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708.1 Last 3 months

About amygdalate

Tips sent 24-48 hours before event.

Recommended stake:1% of bankroll until getting gradually confident with the logic of the strategy.

Always working on proprietary algorithm to refine it.

My Twitter ID : @arandomsystem

email: crimaldidomenico@gmail.com

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Blog Posts

How to know if a strategy is good

Do you trust a strategy with less than 1000 bets?

To me even 1000 are just the minimum .

Are there long extended losing streaks?How frequent are they?

Because that factor alone can ruin your bankroll management.

How long do you need to wait to break even those long losing streaks?

Do you have frequent daily bets that help you to regain your money quickly?

Do you want to wait weeks?

How beautiful is the equity line?

From financial trading I have see awful equity line,just not harmonic.In practical terms that means difficult times for your capital.

Is drawdown acceptable in terms of time and sustainable in monetary terms?

I am just studying and improving every day.

Everyone tells his truth.I just shared my two cents.Just food for thought.

Have fun!



29th March 2017 @ 16:34

Strategy update

Hi there!

In order to understand better this business and the need of customers,I have tuned up some settings of my algorithm.

Basically,the monthly average ROI will be still around 25%.Bets on week-ends will be at least 10 on average and some in the middle of the week.They will be sent 24 hours in advance ,or even 48 hours.They will be always AH with average odds around 2.Hit rate will be very good,above 50%.Expected average monthly profits:100 minimum.

Now let's see how things will develop.I am here to keep up with the promise.

Have fun!


25th March 2017 @ 06:54

ROI or Profits


I have been  thinking about that for a while.

After some thoughts exhange with Tipstrr admins I have decided from now on to focus on:

1)Fewer tips

2)Higher ROI

3)25-30 tips a month on average

4)Average odds : 2

On average you can expect 80-90 profits a month and 25-30% ROI from my algorithm that I have tuned up for this goal.

It will be monthly steadiness.

Let's monitor that every week and month and see if I can keep up with the promise.

Have fun!


11th March 2017 @ 07:45

Next goals

Hi there,

since the above 700 profits target was hit recently it seems reasonable to set a new high soon.

I hope to advance above 800 profits in the near future .

My dream for this month would be 1000 profits.

If that happened I would slightly rise up the price of the service.

Enjoy profits and always have fun.


15th February 2017 @ 05:25

Above 700 profits


the target of 700 profits wah hit last week-end.

I am happy to see that.

Enjoy profits,plan your money management carefully and have fun.



13th February 2017 @ 04:10

Short term goals

Hi everybody!Enjoy this Sunday!

I set some goals about my service:to improve the hit rate(above 50%),reduce the variance then getting an even smoother equity line and get a steady average monthly profits return.

All that should or could have a profound impact on your bankroll according the wise and smart money management techniques you will be adopting.

Have fun!


12th February 2017 @ 08:24

Rewieving last week-end performance

Friday was not so good.But that made me thinking.I am constantly refining and tuning up my model.

Then saturday came a nice recovery.

Sunday was essentially a draw.

Overall the strategy managed to stay afloat after  almost two weeks of amazing positive streaks.

Essentially I noticed an unusual number of draws in my pycks selection.

I guess that affected the performance on Sunday.Even if draws will come back to average what happened is an opportunity to improve my algorithm.

Have fun.


6th February 2017 @ 03:02

How to use my service

This is not a once in a time "all-in"lucky bets system.It's not a pray and hope strategy.

For istance,the last two weeks show that for every bet there is more than 1 profit earned(on average).

I plan to keep that average steady every month.

If you follow the sequence of bets with a sound stake plan you should enjoy compounded profits month after month.

Of course you can be"creative"on that matter.There are so many money management strategies out there.

Anyway I would suggest you start with the 1% rule and get confident with the strategy gradually.

Have fun.



3rd February 2017 @ 15:54


Hi everybody.

From now until Friday I will lower the price of the service.

Just to test the market.

After that time it will never be that cheap again.




29th January 2017 @ 15:09

Some improvements in my algorithm are paying off.

Enjoy profits.

I could lower the number of tips on Saturday.

Anyway,in case you should think they are too many on week-end,alternatively you might consider following just the ones from Monday to Thursday (or even to Friday).

Use the right money management according to your goals and risk tolerance.

Have fun.

28th January 2017 @ 17:12

I'm back.

Just wondering about this business.Is it worth the time and effort?We'll see.

25th January 2017 @ 04:49

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Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 5.90%
  • Profit: 708.1
  • Tips: 1199
  • Win: 46%
  • Average Odds: 2.26





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