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Which bookmakers limit winners?

Being limited is the bane of all successful bettors. It is a very hard thing to get around in the long run, but being aware of it can extend your career as a profitable bettor.

Some websites like Betfair and Pinnacle do make it possible to stay profitable for life without being limited, but for casual bettors that are not always winning yet are still limited, it's a problem. Until the industry gets some much needed regulation around the matter, it pays to make yourself aware of what can result in you being limited and how best to avoid that.

When you are limited, any bet you try to place may be referred to a trader to be accepted/rejected A 'max bet stake' is imposed which can often be as low as just a few pounds Your account may be removed entirely and you may not be entitled to make a new one

Which bookmakers will limit you?

It's actually easier to say which bookmakers will not limit your bets. Pinnacle, SBO and Betfair are all known not to limit players, although bigger bookmakers will practice limiting less frequently. The safest way to play is to read reviews, forums and be aware of other gamblers experiences when using each individual bookmaker. The best thing anyone can do is assume you can and will be limited almost anywhere, and educate yourself on how to avoid being limited

Avoid Being Limited

You are more at risk of being limited if you are betting on horse racing than if you are betting on other sports. It seems like winning is strictly no longer welcome with the bookies, and even losing bettors face the wrath of the bookies if they're making the right moves.

Beating the SP, which is start price, involves betting on odds that are better than what the horse begins the race at. The problem here is that whether you are winning or losing, you are getting the best out of the odds and beating the movement. If this is a regular thing, the bookmakers will know that you're getting good prices and may beat them eventually.

The same goes for bettors of football and other sport. If you're regularly getting best odds, winning on underdogs, showing a pattern or anything that leads them to believe you may be profitable eventually, you may even be culled before you reach that profit.

It's harder than ever to stay off the radar if you're consistently winning these days. Why? Because it's easier than ever to find value and beat the lack of quality traders out there. But, of course, not every bookmaker is guilty. Many people have moved to the exchange and the return of Pinnacle to the UK market will be a welcome one.

There are ways to stay off of the bookmakers radar and avoid being limited for longer.

Look like a casual bettor

This isn't easy because you don't want to lose on purpose. However things like placing accumulators now and then, littering you account with silly 'mug' bets to cover your tracks and betting on televised football are all signs of a casual gambler. Traders don't have the time to watch every account. Initially you'll be highlighted because of your profits and also betting patterns that form.

Have multiple bookmaker accounts

Open an account with as many bookmakers as possible. If you can manage to only place a few bets per month at each, you're going to be less of a concern. Even if you are winning but seen to be making small amounts and quite irregularly, you'll last much, much longer. Also you can save bets on big odds, underdogs and value bets for places like Betfair, Pinnacle and perhaps Bet365 - who are more established and typically more likely to accept a bet.

Take a little, give a little

This might sound like an odd exercise, but people do it. If you feel you've hit one bookie particularly hard one month, give a little back. Go bet against yourself whilst profiting at a different bookie. Think two way markets where you won't lose much overall. And if you can, do so in a muggy style. TV games, poor value, etc. Let them see a lack of discipline.

Markets, staking and withdrawals

This covers activity that will generally leave the bookies disgruntled. Don't bet £500 on a corners market that might only welcome a few thousand pounds. Stick to markets with lots of liquidity like asian handicap. Even if you are winning on these markets, £100 or even £200 won may seem like a drop in the ocean when so much money is coming in.

Don't stake random amounts to target a certain win. It shows that you're thinking about what you're doing and it may even put you on the radar as a potential arbitrage bettor. Also, don't mess about with your account balance too often. We want to keep it from getting too high and letting the bookies see you have the funds at your disposal to hurt them should they be on your case, but also withdrawing regularly upsets the bookies as it costs them money and draws attention.

Exchanges, Pinnacle and brokers

Be careful who you trust where the latter is concerned. Do your research. Bet brokers are lesser known entities in the sports betting world and offer bookmakers that we don't have access to. They'll take big bets and you're at much less risk of being shut down. Pinnacle refuse to limit bettors and even welcome arbitrage betting, whilst the betting exchanges sees you bet against others who will pay your winnings, so it's no concern of Betfair's how often you win if you're paying commission every time.

Doing what you can to stay off the radar is something that should be on your mind with every bet you place.

Remember, traders don't have time to scroll through everyone's account. They get a big automated list weekly of profitable or potentially profitable accounts and a lot of the time that is picked up on by betting habits and profits.

Casual and lazy betting patterns like varied bet placement times, use of accumulators, betting on televised games and even purposely losing here and there at one bookmaker whilst winning at another can help keep you off the radar for longer.

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