Staff Blog: Design and Development February Update

Hey everyone,

We've been focusing on site stability this month in preparation for new features to come later in the year.

While the rest of the team are more than comfortable talking about trixies, accumulators, and Heinz out of the context of fish and chips, I'm not a sports-betting guy myself. Nonetheless, all design starts with understanding. I've been learning on the job about strategies, betting types, and trying to build a picture of what our community gets out of the Tipstrr platform so we can increase the number of satisfied users and deliver a platform that is second to none.

What's changed in the UI this month?

As much as I love working on big awesome new features, the majority of my time is usually spent working on small improvements to layout, content, and the "feel" of the site. This month, there's not a huge amount that's changed per-se, but with more new users coming to the site, more tips, and more input from our community, there's been a flurry of tiny tweaks and adjustments all over the place.

Improvements to the markets table

We've rebuilt the markets table found on our Add Tip and event pages to be more accessible, boosting the contrast of the headers and increasing the spacing to make it easier to focus on the odds and markets you're looking for. We've also improved the tooltips to give you more detailed information, and made the whole thing keyboard accessible.

Most popular tipsters

The most popular tipsters section on the homepage is now a lot more dynamic, and is measured against the number of active followers a tipster has. The section is now a lot more competitive, so look forward to seeing which of our tipsters are really trending! We have also updated the followers count on the portfolio management pages, so you can quickly see your active followers there too.

Platform Improvements

Some of our users like to keep their tabs open for a really long time, sometimes for a week or more! To ensure everyone is running the latest version of the Tipstrr site, we will now refresh the page automatically after about an hour while you navigate around the site. This means you'll still automatically get access to new features and fixes without any fuss. If you want to make sure you're running the latest version, a simple refresh should bring you up to date.

Changes to our supported browsers

As the browser market becomes more competitive in recent years, we've dropped official support for some of the rarely used, older browsers. This means that while the site might continue to work in these browsers, we won't be giving them our full attention. We encourage users of old versions of Opera and Internet Explorer to upgrade to the latest versions, or try out a new browser like Edge or Firefox.

Affected browsers and their audience share
Unsupported Browser Audience Share
Internet Explorer < 0.01%
Opera < 0.01%
Opera Mini < 0.3%
iOS 10 < 0.2%


As always, you can get in touch with us via our contact page if things aren't working for you.

Cheltenham 2021

With Cheltenham 2021 just around the corner, we're putting together a new version of the predictions competition. I've been working on the interface for the new edition to make it easier to read up on our race analysis, submit and edit your daily entries, and see how well you're doing on the leaderboards. We'll have more info on the competition details closer to the 16th, so stay tuned and good luck with your entries!

Thanks for reading, if you'd like to give us any feedback or suggestions then be sure to visit the contact page and let us know what you think.