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About Anibal Radrizzani - Multi

Looking for value bets mainly in Tennis, Football and Rugby. Low average odds (around 1.2-1.5), looking for high hit rate. Stakes almost flat at 10 (1% of bankroll recommended). @radrizzani_a on Twitter.

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Blog Posts

Review: February 2017

In February we returned to a positive trend partially recovering the losses of January. It was not a great month but it was not too bad either. We added 37.8 units for a yield of +5.2% (4.6% at level stakes) in 74 picks with a success rate of 74% and average odds of 1.39. Main profits were from Tennis picks (+53.0 units, +9.44% yield) whilst Football (-3.4 units) and Rugby (-11.8 units) were drags. The month went very well until the 20th but then the performance went sideways unfortunately unable to add more profits for the rest of the month.

Going forward we will continue focusing on Tennis picks were the performance since the start has been very good (+7.3% yield) and keep Rugby and Football picks to the most promising only and to try to continue adding profits and improving the yield slowly from the +3.2% currently to the 4/5% levels in the coming months.

Ps: feel free to contact me at @radrizzani_a on Twitter for comments, suggestions, feedback and so on.

8th March 2017 @ 19:59

Review : January 2017

Following 8 consecutive months posting gains, January was the first month with total losses. We lost -73.1 units (with a yield of -3.7%, success rate of 69% and average odds of 1.36). I have to admit I lost it at some point and posted too many picks (213, more than double the previous months averages) and many turned out to be bad picks. The month was going okish up to Jan 10th when we lost -68.1 units with 9 losses out of 13 picks in a terrible day. After that, the following day was also bad, tried to recover some of the losses but the performance was flattish up to the end of the month.

Tennis, which is the sport that brought most profits in 2016, was barely positive (with +8.4 units, 1.0% yield in 97 picks) but the other sports were very negative: Football -24.8 units (-2.9% yield in 87 picks), Rugby -22.9 units (-16.8% yield in 14 picks) and Basketball -33.8 units (-23.9% yield in 15 picks).

The awful performance in January forced me to reconsider several things about my tipping so I decided to regain a more focused strategy coming back to the average of tips per months (less than 100) and restrict bets in other sports than Tennis to only the ones most promising in terms of value (avoiding bets in Basketball altogether as I do not seem to have any sort of edge there). So far in February this more focused strategy seems to be working so will stick to it. Hopefully we can bring the yield which as of the end of January stood at 3.0% (3.1% with level stakes for 798 picks and average odds of 1.35) to above 4/5% over the next few months and continue delivering steady profits.


Ps: feel free to contact me at @radrizzani_a on Twitter for comments, suggestions, feedback and so on.


16th February 2017 @ 13:12

Review: December 2016

After a few months with yield below 5%, December was a good month with +10.4% yield. With less Tennis activity (the sport for which the yield is highest) I was expecting December to be a tough month. But it turned out to be a very good one. Profits were +53.8 units for a yield of +10.4% in 53 picks with 85% hit rate, average odds of 1.31 and stake of 9.7. Most profits came from Football bets (+36.1 units, +19.0% yield in 19 picks) with positive results in a wide range of competitions (in Asia, UEFA, Italy). Rugby also added profits (+14.1 units +5.1% yield in 28 picks) with good results in Top 14, EU Competitions and Sevens.

The overall results as of end of 2016 are: +304 units with a yield of +5.3% in 585 picks with average stake of 9.8 and odds 1.35 and 77% hit rate. Up to July results were very good (yield 8.2%), then from August to November the yield was just +2.3% but it picked up in December. Tennis remains the best sport (with +9.1% yield) but after struggling for a while things improved in Rugby (+1.5%) and Football (+0.4%). I hope I can maintain this level of performance in Tennis and continue improving in Football and Tennis (as well as Basketball for which a few tips were introduced gradually).

Looking forward to 2017 which hopefully will continue to bring more profits with a good yield!

Ps: feel free to contact me at @radrizzani_a on Twitter for comments, suggestions, feedback and so on.

9th January 2017 @ 13:01

Review: November 2016

November was another weak month in which results were barely positive (+0.8 units for a yield of +0.1% in 88 picks with 73% hit rate and average odds of 1.37). Tennis again brought most profits (+21.3% for a yield of 5.5%) with particulary good results in Challengers played on hard courts  (+20.7 units, +14.2% yield) and ATP Doubles (3 out of 3 bets, +13.8 units) more htan offsetting losses in ITF Women tournaments (-25.4 units). In Football, the performance was good with +9.3 units with 10.9% yield in 10 picks. Rugby again was very poor (-18.5 units, -7.4% yield) with bad results in Inernationals and Top 14. After following the sport for a while, more picks in Basketball were introduced but the performance was not good (-11.3 units for 9 picks).

In all, the performance in the last 4 months has been far from good but luckily we continued adding a few units (+250.5 units accumulated and a 4.8% yield with almost flat stakes, average odds of 1.35 and 76% hit rate) so let's hope we improve from here going forward.

Ps: feel free to contact me at @radrizzani_a on Twitter for comments, suggestions, feedback and so on.

20th December 2016 @ 14:45

Review October 2016

October was far from great with a yield of +4.2% for 46 picks but better than August and September. There were +18.9 units of profits for average odds of 1.38 and a 76% hit rate. Picks in tennis were excellent (+41.0 units for a 13.9% yield with 83% hit rate for 30 picks) more than compensating a very bad performance in rugby (-26.9 units, -19.2% yield, 57% succes rate for 14 picks ). Most of the losses came from 4 picks in the latter stages of the Mitre Cup where resutls were mostly shockers. There were 2 picks for football and both were succesful (+4.8 units, 1.24 average odds).  

In summary, we continued to add profits but below the rate at which we would like to do so. The overall yield as at the end of October was 5.7% (for 445 picks with average odds of 1.35 and 77% hit rate) which is still a decent result. November should bring fewer picks with the tennis season coming to an end but hopefully we can improve the yield to above 6-7%.

7th November 2016 @ 14:17

Review September 2016

September was not a great month with +2.3% yield for 69 picks. There were +16.0 units of profits in a month that was looking good until the 27th (+46.2units and +7.5% yield) but then we had 4 consecutive losses on the following to days and just one of them was recover. Tennis which is one of our key sports brought -14.6 units of loss in September (-4.8% yield) and football was also negative (-5.8 units, -7.3% yield) whilst in rugby the performance was very good with +36.4 units for a yield of +12.1% (for 1.30 average odds and 87% hit rate!).

In all, September was positive in terms of profits but far from the standard we look for in terms of  yields. The accumulated yield as of the end of September is +5.9% (for 399 picks with average odds of 1.35 and 77% hit rate) which is not bad at all but well below the levels of July when the yield was +8.2%. October did not started well but hoping there could be a recovery in the second part of the month.

14th October 2016 @ 14:23

Review August 2016

After a good performance in July (+10.4% yield), August was not such a great month. Still during the month we managed to bring +33.1 units of profits for a yield of +3.2% with 107 picks (average stake was 9.7 and odds 1.37). Tennis (yield +7.7%) and rugby (+9.6%) brought the profits whilst results from Football bets were shocking (-39.4 units). It was not an easy month as we were ‘in red’ for quite a large number of days but happy to report that it was another profitable month.

The overall yield as of the end of August is +6.6%. Considering the almost flat stakes and 1.36 average odds it is a result I am happy with so far but will continue working for improvement and more profit!

7th September 2016 @ 15:37

Review July 2016

July was a good month in which the overall performance continued improving. There were +79.4 units of profits with +10.4% yield for 78 picks with 1.33 average odds (average stake 10, flat).  Selection was good with 81% hit rate. By sports, tennis dominated the number of picks with 63 that brought +48.7 units with 8.0% yield. The performance in rugby (+23.9 units, 29.9% yield in 8 picks, 100% hit rate) and football (+6.8 units, yield 9.7% with 7 picks, 86% hit rate with just 1 loss) were both very good and we are now almost break-even in these sports after a very bad start.

The overall yield stands at 8.2% as of the end of July (with almost flat stakes and 1.35 average odds). Quite happy so far, let's hope for more to come in August!

1st August 2016 @ 13:11

Review May-June 2016

After one month and a half of tipping, I briefly review the results so far. Overall, it has been a quite positive experience. With almost flat stakes (at 10 units, apart for 3 tips with other stakes due to mistakes) in May-June there was a profit of 102.3 units with a yield of 6.9% and a hit rate of 74% for average odds of 1.36 on 151 picks. The yield is not spectacular but still very good in my opinion for these sorts of odds and flat stakes. It is worth mentioning that June (88.5. profit, yield 8.3% for 107 tips) was better than May (13.8 units, 3.3% yield for 44 tips). Overall, results in tennis (133.4 units, 15% yield for 92 tips) were excellent offsetting weakness in football (-7.1 units, -1.9% on 38 picks) and rugby (-24.0, -11.4% for 21 picks). With confidence that I can improve the performance in football and rugby, I trust that there is room for improvement going forward but happy with these results so far.

13th July 2016 @ 15:08

Results Summary

We're still calculating data for this tipster