Staff Blog: A great start to 2021

Wednesday 17th February 2021

Hi everyone.

Over the past few weeks our regular blog posts have introduced you to Tipstrr’s founder/CEO and members of our IT team, who have outlined all the recent, ongoing and future developments that are being introduced to make your experience of the platform as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.

Now it’s my turn as Community Manager to report from the shop floor, so to speak, and show you how these improvements behind the scenes are reflected in the day-to-day business of the site itself during the early part of 2021

A few stats

Certainly these improvements have been reflected in a vast increase in tipster activity over recent months. In January, we were happy to process more than 100,000 tips in a single month for the first time, a brilliant way to kickstart the new year.

Those selections were split into different sports as follows:

  1. Football 61.3k
  2. Horse Racing 23.7k (of which 10,000+ were each way tips)
  3. Basketball 15.3k
  4. Ice Hockey 3.5k
  5. Tennis 2.0k
  6. American football 750
  7. Esports 500
  8. Other sports combined 800 (handball, rugby union, boxing/MMA, darts, golf, cricket and baseball)

That’s a significant milestone for us as a service, but is only a taster of what we hope is to come during the coming months. As the rest of the team have already alluded to, we’re looking to expand the number of sports betting markets that we offer on Tipstrr, something that will be even more of a reality once we implement our own data feed. That should see the number of tips and tipsters continue to grow on the site and give you even more great services from which to choose.

All the tips listed above were published by no less than 2,000 different services who were active on Tipstrr during the month of January. Of those, 894 were premium services, while 1,106 different tipsters offered their selections for free. With the growing number of top-quality services we have available, quite literally at the click of a mouse, there should be something to suit every sporting interest and betting preference.

 What’s coming up

I’ll be providing further facts and figures from what we see on the site over the coming months, as well as other news about the front-end changes to the site and how they will affect your daily experience of the Tipstrr platform. That will include touching on the following subjects over the coming weeks to offer you further insight into our plans and how we operate:

  • Cheltenham Festival competition
  • Getting your articles and previews published on Tipstrr
  • What to look for in a tipster 
  • Rewarding our most professionally run services
  • Tipstrr’s stance on each way places and BOG rules

That list is by no means exhaustive, of course, so if you have any areas of concern or suggestions as to how we might improve your experience of the Tipstrr site, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].