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About Ace Bets

Welcome to Ace Bets tennis game analysis and tipping service.

First of all let us say that we are happy to study and talk about the sport. We are a team of analysts and tennis practitioners. Feel free to contact us, we are always happy to exchange information about the sport.

We have bet in the sport since 2013. This led to the development of a decision sheet in order to analyze each game individually.

Analysis is conducted only after the third round of each tournament, except in rare occasions. We also follow all sites and social media posted by the athletes, reading everything to get an additional edge.


We are here to provide a serious and quality service. Please join us and share in our success:

About the service:

- We will provide a return on investment at least 10% and we aim for over 20% each month

- We will provide a win rate of at least 60% and we aim for over 70% each month

- We will provide approximately 20-30 tips per month

- Tips will be provided for all levels and both males and females (most tips in Challenger or above level)


We will limit maximum number of subscribers to ensure value and good communication is maintained for all subscribers.

What will you be buying?

1. Preview of the games with no live bets; we will always act as a punter, placing the bets before the events start.

2. Comments after the match; we have responsibility for the money of our clients; we will watch and offer comment on the games that we analyze. 

3. We will be at your disposal to ask questions and discuss tennis by email / twitter / facebook ; we live and breathe tennis - we play tennis at university, teach tennis, and write articles about tennis for the Brazilian media. 

4. Responsible money management - we will treat clients here as clients of an investment fund. 

The method:

- We will just watch the matches of the first and second round of the tournaments, follow all the news and assess the statistics via our developed software system. 

- At the third round of the ATP and WTA tournaments we will do game reviews and write predictions; we utilise spreadsheets and databases with statistics to ensure an accurate forecast.


We will have excellent days and bad days, but we are committed to work to improve constantly and ensure the profit of the investors. We will also undertake to respond promptly to emails / messages. Only possibility of delay in responding time is the time zone (GMT -3).

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