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Maximum use of ongoing promotions

Whilst every bookmaker offers a sign-up bonus, not everyone focuses on customer retention. It's important to know which bookmakers offer you the opportunity to receive ongoing bonuses and promotions so that you can make use of them.

Some bookmakers continue to offer free bets throughout the year if you meet certain requirements, whilst some are good enough in that they promise best odds guaranteed on selected horse racing events. It also pays to be aware of price boosts.

Whilst price boosts are often a tool used to lure people into betting on an outcome, it's nice to be aware of them in case the bet suits you one day.

Some examples of ongoing promotions

  • Bookmakers may offer a free bet every week to their active customers as a way to retain their activity.
  • Other bookmakers may offer in-play bets as a reward for placing a pre-match bet, which may allow you to double up on your stake free of risk.
  • Some bookmakers offer money back as a free bet if your game finishes 0-0, known as the bore draw, or if you lose a bet due to an injury time winner. These will be paid in free bets, but it's better than nothing and can be utilised.

To take advantage of ongoing promotions you will need to...

Be aware of promotions

If you want to take advantage of ongoing promotions then it will involve remaining active at a number of bookmakers at once. It'll pay to be organised and keep a note of what bookmakers are offering and what requirements you need to meet as that way you won't miss out.

Remain active at a number of bookmakers

Being active at a number of bookmakers also mean spreading the wealth. Depositing and withdrawing with your cards can be a lengthy and frustrating process, especially if you're waiting to receive withdrawal funds to place elsewhere. The best way to counteract this is by firstly having your funds split up over several accounts so you can continue to meet requirements, and also using an e-wallet which allows you to move funds around much more quickly.

Only use the promotions that suit you

Whilst you want to squeeze as much as you can out of the bookies, don't force the glove on if it doesn't fit. Just because there is a free bet offer on a televised game, it doesn't mean you HAVE to bet on it just to get the offer. Use your judgement. If you are betting on a certain game then be proactive in scouring the bookmakers website to see if there is an offer out there. However, if you know you weren't planning on betting on this game because there's no value, then don't bet for the sake of it. There will be other offers. Remember, you're trying to utilise these free bet offers by making a profit from them.

Don't set your stall out to perhaps bet exclusively with the aim of extracting these free bets, because it may lead to you betting on sports, markets or outcomes that are conducive to you making a profit when betting. However, it pays to be aware of them.

There's no harm making sure you place some of your weekly bets with Sky Bet just to receive your free £5 bet, for example. That's £260 a year in free bets and free to withdraw winnings should you be successful. Things like the best odds guaranteed should be looked out for, or BetVictor's tendency to offer the best odds on Premier League most often should also always be kept in mind.

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