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Win both halves

Another betting market with a self explanatory name, but we've still written some info for you

Betting on a team to win both halves is like an extension of a score in both halves bet. Not to be confused with a half time/full time result bet, you need the team you bet on to outscore their opponent in both halves.

It doesn't matter whether it's a rout in each half, or whether they lead 1-0 at half time and 2-0 at full time. All that matters is that your team wins the first 45 minute "match" in the first half, and the second "match" in the second half.

Pros of the win both halves market

  • Backing a team to win both halves offers higher odds than a 1x2 bet.
  • Data to decide when this bet can be utilised is readily available.

Cons of betting win both halves

  • Teams don't really care about the half time score, so don't expect them to bust a gut to help your bet.
  • Another high margin market that protects the bookmaker pretty well.

What is the Win Both Halves bet type?

A win both halves bet is most commonly used when betting on football matches. When you are betting on a team to win both halves of a match there are two requirements. The first is that the team must outscore their opponent in the first 45 minutes. Whether it's 1-0, 2-1, 3-0 or any other score line, the team you have bet on must score more goals than their opponent within the first 45 minutes. That's the first requirement of the bet settled.

The second part involves the second 45 minutes. Once your team lead at the break, there's no undoing that part of the bet. Not to be confused with the half-time/full-time betting market, it is not enough for your team to simply hold on to the lead they have already built. If your team lead 2-0 at the break and it is still 2-0 at full-time, this is a losing bet.

Once your team has won the first half of a game, imagine that the score resets to 0-0 again for the start of the second half, and your team has to win the game all over again. If your team can manage to score more goals than their opponents in the second half also, you'll have a winning bet.

It doesn't matter if your team win each half 1-0 or 2-1. The opponent scoring a goal is irrelevant providing they score fewer than the team you've bet on in each half. Own goals, penalties, they all count.

Betting on a team to win both halves is a riskier bet than betting on a team to win outright or to score in both halves, but it does provide higher odds to reflect the risk.

The beauty of the win both halves market is that it provides you with a much higher price than the traditional win (1X2) market. At times the market can offer some reasonable value. If a team are capable of scoring in both halves, then they're capable of winning both halves, but you do want to be mindful of using teams that are weak defensively, inconsistent or prone to errors at the back.

Who uses the Win Both Halves betting market?

Betting on the win both halves market is most common in football betting. The draw of this market to a casual punter is the price. Casual bettors are out for entertainment and the thrill of a big win, and this is arguably a betting market than can provide that. That sort of attitude usually suggests it's a market that won't endear itself to a professional bettor, however this market sits on the fence.

Whilst the much higher risk is often a deterrent, this is still a market that is quite easily assessed. The several factors that need to fall into place for this market to be successful are reflected in publicly available statistics, which is a useful tool for any professional bettor.

The Win Both Halves market is typically preferred by a more casual punter, however- this market can be used to your advantage and can offer a very high profit margin should you be able to find an edge greater than the bookmaker's margin.

Don't be lured in by the high odds without doing your own research first, when the odds are high, it's reflected in the likelihood of it coming in. To utilise this market successfully really does require some careful consideration and statistical analysis.

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