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An insight into the mind of a winning tipster

Bookie's EnemyWe had a chat with Gary Poole, the tipster behind the Bookie's Enemy #1 tipster service - currently the number one most profitable tipster service on our verified platform. We asked him a few questions about his experiences as a tipster, and his history in theindsutry:

1.What do you think is required to become the world’s best tipster?

Like any other job, in order to succeed and become a leader in your profession you have to dedicate lots of time and effort and it's no different in punditry (tipping).The longer you spend studying the form book and data the better you will become and in horse racing the amount of data available for anyone to look at online is endless.I spend literally hours and hours each day watching races,looking at track biases (the draw,track times,fractions),trainer/jockey/owner form and many other variables on horse racing including breeding and bloodstock.Then on the day of the race it's down to the tipster to determine if all the conditions are right for any particular horse he/she has in mind and if they are then they need to decide if the price given by the bookie is good value.

Another key point is to keep a close communication with your members and to help them as best you can,some members might be regular punters and are familiar with how the system works but many will be new to the game so it's up to the tipster to keep them informed and help them with their betting strategy and bankroll etc.Doing this will help ensure a close bond and trust between a tipster and his members which I think is paramount in establishing yourself as a tipster that's not only profitable but one you can trust.

2.You’ve been a profitable tipster so far at tipstrr.com, what’s your secret?

There is no secret it's just time and dedication,you will get out of it what you put in!

3.What’s the best experience you’ve had as a sports bettor?

Back in 1999 my team Man United as everyone knows did the impossible and won the treble.
During that season I always kept an eye on the price of United doing the treble and most of the bookmakers only had a set price for that achievement instead of allowing a roll up treble. "Wilson Sports" were the only bookies I think that allowed the bet as a standard treble. The prices as the slowly got lower during the season and once I decided it was time for a bet they were around 40/1-33/1 with most bookies, but with Wilson's the treble was around 66/1. I think this was around Feb/March and United were top of the league,in the QF of the FA Cup and just qualified from the group stages of the UCL.
I decided to put £100 on at 66/1, until I spoke to my mate who is an avid Liverpool fan. I told him my plan and said how I thought United were head & shoulders above every team in England and were arguably the best in Europe.His response and the conversation went something like this....
"Hahaha you're 'avin a laff! No team has ever done the treble and never will, it's impossible and you'll be wasting your money" 
"Yeah but they're top of the league,in the QF of the FA Cup and now in the knockout stage of the UCL" 
"Well it's up to you but you're wasting your money"
I listened to him and never put the bet on! I felt like an idiot as the season unfolded - he was adamant that they weren't gonna do it even as the run continued. United then played Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final which they obviously won and as soon as I saw Schmeichel save that pen and Giggs run up the other end of the field and score I knew that luck was on their side and something special was going to happen this season.
By this time United were in the FA Cup final,had virtually won the league and were in the UCL final and the best price I could get on the treble was 11/4. So I worked out how much I had to put on at that price to win the same amount I would have won had I put the bet on back in February which was £6,600. It worked out at around £2000 at 7/2 so all I had to do now was raise £2000! 
So I decided to ignore my mate's advice and go ahead with the craziest bet I've ever placed.I never had anything like that kinda money so I decided to go to the bank and ask for a loan. I walked in sat down and luckily I half knew the lad who interviewed me for the loan. I filled in the questionnaire then at the end of it he asked me what the loan was for and I stupidly told him it was to place a bet on United!
"Ah Gaz I can't allow a loan for a bet!"  then I told him the story and to my amazement he said "Right I'll get hung for this but I'm just going to say it's for home improvements"...and with a "good luck mate" the money was in my account by the end of the day. I walked straight into my local bookies and put the £2000 on United at 7/2,the bet was on!
United went on to beat Newcastle 2-0 in the semis with the league done & dusted and all that stood in the way of me and £7,000 profit was bayern Munich.
One of the worst finals ever but the last 4 minutes of that game will live with me forever.The emotions I felt when Sheringham equalised and then Solskjaer scored that winner have and never will get matched and the hairs on my whole body still stand up everytime I watch those moments.
I went to pick up my winnings a couple of days later when my hangover had subsided (I was still shaking) and it was even mentioned in my local paper how much "one punter" had won.It was my proudest ever moment as a bettor and I'm just so glad I ended up going with my instinct.I saw my mate a few days later and I think I got a very quite "well done".I felt like punching him for all the stress he had put me through. It was my own fault for listening so I can't really blame him, but I ended up doing what every punter should do if they have a strong feeling about something.... Go with your instinct and do what you think is right at the time

4.You’ve been a tipster at tipstrr.com for a year now, what do you like about it so far?

Well apart from the fact that I've been the number 1 tipster since day 1 (head swell) I think it's a great platform and well worth signing up to not only for the great tipsters there but also the excellent articles like this one! There's so many different sports to choose from and lots of good tipsters in each category and the simplicity of using the site is also a great help.

5.The new flat season starts in March, what are you looking forward to the most ?

Well to be honest all of it! I love the flat season not only because it runs during the summer months but I just love the big sprint handicaps at places like York and Doncaster and the tight sprints around Chester and then of course there's Royal Ascot and Derby Day at Newmarket. I love to look out for new trainers also like Ivan Furtado, Owen Burrows and Simon Crisford, if you follow these trainers alone you will more than likely end the season in profit, although I don't recommend following them blind as it's always best to do a little homework on each of their runners and which races they excel at.
Every year I aim to beat the previous year regarding profit and the general running of my service and next year will be no different.I have to maintain my position as the most profitable tipster on the Tipstrr.com platform, and if I start to slide then I will have to change my name from BookiesEnemyNo1 to BookiesBestFriend and that's not going to happen!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017