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1 Bet A Day Horse Racing Advisory Service has made £1878.79 profit in the last 12 months across 433 Horse racing tips (roughly 9 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (9.9/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £156.67

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Hello all,

* I increased the volume of tips in March & April & Partially in May 2022 - Unfortunately it wasn't a success, I've reverted back from Mid May to just 1 bet per day *

Service Introduction

Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting my horse racing profile on Tipstrr.

Tipping and punting should be viewed as a long-term pursuit, which is why everyone should monitor their profit and loss and publish it if they are a public (for the want of a better description) figure.

And the reason why it is so important to record and publish that P&L is that it keeps you honest, and less prone to put up, or back, frivolous selections for the sake of an interest.

I have very few rules in my life, but one is never tipping a horse to others that I have no intention of backing myself.

How do I compile the best bet?

I study the form meticulously that be of the Horse,Jockey, Trainer, Ground, Distance, Course.

Occasionally I receive privileged information, which can be extremely advantageous.

Do I tip all year round?

Yes, i concentrate on the flat racing aswell as the all weather surfaces and also national hunt including the bumpers.

Do I have in place a betting bank?

I recommend that you start with a 150 point betting bank.

To calculate your cash value simply divide your betting bank by 150.

For example, £1,500 divided by 150 = £10 per point.

Each bet will carry a maximum stake of 2 points to win - £20 Wins

I can't emphasize how important it is to stick to the recommended staking plan ~ along with the recommended betting bank in place.

Having the correct betting bank in place &

Patience + Discipline = Success

Golden Rule

Never go chasing loses ~ let the winners come to you.

Discipline and Patience

If I've encountered a losing month ~ and the loss for that month is £54 to the recommended £20 stakes, and you have lost let's make £260 a prime example then there's something clearly amiss with your betting patterns.

What time is the bet sent out?.

The daily bet will be issued the night before from 6pm until approximately 11:00am on the actual day of the race.

You won't be receiving upto 10 bets a day here , that I can promise you .

Only on rare occasions will there be 2 bets in any one day.

My service will most certainly suit the professional bettor with long term profits targeted.

*If you're looking for a quick rich service then this unfortunately I can't promise, just like most tipsters i will encounter losing runs*

The 1 bet a day horse racing advisory service journey continues....

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