Score both halves

Backing a team to score in both halves is a betting market that is almost exclusive to the sport of football. You can back a side to score in each half of an ice hockey game in some cases, but worthwhile prices rarely exist. When you back a team to score in both halves, you are betting on a football team to score in the first 45 minutes and again in the second 45 minutes. This means they need a minimum of two goals, with at least one in each half. It doesn’t matter if they come in the first minutes, the late minute of injury time. It doesn’t matter if they score just the one goal in each half, or if they manage three in each. How many goals the opposition scores also does not affect the outcome of this betting market. As long as your team scores at least one goal in each half of the game, you’ve backed a winner.

  • Backing a team to score in both halves, much like the winning both halves betting market, is one of a few markets that helps increase the odds when backing a high scoring team expect to win the game comfortably.
  • Some select bookmakers offer extra reward for your team scoring multiple goals in each half, which can sometimes be free bet stakes.
  • All is not equal in 90 minutes. Even the best of teams can have a sloppy half, and may only find a breakthrough in one half.
  • In-game developments that cannot be predicted pre-match but can affect the bet during the game can occur, such as lack of motivation if a team leads by a large score at half-time.
What is the To Score in Both Halves bet type?

When you bet on a team to score in both halves, you need them to do exactly what it says on the tin. The team you’ve bet on must score a goal in the first 45 minutes of the game (first half) and also the second 45 minutes (second half). It doesn’t matter if the team score more than one in each half.

When you place a score both halves bet, you are doing so on a specific team. You have specifically bet on either the home side to score in both halves or the away side to score in both halves. Own goals count. As long as the team you have bet on find the back of the net in each half, you’ll win. If they fail to score in either half, then you lose.

The score both halves market is an alternative market where you may have faith in a team's ability to score goals, but perhaps less so to keep things tight at the other end and win the match. It may also just be used as a way to achieve higher odds when dealing with a team that are expected to run out comfortable winners over 90 minutes.

Good candidates for a score in both halves bet could include:

  • A team that score a high number or goals at home
  • A team that has a history of scoring in both halves
  • Teams that are both questionable defensively, good in attack or have a recent history of playing high scoring games
  • A team playing iwth a strong team against a side from a lower level
  • A team playing against a team who are poor defensively, or may concede early and often
  • Who uses the To Score in Both Halves betting market?

    Betting on a team to score a goal in both halves is a betting market that both casual punters and a professional bettor can appreciate. It isn’t an unrealistic expectation in the right circumstances and the odds are usually reasonable. It offers an extra option and angle that may interest a professional eyeing up a team whose odds are too short. For casual punters, backing a team to score in both halves is becoming a very popular accumulator option alongside similar markets such as backing both teams to score in both halves, which is a variation of this market that offers greater odds.

    Tipstrr Conclusion

    In summary, backing a side to score in each half means they must register at least one goal in each half. The half-time and full-time result is irrelevant, as is the number of goals scored by the opposition. A betting market that is growing in popularity, especially in people’s weekend accumulators. It’s a decent option in some instances where a short priced favourite is likely to score a few goals as the odds can be higher than the 1x2 market. However, for many pros, the more sensible alternative to this is to use the Asian Handicap betting market.