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Win to nil

The Win to Nil bet type is a straight forward sports bet to understand, the name gives it away. You bet on a team to win, but to win without conceding a goal. This excludes extra time / over time

The win to nil betting market has two requirements. The market is predominantly used in football betting. When you bet on a team to win to nil, the win part of the market title refers to the team winning the game. 'To nil' refers to the fact that the team need to keep a clean sheet, which means not allowing the opposition to score a goal during the match.

If the opposition score a goal at any point then the clean sheet portion of the bet is not satisfied, and therefore you have placed a losing bet. The team you back on this market need to win and do so without conceding a goal.

This bet typically poses more risk than just using the win (1X2) market, but this is reflected in higher odds.

Pros of betting win to nil

  • The win to nil market offers higher odds than a team to win, a good option if you also think they won't concede.
  • The data needed to work out games with a decent chance of “win to nil” is readily available - a chance to gain an edge.

Cons of using the win to nil bet type

  • Teams winning convincingly can switch off and concede against the run of play.
  • It's a bet that can be dead early on. The second your team concedes, the bet has lost.

Who uses the Win to Nil betting market?

True and strict professional sports bettors may never stray outside of the asian handicap and asian goal line markets, but those that allow themselves to work with more freedom will see the benefits on this market.

It isn't likely to attract casual punters as there are a lack of promotions and buzz around this type of market, and the prices are often appealing, especially on home favourites, but the bookmaker margins typically absorb the chance of long term profit without detailed research

Not only must your team win the game, they must do so without conceding a goal. Quite how and when that goal comes, and if the final score is 1-0 or 5-0, does not matter.

The obvious risk is that it only takes a second to goal, and individual errors and red cards are amongst the factors that you simply cannot account for. But it only takes a goal to win a game and where the odds are slim on sides expected to win comfortably or those who keep a clean sheet often, this market is a good way of giving yourself a price boost and increasing your profit margin on those outcomes.

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