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Why should you choose Talking Horses for your betting tips?

Hello Horse Racing Enthusiasts

I'm highly delighted to offer you the following...

FREE Trial ~The Talking Horses from Monday 26th June until the 25th August 2023.

I've been pondering for several months the service I operate needs revamping, as from today the 25th June 2023 its time to ramp thing's up and change and create a new service named Talking Horses for which I hope will be a success.

Service Introduction ~ The Talking Horse's 🐎

As from today the 25th June 2023 I will be introducing in a post format until the 14th July~ This will be named The Talking Horses.

As from the 15th July 2023 the Talking Horse advices results will be recorded as official bets along with their profit/loss and will be documented on the Tipstrr platform.

Where do Talking Horses advices come from?

These advices will come from various stables from around the UK & Ireland including those who work out the horses on a daily basis including horse's that have been working well on the gallops and expected to run well on their next race.

I have colleagues who ride out for several stables in Ireland aswell as within the Uk ~ along with their network of friends we have things pretty much well covered in Ireland aswell as mentioned in the UK.

I also do my very own form analysis and bring a whole new dimension to you *** With This In Mind There Will Be Multiple Selections In Some Races ***

Occasionally if and when I receive information I do my own research on the specified race in question then If I find a horse or horses that I believe as a chance in the same race as the info tip then I will make the selection/selections available , this will give everyone more of a winnable opportunity ~ EVEN though they are info advices they won't always win, nothing is certain in horse racing as I'm sure most of you will agree.

The informants and myself won't always get it right ~ it's the nature of the business ~ horses will no doubt have off days aswell as great days too.

What Time are the Talking Horse's advices issued?

Should there be any talking horse advices I will issue a Advanced Tip Notification along with how many races we will be covering for the day approximately 1 to 4 hours before the bets are issued.

Reasoning/Write Ups

Operating the service on a daily basis absorbs up alot ofุ time , I'm a family man I don't get too much free time to give my reasoning behind the advices, there simply isn't enough time to generate this feature unfortunately.

How many Talking Horse advices will there be in a day?

This will all depend on the information I obtain and depending on my very own analysis.

Should there be multiple advices i wouldn't expect everyone to back each advice ~ the ultimate aim is to give you as many winnable options over the course of the days racing.

Maximising the Talking Horse advices ( Enhacing the Odds )

The bets issued will be Win singles / Each Way singles

My ultimate aim is provide you with the added edge in creating your own personal bets, whether that be adding your own bets to the horse's I've advised or just bet on the advices I've issued in win singles ~ each way , win doubles, win trebles , accumalators,Round Robins,Lucky15,Lucky31, Lucky 63 and straight forecast and reverse forecast and tricast & trifectas & placepots , dutching etc etc....

The choice is completely yours in enhancing the bets.

After the initial FREE trial

Should you wish to be a member after the conclusion of the FREE trial ends the price to join is set at £29.00 ( £0.96p a day ) for 30 day.

Tipping and punting should be viewed as a long-term pursuit, which is why everyone should monitor their profit and loss and publish it if they are a public (for the want of a better description) figure.

And the reason why it is so important to record and publish that P&L is that it keeps you honest, and less prone to put up, or back, frivolous selections for the sake of an interest.

I have very few rules in my life, but one is never tipping a horse to others that I have no intention of backing myself.

Do I tip all year round?

Yes, Flat Racing aswell as the All Weather surfaces and also National Hunt including the Bumpers.

Do I have in place a betting bank?

I recommend that you start with a £1500 betting bank , please read below for illustration purposes.

To calculate your cash value simply divide your betting bank by 150

For example a £3,000 betting bank divide it by 150 = £20 per point.

1pt Each Way would be £40.00

2pt Win would be £40.00

1pt Win would be £20.00

For example if you are a lower stakes bettor having in place a £800 betting bank ÷ 150 your stake would be £5.33 per point

1pt Each Way would be £10.66

2pt Win would be £10.66

1pt Win would be £5.33.

Points structure for Talking Horses advices below is recorded for the Tipstrr platform only.

2pts Each Way = 4 Points - Total £80

1pt Each Way = 2 Points - Total £40

2pt Win - Total £40

1pt Win - Total £20

I can't emphasise how important it is to have in place the recommended Betting Bank and the staking points plan...........

having the correct betting bank in place and

Patience + Discipline = Success

Golden Rule

Never go chasing loses ~ let the winners come to you.

Discipline and Patience

If I've encountered a losing month ~ and the loss for that month is £54 to the recommended £20 stakes, and you have lost let's make £260 a prime example then there's something clearly amiss with your betting patterns.

My service will most certainly suit the professional bettor with long term profits targeted.

*If you're looking for a quick rich service then this unfortunately I can't promise, just like most tipsters i will encounter losing runs*

The Service That Grows From Strong To Stronger

The Talking Horse Journey Continues..... 🐎

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