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Anibal Radrizzani - Rugby

Rugby Union

Results Summary

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Review: June 2016

June results were a disaster. 33.3 units were lost for a yield of -10.1%. There was a mistake in one stake that was supposed to be 1 but it was 10. That pick was lost. Tried another pick at stake 10 to see if that lost pick could be offset but it was lost again. Then I decided that going forward I will keep most picks at stake 10 which is sort of like starting again. With a previous bad performance till those two stake 10, and roughly flat results from there to the end of the month the results for June were shocking. The overall accumulated yield as of the end of June is  -3.4% (+9.3% at levels stakes as the average stake as of the end of June is 4.0 vs. 1.5 as of the end of May). So far in July performance picked up and is in positive territory again (sticking to stakes 10) and hopefully will continue to do so for the rest of the month to go back to similar levels as of May (when the accumulated yield was 10.2%). Apologies for the terrible performance in June and the change in stake which I recognise it can be confusing and misleading.
Ps: to avoid further confusion I will continue to stick to mostly stakes 10 and review results including level stakes yields so the performance can be measure without the changes in stakes.


Published 13th July @ 15:18