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Tipstrr of the Month - May16

The first award (and arguably the most sought after is the "Tipstrr of the Month" award, which goes to the best tipster in terms of their return on investment. This award is always fiercly contested, and ensures that people on any stakjing plan can win - it's based on their overall profitability from their stakes. Staking 50 units to return 100 over the course of the month will give a better return on investment than a tipster who stakes 1,000 to win 100 units. Tipsters want this award, because ROI is the most important factor at determining long term success. To qualify for this award, 25 tips must have been placed through the Tipstrr tip entry system - this ensures the tipsters have performed consistently over the course of the month, and not got fortunate with 1/2 bets that ultimately spike their ROI to a level that wouldn't typically be sustainable.

The Contenders

As we've already mentioned, there were a lot of tipsters in the running for this award, so it's only right to mention a few of the guys who got close, but were pipped to the post by our eventual winner.

There were some very good performances from horse racing tipsters. VIP Police did very well despite only starting on 21st May, a full stakes 16/1 each way winner certainly helped him get off to a great  start. His ROI of 62% from 47 tips was only just surpassed by our winner. Another couple of horse racing tipsters who had a profitable may were JR Racing Tips (29% ROI from 129 tips) and the aptly named Boomy McBoomface (25.8% ROI from 72 tips). 

It wasn't only these horse racing tipsters that enjoyed May though, as we had some great performances from both football and baseball tipsters too. Danish DKBet posted a nice 138 units profit from his 42 tips in May, with a Return on Investment of 33.25%. This was surpassed by fellow football tipster ChrisScottBets though, who posted an even more impressive 60% ROI and profit of more than 230 units from 42 tips. Baseball (MLB) is in full flow now as teams surpass the 50 games stage for the 2016 season, and we're far enough in to the season to see certain trends, with many tipsters saying it becomes easier as the season progresses. This certainly seems to be the case for both Coded Recon (27% ROI from 54 tips) and VJewce (22.8% ROI from 174 tips). 

If this shows us anything, it's that football isn't the only sport we can make money on (as many seem to believe). During the summer, Horse Racing tips and MLB tips look to be a great way to fill the void and build your profits. 


The winner of the "Tipstrr of the Month" award for May 2016 goes to the impressive The Winning Line! With an incredible Return on Investment of 64.04% from his 65 tips throughout May, he's quickly proving himself to be a very profitable horse racing tipster. 

The Best Tipster in May 2016 at Tipstrr.com

Not only this, but the strategy and approach to his tipster service is more quality over quantity too - which is a great approach. 

"Next set of tips will be for Epsom on Friday. We wait patiently for the bigger races" @TheWinningLine1

 There's no value posting tips for the sake of it, instead tip/bet when you can find a genuine edge using whatever strategies you have/adopt. The Winning Line does this effectively, as his results suggest. 

ROI: 64.04% - Avg Odds: 3.92 - Total Tips: 65 - Win %: 35.5%

Congratulations to The Winning Line, and to those who pushed him all the way last month. Who will be the best tipster in June and take ths "Tipstrr of the Month award"? Check the Tipstrr leaderboards to see the top performers as they battle for the right to call themselves the Number 1 Tipster.

Thursday, June 2, 2016