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Check Out The Top Performing Baseball Tipsters

MLB is in full flow and we’ve seen a surge of Baseball tipsters using the Tipstrr platform to verify their picks. Plenty of tipster making plenty of profit for their users, so today we’re going to look at their recent performances and make you aware of who to follow and keep an eye on if you’re interested in making profit. You can view our verified comparison page for ALL of our premium baseball tipsters HERE.

USA Sport

230 tips in, and this premium tipster has been impressive. More than 180 baseball picks to date has seen a 59% win percentage and average odds of 1.97. The result of these stats is more than 300 units profit and a return on investment (yield) of more than 18%. Impressive levels of profit since starting on the Tipstrr platform in April. Not afraid to get verified, and uses simplicity in his service making it easy to follow. Worth a follow, and with almost 3 months of results, you can be quietly confident that this tipster is one for your betting portfolio

USA Sport - Baseball Picks

Hegemon Picks

One of the most exclusive groups/services available on Tipstrr, Hegemon Picks has proven why. With 6 profitable weeks from 7, and more than 200 units profit from 200+ tips so far, this tipster knows his baseball. Exclusively a baseball tipster, they’re sticking to what they know, a tactic that is helping them provide a consistent and regular profit for their users. They back very liquid markets, which suits the high stakes bettors, or those that use Asian bookmakers.

Grupo Ernezcam

Well, these guys are new, so there’s limited information on their service, or whether they’ll be profitable long term, but the initial impression they’ve made is certainly a good one. More than 130 units profit in July with a 57% win rate and a 33% Return on Investment. The service is new, and with only 53 tips to date you can’t read too much in to it, but this tipster service is certainly one to keep an eye on.

MLB Cash

If you like MLB, and you like cash, then MLB cash could be the man for you. 200 tips and a return on investment of 10.6% and a graph that has steadily been growing since March is certainly appealing. His 57% win rate and average odds of 1.86 make him a tipster worth following. His subscribers can expect bets on MLB (shocking), and on liquid markets, so the bigger bettors can easily get their bets placed.

Monday, July 18, 2016