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With all of the favourite sports, markets, and bookmakers, Tipstrr attracts the top talent in sports betting. With awesome features including up-to-the-minute odds, SpeedyBet, and our comprehensive suite of stats, you'll know exactly how well you're doing and where you need to improve.

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Need assistance?

We know becoming a leading sports-betting tipster can be a difficult process. Here are some common questions we get that might help you enhance your portfolio?. Our community team are always here to help, whether you're looking for a missing fixture, have found an issue with our app, or have a correction you'd like us to know about, just reach out!

Who can see my tips and posts?

This portfolio is public.

A free portfolio can be accessed by anybody with a Tipstrr portfolio, and content you publish will be available for free to all Tipstrr users.

Your portfolio will appear in search results, rankings, and might be chosen to feature in our round-ups.

What are the benefits of using Tipstrr to track my tips?

What separates Tipstrr from other platforms is our focus on transparency. We verify every result and track detailed stats for every tipster, which means you get a suite of awesome tools and your followers get an honest look at how well you're doing.

How do I add tips?

When you join Tipstrr, we give you access to one of the most modern and sophisticated tip tracking platforms available. Using the Add tips workflow, choose a sport or pick from your favourites, then get access to upcoming fixtures and markets from loads of bookmakers. Add analysis and view detailed odds history, then publish your tips to your followers.

How are my tips verified?

We connect directly to bookmakers to bring you the latest odds for each market. Once you've picked out the odds you like and your tips are published, we automatically verify match results with our partners to determine winners, losers, gains, and much more. It's all part of what makes Tipstrr the best platform around for sports betting tipsters.

Can I make money from my tips and analysis?

To become a professional tipster, simply select the Premium option when creating or updating a portfolio.

Select the subscription options you want your subscribers to have (we recommend monthly + annually as a good starting point), and your future tips and posts will be premium-only by default. If you want to engage with non-paying followers or build up your audience, we give you the tools you need to promote your subscription and release free tips.

Once your portfolio has established a good history, you might get featured in our monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual roundups of upcoming and established tipsters. We may also feature your tips online and via social media to help attract new users to your portfolio.

What happens to tipsters who break the rules?

We take rule breaking seriously at Tipstrr. If a tipster is found to be breaking their agreement with us, falsifying their results, or consistently publishing bad or difficult to obtain odds, we ban their portfolio and refund their memberships.

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How do I remove my portfolio?

At tipstrr we give you the flexibility to manage your portfolio however you like. You can abandon your portfolio by opening up your portfolio settings (just click Manage), scrolling down to the "Abandon portfolio" settings and following the instructions.

You can not undo this process. Abandoned portfolios will still be accessible by their url, but will be set to private and will no longer be managable by you, so be sure to take care of everything before you proceed.