +1,048 units profit, 39.2% ROI

This service started in mid-November, and has rocketed up the profit tables with an impressive start. Averaging 5 tips per day, this horse racing tipster provides predominantly each way selections, with occasional Race Winner tips. Highlight has to be the 28/1 Each Way Winner on Barton Gift in the 13:05 in Bangor on 22/12. With plenty of other winners too, this is a service that is providing regular high priced winners.

7 – Omaha Racing – 34 tips, +75.7 units profit, 40.1% ROI

A steady tipster service that’s been incredibly easy to follow throughout December. With 34 tips throughout the month, there’s no feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of selections. Nice staking system, and with average odds around the 8/1 mark the service is enjoyable. The highlight of December is the 20th with two each way winners both priced at 6/1 (HERE and HERE)

6 – Cumberdale UK – 97 tips, +151 units profit, 44.9% ROI

Having only joined in December, we’re hopeful that this free tipster will remain to be as prolific and profitable as he has been to date. Big profits, and a 68% win rate from his football tips shows he certainly has potential. It’s worth tracking him (he’s a free tipster) in January to see if it is a flash in the pan or something more sustainable. At Tipstrr, we’re hoping it’s the latter.


Yup, you read that right, tipsters needed a whopping 45% ROI or more from 30+ tips in December to reach the top 5. These five are surely guys to keep an eye on as we enter 2017.

5th – ROI Busters – 70 tips, +339 units profit, 49.1% ROI

ROI Busters is the only free tipster to make the top 5 tipsters in December. They’ve been on Tipstrr for two months now, and both have been nicely profitable. At the time of writing, they’ve just reached 100 verified tips at Tipstrr.com.  100% of bets have been single bets, and they’ve all been on the 1x2 betting market. (Home/Draw/Away). The service couldn’t be much easier to follow. Leagues are varied, as are the odds, so don’t expect to always be backing the favourites, ROI buster frequently backs the underdog with average odds of 2.82.

4th – Bang Bang Bets – 70 tips, +332 units profit, 49.6% ROI

A good number of winning bets in December sees a great return for Bang Bang Bets and his followers. 14 winners from 70 tips at the prices take have made for some serious profits – almost hitting the 50% ROI mark. Winners at 14/1, 16/1 and 18/1 have shown that he’s able to sniff out value in the underdogs, and winners like these are what have propelled him in to the number 4 spot for Tipster of the Month. A performance that could easily warrant the #1 spot.

3rd – Joker Betting – 112 tips, +680 units profit, 61.8% ROI

This service certainly won’t be for everyone. It’s certainly not an orthodox ‘run of the mill’ service. However, December showed that the approach can be profitable. Joker Betting has a strategy of placing three correct score bets in each of his chosen games. They’re tough to get (anyone in sports betting knows this!), but he’s had a knack so far of winning a good few, enough to make some huge returns in December. We’re excited to see if his methodology will prove profitable in the long term. Predicting West Brom to beat Southampton 2-1, Villa to draw 1-1 with Leeds, and Burton to win 2-1 at home to Rotheram are all examples of playing the odds and making a profit. Keep an eye on this one!

2nd – Bookie’s Nightmare – 48 tips, +297% units profit, 62% ROI

His name suggests he’ll take the bookies for a lot of money, and whilst it’s not guaranteed, December has certainly see him taking money from the bookmaker’s pockets. A combination of football and horse racing tips have seen very impressive returns throughout December. He enjoys backing the underdog (either outright, or on the Asian Handicap) and that’s seen him make some very good calls, with Leicester +0.50 at home to Man City, Watford to beat Everton and Fenerbahce to beat Feyenoord. Horse racing has seen most of the profit, with plenty of well-priced winners. The service itself is easy enough to follow too, with 3-5 tips per day as a typical guide.

It’s worth noting he backed Bournemouth to beat Arsenal, and at 4/1, spare a thought for his emotional state as Giroud netted last minute to bring Arsenal from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 :(

Tipster of the Month


Racing Pro - Verified Tipster of the Month

62 tips, +446 units profit, 73.2% ROI


Absolutely deserved, Racing Pro claims the Tipster of the Month award for December. He was the most profitable verified tipster on our platform, amassing big profits and with an ROI over 70%, it’s been a month to savour for him and his members.

With average odds a fraction over 3/1, you can typically expect a lower level of variance then many horse racing tipsters, meaning losing streaks should be smaller, and profits typically more consistent. With two losing weeks in 11 since becoming a verified tipster, RacingPro looks like he’s found an edge.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, his results in January have already been pretty damn good too, with three winners from three tips on the 3rd with odds of 5/2, 9/4 and 11/4. In fact he’s given 6 winners from his first 9 bets in 2017


We’ll be providing a comprehensive breakdown of 2016 too, so you can learn more about the most successful tipsters for the calendar year (there were plenty). This may well be broken down by sport too, to give credit to the tipsters that have worked hard and performed well throughout the year.







Wednesday, January 4, 2017