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1x2 (Match betting)

1x2 is one of the most popular betting markets globally, especially for football bets and the ever popular weekend accumulator

1x2 is one of the most popular methods of betting around the globe with casual and professional punters alike adopting it as their preferred betting market.

1x2 betting is available in nearly every major sport apart from the likes of Tennis and Horse Racing, where draws are not a possibility. Backing 1 represents backing the home side/player or first outcome listed, while x represents a draw, and finally backing 2 would mean betting on the away side/player or the second outcome listed.

What is the 1x2 bet type?

The 1x2 bet type should not be confused with the 12 or Moneyline bet type, which does not offer the option of a draw and is most common in Tennis and US Sports such as American Football and Basketball.

With the 1x2 betting market, the number one represents the home team, x represents the draw and the number two represents the away two. Some bookmakers will make it clear which odds apply to which team when you are placing a bet, but some may display it as follows.

When using the 1x2 market it's an all or nothing bet. If you back the home side (1) then they must outscore the opponent in 90 minutes. A draw (x) or an away win (2) will result in you losing your full stake. There are no situations in which your stake can be returned with this type of bet, unless the game is postponed or does not go ahead, in which case all bets are void.

Football, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing and some US Sports are amongst the sports that offer 1x2 moneyline betting, although the scoring system and nature of most sports mean a draw, even when offered, is very highly priced with the exception of football betting.

Pros of the 1x2 bet type

  • 1x2betting is as popular as any other betting market in the world
  • It is available with oretty much every single bookmaker
  • 1x2 markets cover a massive variety of team and individual sports.
  • When using 1x2, it is very easy to place bigger bets due to bookmaker limits and find better liquidity (stronger odds).

Cons of using 1x2 betting

  • Betting on the outcome of a match is considered bread and butter for most professionals, and so bookmakers spend a lot of time carefully setting these odds.
  • Sometimes it can be very hard to find good value.
  • There is an added risk when betting on the 1x2 (match betting) market as opposed to something like asian handicap betting with three betting options

Using the 1x2 betting market

Once you've done your research (or followed your tipster) it's time to place your bet. 1x2 Moneyline betting is sometimes called "match result" or "match betting" which is the same market and works in the same way.

This market is extremely popular with professional and casual punters, although the latter are more likely to incorporate multiple 1x2bets in to trebles and accumulators to seek bigger wins. Professional punters will use this market if the price is right, but most are all about reducing risk and managing their bankroll. That means if there is less risk to be had using the 12 (no draw) Moneyline or Asian Handicap as opposed to the 1x2 market, they may well do so. The added possibility of a draw is always reflected in higher odds, but implied probability in it's simplest form suggests your chances of betting on the winning outcome drop from 50% to 33.33%. The 1x2is available in every sport in the world apart from tennis, horse racing and in some cases cricket, darts and motorsports.

1x2 betting, similar to 12 Moneyline betting, is a slightly more risky option with the addition and possibility of a draw, but it is still one of the most popular forms of betting in the world - especially with football betting. It's quite acceptable for professional punters and casual punters alike to use this betting market, although how each individual opts to utilise it may vary greatly with all the different betting types, strategies and systems out there.

In conclusion, 1x2 betting often offers good value if you can seek it out, and for astute bettors it offers the potential of a high enough win percentage to be increasingly profitable in long term betting.

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